Google's June System updates bring better data transfers and device security

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What you need to know

  • Google detailed several patches for June regarding its Play Systems for Android users, which brings security and privacy fixes alongside Play Protect improvements.
  • Google also rolled out "auto-lock" for lost or stolen devices alongside the ability for users to use a USB cable and WiFi for data restoration and backup.
  • Pixel phones received a June security patch earlier this month, which packed loads of fixes for several user-reported issues.

Google is starting to roll out another wave of Play Service updates for Android users that encompass a range of issues.

The company detailed its recent set of patch notes on its Systems page (via 9to5Google). Google is starting to roll out version 24.24 of its Play Services, which brings a new set of goodies for app developers. The notes state that there are several "new features" rolling in for Google and other developers creating apps that could piggyback off Wallet.

Those users should find new support for Digital Wallets & Payment-related processes within their apps. Google is also patching a few security and privacy issues for users on PC, mobile, and smart TVs.

Version 41.5 of the Google Play Store aims to provide "improved protection" from Play Protect when users install apps.

Several more system updates for June are as follows:

  • With this new security feature, you’ll be able to set a lost or stolen device to auto-lock once it loses connectivity (Phones).
  • With this new feature, you can now use your USB and Wi-Fi at the same time to backup and restore your device during setup (Phones).
  • New developer features for Google and third party app developers to support Maps related processes in their apps (App Developers).
  • New developer features for Google and third party app developers to support Account Management related processes in their apps (App Developers).

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For "Device Health," Google rolled out a patch that included optimizations for Android's "Adaptive Battery" feature. Additional bug fixes for device disconnections have arrived in June, as well.

Google's listed addition of "auto-lock" for a lost or stolen device seemingly refers to "Offline Device Lock." The company detailed the coming feature during I/O 2024, stating it would help users with devices on its Find My Device network. If a device is taken offline for too long, it will automatically lock itself to protect your data.

Additionally, if a malicious person fails too many sign-in attempts, your phone will lock down.

What's unclear is if Google's listed USB and WiFi usage for data transfers is referring to what was discovered in May. The company's Data Restore Tool app featured a few glimpses into this new method to speed up data transfers. Essentially, users should be able to restore the data of an old phone without needing to factory reset.

Google's June updates for its services should automatically download and install as we finish the week. In other news, Pixel phones grabbed a June patch with loads of fixes for stability, battery, charging, and camera problems.

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