Google makes it easier to install apps on other devices from your Android phone

Google Play Store home page on Android and Chrome OS
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What you need to know

  • Google announces changes to the Play Store that allow users to view and install apps for other devices.
  • Users can view apps for specific devices in the Play Store's "Other devices" tab.
  • Google also highlights search filters and cross-device installation.

Google has been working to bring its Android ecosystem closer together thanks to the Play Store. For a while, discovering and installing apps for various devices was a somewhat unconnected experience, but the latest changes made to the Play Store make it easier to manage things from a single device.

One of the most recent changes to the Play Store has been the addition of the "Other devices" tab. This lets you see apps and content tailored to specific non-phone devices, which you can select from the filters at the top of the tab. The devices displayed are based on the devices attached to your accounts, such as Wear OS smartwatches or Android TV.

Google also highlights the ability to search for apps while filtering for the device type. This is a feature that started rolling out at the end of 2021, making it easier to find a specific app for a smartwatch or even a connected car.

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And once you find an app to download, Google further emphasizes the Play Store's cross-device install capability, allowing you to select which compatible devices you want to install the app on. Once you hit "Install," it will automatically be downloaded to the selected devices, so you don't have to go through the same process on each device.

Lastly, Google is highlighting its Play Store website redesign, which includes easy-to-use filters to find and install apps based on device type.

To supplement this experience, users can now see reviews and ratings for the device the app is being used on, a change that was announced a year ago. That way, the experiences from other users are more relevant, and developers can better hone in on where they need to improve their apps.

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