Google Play unveils a slightly refreshed logo to celebrate its 10th anniversary

Google Play Store on OnePlus 9
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What you need to know

  • Google announces a new logo for the Play Store.
  • The slightly refreshed logo has more rounded corners and saturated colors.
  • The redesign is part of Google Play's 10th year celebration.

The last time Google Play got a fresh coat of paint was back in 2017, when the shopping bag symbol was removed and only the play button remained. It's been five years, which means the service is due for another makeover.

Google unveiled today a new look for Google Play, though there's no drastic change to the triangle play button. The new design is part of Google Play's 10th anniversary, which marks a decade since it was rebranded from Android Market to its current name.

"To round out this decade, we’re introducing a new logo that better reflects the magic of Google and matches the branding shared by many of our helpful products — Search, Assistant, Photos, Gmail and more," Tian Lim, vice president of Google Play, wrote in a blog post announcing the new logo.

Companies often change their logo to reflect a new vision or to keep up with the times and stay relevant. In Google's case, it appears that the goal is leaning toward the latter.  

Google Play's fresh coat of paint was recently spotted when users made Google Pay transactions. And as expected, it adopts a more saturated color scheme and rounded corners. This means the blue and green colors are now less vibrant than before. This updates the icon's appearance to match the rest of Google's core services.

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Another noticeable change is the more proportionate spaces occupied by the four colors versus the previous version. Gone is the dominant space for blue as well, giving the other three colors equal room to stand out.

The latest shift comes two months after Google rolled out a massive redesign to the Play Store's desktop version, replacing the left-hand sidebar with a top navigation bar.

As part of its 10th year celebration, Google is also giving Play Points members 10x points when they use their points to make purchases starting today, July 25.

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