Galaxy Watch 4 users experience bugs in their companion app, and a fix is coming

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Hands On
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What you need to know

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 owners face issues with their companion apps.
  • The Galaxy Wearable app update has brought some bugs and app crashes to Watch 4 users.
  • The app crash was reported beside a Galaxy Watch 4 manager plug-in unresponsiveness.

Samsung Galaxy Watches are typically accompanied by Galaxy Wearable companion apps. The recent update to the very app has reportedly caused problems for several Galaxy Watch 4 owners. Reports suggest that another update also appears to have broken a Galaxy Watch 4 plug-in for some users.

Last week, users started registering complaints on a Reddit thread (via 9to5Google). The app with the version number seems to cause the problem here. Another report from Tizen Help also suggests both the app updates released by Samsung appeared to have gone haywire, crashing the apps above. The report further hints that the same issue was witnessed by beta users. However, it was fixed by Samsung quickly, with a newer version rolled out.

Folks at Tizen Help have experienced these bugs and apps crashing on their devices. Similarly, people at 9to5Google have also tested the identical, only to find themselves running into the same problem. One of the folks who experienced the issue finally had to reset his Galaxy Watch 4 to fix the problem.

The report also tells us the root cause of the problem is seemingly the newer Galaxy Wearable app version, specifically released through One UI Watch 4.5 beta not very long ago. Well, it appears not everything is terrible as a possible fix is already available — thanks to Samsung's community (in Korean) page.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Manager plug-in unresponsive status is primarily caused by a 'permission' problem on the device. Apparently, allowing the 'Nearby Devices' permission settings seems to be the solution for the users. The community help notes that while running the Galaxy Wearable app, users would have to grant the allow 'Nearby Devices' permission to sort out the inconvenience. Samsung also assures users that the fix is coming soon.

Meanwhile, in other news, Samsung has announced One UI Watch 4.5 based on Wear OS 3.5 for Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. It is a new iteration to many of the best Android smartwatches that Samsung makes and is said to be rolling out in Q3, 2022. The One UI Watch experience addresses accessibility issues and brings enhanced typing experience and new watch face customizations.

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