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Apex Legends is one of Electronic Arts' most successful games, with more than 100 million unique players. EA announced that it'd be bringing the game to mobile audiences, and interested uses can currently register for the closed beta on Android.

The game follows in the footsteps of other successful shooters that have made their way to mobile -- such Fortnite, Call of Duty, and PUBG (all three of which made our list of best Android games). There's a massive audience for battle royale games on Android, and Apex Legends will fit right in when it launches.

What is Apex Legends Mobile?

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Apex Legends is a battle royale hero shooter in which you play as various characters, called Legends, participating in fights in a large arena. EA first revealed its intention to bring Apex to mobile two years ago, shortly after the game launched on PC and consoles. Then, in April 2021, EA announced it'd be opening regional betas of the game on mobile devices, specifically to users in India and the Philippines.

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In Apex Legends, up to 60 players join a game together in two- or three-player squads. They land on a map that continuously gets smaller, taking out other squads in an effort to be the last players standing. In addition, the mobile version of the game fully supports touchscreen controls.

The big thing that separates Apex Legends from other battle royales are the characters, who each have different abilities and personalities. You can choose between the relatively tanky Gibraltar, who can put down a shield for the team, or the speedy Octane, who can drop jumpads across the map for anybody to use. Currently, there are 17 characters to choose from. It's unclear if all of them will be available on mobile, but if the Switch port is any indication, a few will be unlocked for new players, while others will require in-game currency to unlock.

How is Apex Legends Mobile different from other versions?

The mobile version won't have all the content available in the PC and console versions, at least not at launch. The FAQ says, "To start, only the World's Edge map and some of the original Legends from the game will be playable." Another announcement cited Legends like Bloodhound, Caustic, Lifeline, Gibraltar, and Wraith.

What phones will support Apex Legends Mobile?

The Apex Mobile FAQ on the game's website says the game is currently compatible with all devices capable of running Android 6.0. The game is only available on Android devices; iOS support is on the future roadmap. EA also adds that it will support more phones in the future.

While it has touchscreen controls, it will presumably be compatible with mobile gaming controllers. However, according to EA, Apex Mobile will not have crossplay with PC and console as it's built to work for phones.

When will Apex Legend Mobile launch?

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At the moment, there is no launch date for Apex Legends on mobile devices. However, if you wish to pre-register for the beta, you can do so from the game's page on the Google Play store. The game's description on the store says, "We're currently testing this early version of Apex Legends Mobile with a limited number of players! Pre-register now for a chance to become one of the first players invited to test."

Beta slots are available to those who sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those who pre-register but don't get into the beta at first will be let into a later release. The beta tests will expand to more players and different regions throughout 2021.

How much will Apex Legends Mobile cost?

EA has confirmed that Apex Mobile will be free-to-play, and EA says it will not offer any gameplay boosters for money. It will, however, have cosmetics and battle passes available for purchase separate from those available for the PC and console versions of the game.

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Apex Legends Mobile

The hit PC and console battle royale game is coming to mobile. While it's not available to play for everyone yet, players can pre-register for beta access today.