Angry Birds for Android expected to generate $1 million per month [video]

Yes, everyone loves Angry Birds.  But did you know that Android users love Angry Birds about $1 million a month?  That's what Peter Vesterbacka, the Mighty Eagle (seriously, that's his title) of Rovio told Tech Crunch that the 5 million currently downloaded copies of the Android version will generate in ad revenue.  Talk about a success story!

Speaking of success stories, check out the video from Google Mobile Ads (after the break) where Mr. Vesterbacka talks about all the ways he is making a mountain of money from the Angry Birds franchise, and gives some interesting numbers about the Android version.  [Tech Crunch, GoogleMobileAds]

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • OMG - that's simply amazing! 65 million minutes of game play time PER DAY on the iPhone app alone!! That's insane! Oh, to be a developer.....
  • Does this means we won't be seeing an ad free copy anytime soon? Why would you collect $4.99 up front, when you can get cash month after month from ad revenue. I hate the ad placement on their recent updates as it blocks part of the actual game.
  • No,it's been said Rovio is releasing a 99 cent ad-free version in the near future.
  • wait, so you BUY the app and still get ads in-game? No deal.
  • No. iPhone - 99 cents
    iPad - 4.99
    Android - Free (contains Ads) In my case I bought it for my iPod touch, but also play it on my Nexus, so I did pay for it and get ads.
  • Guys, just root your phone and download an app called Adfree. I've never seen an ad since I got the game (and that was back when it first came out for Android).
  • +1 I love Adfree! It also takes away/blocks a lot of ads on other apps too.
  • I was wondering why I never see ads... nice !!
  • @boogaloo
    Its free and has ads right now, I've gotten emails that they are working on a paid / no ad version, which I'm ok with. I'd gladly pay $5 to get a ad-free version.
  • @boogaloo
    Its free and has ads right now, I've gotten emails that they are working on a paid / no ad version, which I'm ok with. I'd gladly pay $5 to get a ad-free version.
  • This is great news! Lets hope a lot of other developers see this and offer free (ad-supported) versions of their games on Android.
  • wow...good for them...however i wouldnt mind paying $0.99 to have an ad-free one.
  • Yeah and the position of the ads on the android platform took a turn for the worse in the last update, I stopped playing.
  • Thanks for the info everybody! $.99 is a small price to pay for an ad free version and can't wait for it to come out.
  • airplane mode = no ads
  • So, for everyone that wants a paid version and hates seeing ads, be prepared to pay about $5/month. Ad-supported FTW. By the way, I believe in honoring the companies you like by allowing their ads. Ad blocking is so 2004. Yes, feeling snarky on this subject.
  • I know there are ad platforms (newer Google ads come to mind) where you do not need to click on them for the creator to get money from them.
  • I truly do not understand how ad placement makes so much money. People hate ads in their apps. I highly doubt people are buying from the companies placing the ads. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't get how the ads can pay off so well.
  • I wonder the same thing, but I guess it's more like they are just buying mindshare. You don't run out and buy a car or a phone a soon as you see a commercial, but when it comes time to buy a car or phone, in the back of your head you remember the info from the commercials. I suppose internet ads are the same. They get mind share now and purchases later (I guess). I actually think the larger problem is that "old" companies think ads in a magazine or on TV are more valuable than those on web pages or in apps.
  • In related news, 7 million angry bird users accidentally click on strategically placed ads, 5 million of them aged 3-9 years old and asking mom and dad "Where did Angry Birds go?" Alas, 0 of them actually bought anything.
  • Dont say people hate ads. They dont bother me, they allow developers to get paid while providing us (aka people) with a free app. Using ad blocker software goes against the spirit of providing a free app. The dev spent their time coding and testing. Now dont be a selfish asshole and block their method of getting paid for their work.
  • Being a thief is bad enough, but to come on here and brag about it is even more pathetic. These kinds of people are the reason devs aren't in a big hurry to bring good apps to Android.