As an Android user, have you ever been tempted by an iPhone?

Galaxy S20 FE vs. iPhone 12
Galaxy S20 FE vs. iPhone 12 (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

There are so many reasons to love Android. Whether it's the variety of hardware among the best Android phones, the customization and theming options with the software, or just the ability to "be together, not the same." With over 70% market share worldwide, Android is obviously doing something right!

But in all fairness, Apple's iOS is a very strong, secure, and stable operating system with a lot of great user features. Its iPhones are undisputedly some of the best-made devices around, with great cameras and good displays. As tech lovers, it's only natural to be tempted by what's on the other side of the fence. That happened to one of our AC forums members, with a not-so-surprising conclusion...

I originally bought a S21 Ultra at release…the silver model or whatever it’s called. I liked the phone but didn’t really care too much for the color. But a great phone. Ended up trading it at a local Cellphone place for a iPhone 12 Pro Max. And that was a huge mistake. Since having a chance to try the 12 Pro Max, I know I made a huge mistake in trading my Ultra for it. It has good battery...


You hate to see it... At least you know for sure what the right phone for you is though!


Easily done, but the usage experience between a Samsung and an iPhone is no comparison at all. iPhones are great if you just open an app and use it, but Samsung’s have customisation and an all round better experience. Even a pixel is nicer to use than an iPhone and it has less features than a Samsung.

Kizzy Catwoman

I agree , I'm not much in apple ecosystem as iam Google but I'm a fan of both Apple and Andriod and glad I'm able to use both platforms and its been long time using both .


You gotta use what works well for you! It's good that you tried Apple and now know that you prefer something else! It's best to experience both platforms, and then make a decision!


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