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Android at PAX East 2011

This past weekend, 70,000 gamers gathered in Boston for one of gaming's largest conventions, PAX East. That's a whole lot of people in one place -- trust us, we were there. Among all the console games, computer games, tabletop games, LARPing, and cosplay, Android was along for the fun, too.

Android and iOS developer, Halfbrick, was there showing off Fruit Ninja HD and was even selling some pretty adorable Fruit Ninja swag. Sprint was also there, sponsoring the IGN booth. The booth was filled with booth babes rocking Samsung Epics and Galaxy Tabs. The ladies were dressed in very yellow attire (refer to pics below). NVIDIA was also there, showing off some Xoom tablet action, as well as highlighting NVIDIA's Tegra Zone. 

While it was nice to see Android at PAX this weekend, we're still wondering: Where are all the good games at? Photos after the break.





  • Hmm pics dont seem to work for me?
  • How big of a nerd are you to scoff at this being a legitimate gaming event?
  • Oh god LOL...PAX. The biggest joke of a gaming 'event' there is. No one gives a damn.
  • Uh . . . bragging in the article about "booth babes" might not be the best idea, seeing as PAX expressly bans them . . . But considering nobody actually seemed to enforce those rules this year, the point's a bit moot, no?
  • Hey andrew could you please fix the pics. I am only able to see one pic no matter what pic I choose. And pax has gotten pretty big for gamers and developers alike to showcase new games and ideas.