Android Market has been enabled on the NookColor

The Android Market can now be accessed from the Barnes & Noble NookColor. Once it was rootedlast month, it was only a matter of time before the community was able to enable the tablet/e-reader to access all Android apps. 

If you have a NookColor and are interested in doing this, do note that it is complicated and can possibly brick your device. 

Before you begin, here are the prerequisites that you need:

  • Your NookColor must be rooted 
  • You need adb (Android Debug Bridge) working
  • You must have a Gmail account

If you have all these completed and still would like to try this, follow the source link for more instructions. There is a large community who have taken to working with the NookColor, so you should find all you need over there. Great news for NookColor owners who have been pining to use apps on that 7-inch screen. Good luck! [Nook Devs]

Sean Brunett
  • It says right on that page that "You can not brick a nook".
  • Better late then never. ... I'm sure if you really tried hard enough any device can be bricked.
  • I believe this is because the nook's hacks are running off the sd card. they don't have a custom recovery for it yet. From the little I've looked into it, the nook looks at the sd card first at boot. I think this is where the "no brick" comes from.
  • You can't "brick" a WebOS Pre phone. There is a built-in, ROM/hardware-based recovery option. Press it when you boot, and it will respond to a USB connection for reflashing.
  • well I bought my wife one of these for christmas, and now that I know it's been rooted, I may end up getting one for me too as an affordable tablet! Great news.