Android Has A Kill Switch for Android Apps

Apple was pretty much tarred and feathered when the news of a kill switch for iPhone apps came to light. Well, though Android stands for something completely different than Apple and the iPhone, it too has a kill switch for Android apps.

Per the user agreement:

"Google may discover a product that violates the developer distribution agreement ... in such an instance, Google retains the right to remotely remove those applications from your device at its sole discretion,"

But of course, Google gets credit for being upfront about the kill switch and also promising to try to refund any money spent on an application that gets "killed". And also, Android may have more need for such a kill switch because what's stopping developers from putting malware up on Android Market when no one is stopping them? I trust that Google will do right with their kill switch. Don't be evil, right?

[ComputerWorld via Gizmodo]

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