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Q&A: All about the Froyo updates

Finally, the long wait (OK, it just seems long) for Android 2.2 is coming to an end for many of you. First with the Nexus One, and now the Motorola Droid and Sprint Evo 4G, Froyo is steadily being updated on thousands of Android phones.

But we get it. You guys still have plenty of questions about Froyo. And we've got answers. So after the break, some Q&A on everybody's favorite OS update.

When is my phone getting Froyo?

If you have the Nexus One, you should have gotten it already. If you have an Evo 4G, the update should be pushing out as you read this. If you have a Motorola Droid, the update should be pushed out this week. (You can update your phone manually, too.)

For everybody else? We don't know. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. OK, so HTC has said it expects to finish its Android 2.2 updates by Christmas. The Galaxy S phones should get it. Same for the Droid X.

But other than that? We really don't know (though we have some guesses). But as soon as we do know, you'll know. Ya know?

Seriously? You don't know?

Nope. As soon as we do, we'll tell you.

OK, fine. So what do I get with Android 2.2?

Chances are you won't really notice that much when you reboot with Froyo for the first time. This isn't a major overhaul to the look and feel of Android. But you will have a slew of new features, the biggest of which are the Just-in-Time compiler (which can double the processing power), and the ability to run Adobe Flash 10.1.

Full a better look at what to expect, see our Froyo Features section.

So what about these 'unofficial' ROMs I've heard about?

Sometimes ROMs are inadvertently released early. Sometimes they're leaked. In the case of the Evo 4G's "unofficial" Froyo update, it was on HTC's servers (which is where everybody got it from), but it wasn't intended for release.

Now, an unofficial ROM may look fine and run fine. But On consequence of having installed the unofficial Evo ROM is that you won't get the official update, at least at first. HTC has said it's going to work to get those phones "back on track." But no word on how soon that will be.

The basic rule of thumb is if you're willing to install an unofficial or custom ROM, you're taking responsibility for updating your phone later. That's not to say they're evil, just that you might be creating a bit of a headache for yourself.

And what about updating manually vs. over the air?

We get this one all the time. When you update your phone manually, you download the update file. You put it on the phone, and you put the phone in recovery mode and initiate the update.

The only difference in an over-the-air (aka OTA or FOTA) update is that the phone does all this automatically for you. That's it. So long as the files are the same (and chances are you manually downloaded it from the official server), then there's really no difference.

Repeat: Only the methods are different. One's no better than the other, or more dangerous, or will bring the update police to your doorstep.

What if I've already rooted my phone? Will I lose root? Will I not get the update?

If your phone is rooted -- and only rooted -- you'll most likely get the update, though you'll lose root access. If you have a custom ROM installed, you're most likely not going to get the update.

Of course, if you have a custom ROM installed, chances are you're not worried about getting the official update.

Can you root again after the update? Erm, that depends if exploits have been closed. Best thing to do if you have to have root is to wait for a rooted ROM to be released. And we're already seeing some.

Will I lose all my apps? Do I have to buy them again?

Absolutely not. Assuming all goes well with the update (and we have every expectation that it will), everything should be as you left it.

And my e-mails? Contacts?

Yep. They should still be there. We recommend having everything sync'd to your Google account, just in case, but the update shouldn't touch any of your personal data.

What if an app doesn't work?

First thing we'd recommend is to hit uninstall and reinstall the app. Then hit the Android Central Forums and see if others are having the same problem. Then we'd contact the developer. Last resort would be to wipe the phone and start over.

What about installing apps to the SD card?

So here's the deal: Froyo provides the framework to install apps to the SD card. But it needs to be coded into the app in order to work. And not every app has been updated yet. 

And another thing: If you install an app to the SD card, any corresponding widgets likely won't work. That's just the way it is.

Oh, and another thing: If your phone's SD card is mounted to your computer as a disk drive, anything installed on it is going to be unavailable. Just the way it is.

How long will the update take?

It depends on your data speed. But it should just be five or 10 minutes from the time you get the update notice. It'll download in the background, and then your phone will reboot into the recovery mode and apply the update.

Do I need to do anything before I get the update?

Nope. Best thing you can do is keep your phone charged.

Great! So, when will I be getting Froyo?

Thought you could trick us, eh? We still don't know.

  • This was very informative. Now I must learn more about this "Just-in-Time" compiler and I should be all set. Thanks for the info Phil.
  • Here's a good JIT article straight from the source: Great place to start if you want to dig deeper.
  • Is there a way to get a list of all the apps on my Droid that can be loaded onto the SD card? The only way I saw so far was to step through them in the "Manage applications."
  • SDMove or App 2 SD in the market will tell you which ones can get moved.
  • Using SDMove now. Thanks!!
  • Battery life absolutey sucks. I hope there is an update down the pike to fix this like they did with 2.1
  • same here!! my battery life is horrible since the froyo update.. this needs to be fixed asap..and also I have noticed that my reception at work is bad now.. I barley get signal there.. I used to get pretty good signal before the update.. very disappointing
  • same here it really sucks, well the good thing for me is that i just got my evo over the weekend, so if they do not fix this battery drain thing i mite just return it when the epic comes out yeaaaaaa baby.
  • I had the same problem. After retweaking my sync settings my phone is back to normal. Also it's possible that the LED Light widget is causing the battery drain as it also causes an issue with the camera. So if you have it installed try uninstalling it and see if that helps. I did both at the same time so I have no idea which solved my problem unfortunately. Also view this thread discussing it on the forums:
  • I haven't noticed battery problems with EVO on 2.2 (.3 unofficial update). My phone went about 15 hours yesterday with moderate use (about 45 minutes of calls and heavy web surfing and email use). No reception problems either.
  • Well I can say that this compiler has made my phone a lot faster n OMG!!! I have been playing with my phone none stop n I updated with no issues at all
  • where did you get this compiler?? i dont see it in the market.
  • I think they mean the JIT compiler that is built into Froyo.
  • Yeh well thanks for the update on when we will get it. Kidding.
  • I don't know why they linked to such an old list of possible FroYo rollouts. Based on the last few weeks of AndroidCentral posts, I think it can confidently be said that FroYo will be on the Incredible within the next few weeks, the Droid 2 will launch on August 12 with FroYo, and the Droid X will be getting it soon after that. As for the Galaxy S, I have no idea.
  • What if I've already rooted my phone? Will I lose root? Will I not get the update?
    If your phone is rooted -- and only rooted -- you'll most likely get the update, though you'll lose root access. Q. Can you root the phone again after the update?????????????
  • The first part already was answered above. And the second part has now been answered above.
  • I love how this article doesn't mention one thing about the incredible? No love for the incredible!
  • OMG. There are two links that point to the Incredible. And if it really means that much to you, capitalize its damn name properly. :p
  • Is well know, that AC doesn't bother that much to talk about the HTC Droid Incredible, too much love for Nexus One and Evo allways.... look sometimes that the Incredible was Apple brand not an Android Phone, however I think that the D Incredible is the jewel of Droids and sell it self even without a proper marketing campaign.
  • "without a proper marketing campaign." Give HTC and Verizon some credit. In the weeks leading up to the Inc's release, they had some great TV commercials and TONS of banner ads. What really killed the Incredible was the backorder fiasco, not insufficient marketing.
  • anyone know if moving apps to the SD Card will cause the app to open any slower than if it were left in the internal memory?
  • I did the un-official update to FroYo ".3" on my EVO and have noticed a few bugs...such as when using the voice control to text, if you turn the phone to the side in the slightest it re-orientates the screen and closes the voice control. Also sometime when opening a text message it starts at the first message between you and that person instead of the most recent one. Any word as to when or how to upgrade to the official build ".6"??? HTC says a few days but nobody seems to be discussing this...I am a little new to this and feel like I'm out of the loop. Can I downgrade back to 2.1 then reupgrade.
  • no you cant. this is why i dont root, or force the upgrade, there is ALWAYS something wrong. just gonna wait for OTA
  • Am I the only one who has been having keyboard lag? I even did a complete factory reset and the problem still persists....... anyone have the same problem? Any fixes?
  • Can I use Unrevoked now that I have the Froyo 2.2..
  • As an Android noob this may be dumb, but I posted in the Desire section and didn't really get an answer...
    Do all handsets get the same updates?
    for instance I didn't get any of the new keyboard functionality (swiping up to get numerics), camera functionality (still have old slide-out menu system), had to go and manually install 3D photo gallery. Don't have 3D app scrolling... that's all I've seen so far.
  • The manufacturers and service providers add or subtract parts of the update for each phone, as far as I know. For example, if they feel a phone can't handle certain things because of hardware limitations, they will remove those parts for that phone's update. I don't believe the HTC Desire has FroYo yet, however.
  • Still no froyo on my Droid
  • Anybody notice a decrease in battery life? My EVO used to give me about 15 hours on average, and usually no less than 12, yesterday (my first day with froyo) I got about 9.
  • Yep, I did at first. But after a few days, it started getting better. Still not where it was, but getting better.
  • I had the same issue. Mine is working great today after a few tweaks. See my comment above here:
  • My EVO about doubled in battery life. I can go from 8am to midnight and still have 30% charge after pretty heavy use throughout the day. Calls, texting, streaming audio (at least 2 hours), google maps, and web browsing. Before 2.2 I would be at 30% when I got home around 6.
  • Do I have to root EVO to use Gallery3D?
  • My battery actually got a lot better. The one setting you must change, though, is "enable always on data" under wireless networks and then mobile networks. That made a HUGE difference for me. And nothing so far loses sync ( including touchdown). Gmail syncs as does Facebook. I see no downside to disabling always on data, and the benefits are huge.
  • I actually have a different question. I'm running the stock 2.1 with sense on my DI. Assuming I wait for the Froyo OTA, once that's installed, will I be able to do a factory reset on the phone to Froyo or will it go back to Eclair? Everything makes sense that I've read to think I'd still have 2.2, but figured I'd ask to be sure. This is my first Android phone and I've not changed the OS yet.
  • EVO 4G USB tethering??? reply me ASAP!
  • So when will the update for the X be?.... Oh almost got you there.. no seriously you don't know?..... Why not?.... What do you mean you just make a website and don't work for Verizon or Moto, I thought I could trust you!..... It is not just a phone stop telling me to calm down!!!! I'm cool I'm cool..... So seriously...The X when?
  • I'm excited about using Froyo on my X but I have no problem with Moto/VZ waiting to push out a more trouble free update for us. Let the Evos and Incs work out the hiccups before we run the gauntlet.
  • Since updating manually yesterday, here's what I've noticed:
    Market is very slow, "My Maps Editor" doesn't work at all, Adobe Flash does not appear in the Market (I sideloaded it and works very well), Browser is lagging on WiFi, moving across homescreens after exiting an app is initially slow and unresponsive sometimes, my virtual AND physical keyboard are lagging, "Corporate Directory" no longer appears in the Market, and my battery life has decreased. Still, I would rather have a speedy phone than a phone that's underclocked to preserve an hour or two of battery life. I was really disappointed with the speed of 2.1 and, despite the above issues, I love what Froyo brings to the table. I'm willing to trade endurance for power any day.
  • Small_law what phone?
  • Droid 1, non-rooted.
  • Word is for us early users with .3 we have to go into a Sprint store for the fix no OTA, they have to roll it back & update to the new one.
  • I don't really care if I lose root access. I just want to get the update and i'm getting really frustrated because i'm not getting any update and i've tried everyday since Monday. My phone is rooted and only rooted, i'm pretty sure and i don't care if i lose root i barely know how to use it anyway, lol. can someone please explain to me, why i'm not getting the update? i've tried with wifi on and off. I don't have anything. I live in Pa but my friend got his yesterday. He is not rooted though. please help me.
  • im in nyc when should i see my update come thru
  • Thank you for the info on widget and app availability when on the SD card and mounting as a hard drive. I didn't think about that until this post. That really helps in my decisions about what to move given how I've found myself using it during that time. Thankfully, it's a fast switch for the type of USB connection, but forewarned is fore-armed :-)
  • Androinica did a great story on how to get ALL of your Apps to install on the SD by default.