Android apps to gain content ratings, as listed by the developers

Android applications soon will display content ratings in the Android Market, Google announced today. The four ratings that apps will fall under include:

  • All
  • Pre-teen
  • Teen
  • Mature

Starting next week, developers submitting new or updated apps will have to include one of the four ratings. Existing applications also will have to be rated in the coming weeks. Ratings will be listed by the developers, so it'll be interesting to see how and if this is policed. If no rating is listed, the app will default to "mature." We also have to wonder how long it'll take the carriers to offer some sort of parental control over what can be seen in the Android Market -- and that would have some pretty serious repercussions.

But we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. This is but one of a number of changes lately. Glad to see the Android Market growing and getting better. [Google]

Phil Nickinson