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Android App Review: SeekDroid

Keeping your phone safe and sound is a pretty big deal to all of us, I'd say. We cover our thin, svelte devices in cases, slap screen protectors on them, and make sure they're always in a pocket, purse, or holster. In the odd event you've misplaced your phone, or even worse, it was stolen, it feels like the sky is falling.

Important emails, financial information, texts, pictures, all of it is AWOL. You're freaking out, trying to retrace your steps, get your phone, and secure your information. It's no good for anyone. To alleviate some of the stress you feel in situations like this, I'd like to introduce y'all to SeekDroid.

SeekDroid is your one-stop shop for everything related to keeping your phone safe. It's a two-step process (installing the app, then controlling everything from the web), but once you see the total package, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Once you've installed the app, you have to sign up for SeekDroid's website with a username and a password. Make sure you never lose it, because if you forget your password, you need to uninstall the app, reinstall it, and sign up with a new name. There's no password recovery to speak of.

The app itself is pretty Plain Jane, nothing more than a settings menu. From here you can set SeekDroid as a device administrator, change your SeekDroid password, and enable a slew of security settings. This is where all the preliminary decisions get made, so make sure you choose wisely.

You can enable or disable call history retrieval, remote phone wiping, and remote SD card wiping, plus there's also SMS settings to control your phone in case you can't get to a computer.

First you set up your SMS pin, then select what options you're giving SeekDroid power over (similar to the web interface), but here, you'd text your phone your PIN and a keyword, like locate, to enable SMS location. You can also activate an alarm, lock your phone, wipe it, or wipe the SD card, all using SMS.

What else does SeekDroid have to offer? When you're on the web interface, quite a bit. You can locate your phone using GPS and get a pinpoint accurate location, conveniently placed on Google Maps for you. There's also the option to send an alarm to the device (with a custom message), and the alarm still sounds even if the phone is on silent.

You can also actually lock the phone, wipe it, or wipe the SD, barring you set those permissions earlier. The web portal is quite slick, well designed, and easy to use. I tested each of the options (except for wiping), and needless to say, they work like a charm.

If you're looking for peace of mind in the event your phone goes missing, SeekDroid is definitely where it's at. Yes, it costs $4.99, but for a one-time fee and the ability to track any Android device I install it on, I could not be more pleased. It's easy to set up on your phone, even easier to use the web interface, and that nets it a strong recommendation from me.

We've got pictures and download links after the break.

  • I love me some seekdroid.
  • No monthly/ annual fee?
    Sounds like a great deal!
  • i like Lookout. basic version is free. and i don't need to remotely lock my phone since it's always on a 2 minute timed lock anyway by default. in addition, all of my sensitive data is password protected and encrypted. i don't want to ever remotely wipe my phone because then it also wipes whatever "Find Me" app you have installed and thus ensures that you'll never find it and kind of defeats the purpose.
  • someone coorect me if I am mistaken but, at least with lookout, the remote wipe does not remove the app
  • It depends. If the app is baked into the rom, usually put there by carriers, then it will survive a wipe. If not, then not.
  • Theft Aware/Avast has root integration and has the ability to outlive a factory reset. It does require root access, though.
  • Outstanding app, highly recommended! Great website, locate, alarm, putting a custom message on the screen etc...awesome app. Worth every penny. Outstanding website to control and monitor your phone.
  • I'm beta testing V2 right now. It has some cool new features like "fences" which lets you set a perimeter and if the phones leaves it, you get an alarm. Also "breadcrumbs" which puts a trail of your phone on Google maps.
  • If you pay for insurance from Verizon Asurion app offers Wipe and find for free. Just an another alternative. Love Android!
  • We recently released a lighter version of the lost-phone-app: PhoneLeash ( Its what we call a "misplaced phone app". So no remote lock and wipe features, but instead you get missed call notification, SMS forwarding (with reply if you can email SMS to your phone), message waiting etc. You also have the obligatory GPS locating and remote ring. Setup is very easy - 1 screen. Its free - perhaps you'll take a look? Thanks!
  • I had an Amazon credit, so I use some of my credit money for Seekdroid from the Amazon App Store.
    Anyway, I uninstalled it and went with Cerberus and paid the $4 fee (one time fee, well worth it). I rooted my phone, and this has benefits for rooted users. Great app BTW.
    I liked Seekdroid,, I still own it via the Amazon App Store, it is just if anyone where to wipe the phone and the Amazon Marketplace is gone, Seekdroid will not work, regardless if V2 has uninstall protection via root. I hadn't thought about it at the time of purchase.
    I wasn't the only one with this questions, as I noticed recently someone had posted the same question on SeekDroid's forums.
    Seems the devs know of this and are trying to work with Amazon.
  • +1 for Cerberus, a great app indeed.
  • I got SeekDroid a while ago as the Amazon FAOTD, and while I haven't lost my phone yet, it's reassuring to know that the app works! I just played around on the website, and the location is accurate under 100m, the alarm gets sent to the phone instantaneously, the recent call data is accurate, and it even tells you how much battery the phone has left!
  • I have a hard enough time with privacy issues with Google AND the carrier. Adding a third party in the mix is just even scarier....
  • Life is about compromise and sometimes calculated risk. You risk something to get something. I risk my life when I get in a car, but I gain mobility that enables a huge part of my life. We make that compromise without thinking about it. The same goes with Android security. You cede some potential control but gain some peace of mind and you might even recover a lost or stolen phone. You are free to decide the gain is not worth it. Others will make their own decision.
  • Lookout or SeekDroid? GO!
  • I can't seem to get this one to work. Anyone using Handcent SMS and got this working. I'm wondering if this is the problem.
  • It's only $2.99 on the Appstore for Android. For those of you that have been grabbing the Free App of the Day on Appstore for Android it was the Freebie on Sept. 4 2011.
  • I say theft aware (now avast) cos it has saved my fone before. these are the reasons I think its best. it is rooted to phone if yu a root user so it don't kill itself all commands done by sms which I think is more reliable cos yu don't have to get home or nothing yu can simply grabs someones phone and get to work which I did wen my phone got stolen. its invisible so no sign of it. to access yu have to call it up. when there is a new sim placed in de phone it
    texts de number to ya modification number and yu can secretly call de number (which I did wen my phone was stolen and I got to know who took it and where they were headed). but yeah that's my experience with Theft Aware. my only worry is if its just as good now that it is with Avast.
  • Does it Jack up your keyboard so you can only type in ebonics?
  • This app sucks! I had my purse stolen and this thing did not work when I needed it to. I had everything set up but when I was robbed and the police were ready to use it to track the guy down it sucked. It wouldn't do jack! And no help on fixing the problem what so ever. They totally ignored me! Thanks for taking my money and not proving me any service when I am in desperate need of the protection you are so quick to charge for because you say you can provide it!