A detailed changelog for Android 4.4.3, a.k.a. KitKat Maintenance Release 2, has hit the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). And lurking within are tantalizing references to upcoming AOSP targets — likely future Nexus devices — alongside current products like the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. First up, the widely-rumored HTC-built Nexus tablet could be in development under the codename "Flounder." And a Google Android TV-powered set top box also appears to be in the works, and codenamed "Molly."

From Google's own changelog —

project device/google/molly/
e610c57 Set BT minor code to SET_TOP_BOX instead of HIFI.

project device/htc/flounder/

Nexus devices — both phones and tablets — have used fish-related codenames in the past, so "Flounder" would fit the pattern that's been established over the past few years. As for "Molly," the reference to a set top box seems to suggest some kind of companion device to bring the new Android TV UI into homes through a FireTV-like box. There are also mentions of files for DRM, such as Discretix ReadyPlay, which support the idea of the box being a media-centric device. And references to code from NVIDIA being included in "Molly" builds suggest the box may be powered by a hardware from the graphics-centric chipmaker. Elsewhere, an AOSP change spotted by Droid-Life seems to mention HTC's "Flounder" in the context of it being a Tegra device.

With Google I/O coming up in just over a month, there's a good chance we could see these two devices in San Francisco at Google's annual developer conference, so hopefully we won't have too long to wait for an official look at "Flounder" and "Molly." In the meantime, hit the Android Central forums and share your thoughts on HTC's possible return to the Nexus fold, and Google's upcoming living room venture.

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Source: AOSP via XDA, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!