Android apps arrive on Windows 11 with Amazon Appstore public preview

Windows 11 Android Apps Amazon Appstore
Windows 11 Android Apps Amazon Appstore (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft and Amazon launch a public preview of the Appstore on Windows 11.
  • The preview includes a selection of more than 1000 Android apps for users to try out.
  • Microsoft and Amazon will share "General Availability" details later this year.

Keeping its promise, Microsoft has released a public preview of the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 so users can download and use Android apps.

The public preview will be fairly limited, giving users access to just over 1000 apps. That's only a fraction of the apps you can find on the Play Store. Some notable apps mentioned in the blog post (opens in new tab) include War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Audible, and Khan Academy Kids. There's notably no mention of more popular apps like TikTok, despite the app being shown off in previous announcements.

That said, you'll be able to sideload Android APKs if you prefer, which may help bridge the gap. Amazon says it's testing new apps to be included with the preview and will bring more apps in as the program develops. Still, it seems unlikely that you'll find all your favorite apps when the Amazon Appstore becomes more widely available.

Speaking of, Amazon and Microsoft are remaining tight-lipped on when the Appstore will reach "General Availability," including when it will launch internationally. However, Amazon gave a vague announcement time frame of "2022," so we at least know we'll hear more this year.

For anyone wanting to give it a try, you'll have to update the Microsoft Store. Once you find an app or game, you'll have to download the Amazon Appstore, and from there, you'll be able to start installing games on any of the best laptops running the latest version of Windows 11.

Android app support arrives alongside a host of other features coming with the latest Windows 11 update.

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  • Windows 11 is awful, many are still holding out until there is an upgrade to the upgrade... if u know what I mean....
  • Windows 11 is not awful; This is just your mind messing with you. repeat 7 times and thou shall be cleansed.
  • Awful in what way? i like the look of it, but there are so many bugs, one of them is pretty big and have been there since the first developer version leaked and that is file explorer crashing when moving or copying a lot of files or large files. i like the look of it, but the taskbar needs sorting. As for Android apps, not sure if I would find any use for them on a computer, also why Amazon store?
    i don't use the Windows store to be honest, so I certainly would not use the Amazon store.
  • Who wants to bet that it's only going to be available in certain markets but that everyone is going to have to have it installed on their system even if it just gives you a "not available in your region" message?
    Looking at you Cortana.
  • I tried it out and it's nice, but I dislike how much RAM the Android subsystem in Windows takes. Running an entire OS just to run an app doesn't seem that efficient.