Adobe: Same code on five screens

When we talked a couple weeks ago with Adobe platform evangelist Ryan Stewart, we talked about how Adobe Flash and AIR can help developers work for multiple platforms with minimal changes to the code. But talk gets us only so much understanding. After the break, video with Christian Cantrell from the Adobe AIR team, who shows a simple Reversi-type game on the Mac, Windows 7, Linux, iOS and Android -- all with the exact same code. Nary a single line has been changed, and the look and feel is the same across all platforms. Check it out after the break. [Adobe (opens in new tab)]

YouTube link for mobile viewing

  • The problem is it is still Adobe bloatware.
  • Adobe can create amazing software, but they cant focus a camera for shit!
  • This is so long ago. I saw this like 6 months ago when the Droid got 2.1 which was before I got a Droid or a smartphone. I had my voyager sadly... very very sadly. The voyaged was a piece of crap that I replaced 7 times and im never going to buy anything from LG ever again.
  • Cool beans.