HTC One M8 accessibilty

Accessibility is one of those areas of the settings menu that most of us gloss over, unless there's some specific setting we need to enable manually for a specific app, usually to allow devices like smartwatches to piggyback on notifications.

But for a good many folks out there, accessibility features allow for smartphones to be used more easily — or at all. Maybe you need bigger text. Or some audible readouts.

We're taking a look at the various built-in accessibility features on some of the most popular phones available. Today, we're looking at the HTC One M8.

HTC One M8 font-size options

For all the software tweaks HTC does in Android 4.4.3 and Sense 6, there isn't a whole lot going on with the M8 when it comes to accessibility, at least compared with some other phones out there. In fact, it's almost completely stock.

There's the ubiquitous TalkBack support, of course. You've also got support for image captions, and magnification gestures, which let you triple tap to turn on the zoom. You also have the usual text-to-speech options, and the accessibility shortcut, which lets you set a switch to toggle accessibility features quickly.

In fact, there's only one small HTC One M8 accessibility feature tweak that we can see. Instead of having a single "Large Font" option, HTC gives you five font options. There's small, medium, large, extra large, and HUGE (which we kind of feel required to put in all caps).

One catch here — HUGE text is only available in HTC's own apps. Everything else will default back to large. Which is still pretty big, it's just not HUGE.