850,000 new Android devices now activated each day, 450,000 apps in the Android Market

Andy Rubin has just laid some Android numbers out for everyone as only he can. The last time we heard numbers from Google was on Q4 2011 conference call where it was announced that 700,000 Android activations were happening daily and today, that number has pushed to 850,000.

For those of you keeping track, that's around a 250% growth in numbers year-on-year. Apps have also been continually on the rise, back during Mobile World Congress last year Google announced there was 150,000 apps in Android Market and now that number sits at about 450,000 with around 1 billion downloads per month.

The point? The Google ecosystem is doing great. It's constantly growing and with over 800 Android devices launched to-date, it's not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Source: Google Mobile

  • Is that new user activations per day (people new to Android) or does it include existing Android users who have upgraded their phone? iPhone had impressive sales when 4S came out but a majority were already iPhone users.
  • It includes every handset sold, yes even people that already had an android phone.
  • Would be interesting to see the 'new user' activations per day - Android vs iOS.
  • a research company said that most of the first time smart phone users picked up android phones, that was over the holidays, but the numbers represent all activations though.
  • Its new device activations. First time activations of a new out of the box device. Not a handmedown that you wiped and gave to your little sister when you got your new phone.
  • This is great news. I'm looking forward to what Jelly Beans will be able to do. Are they planning to give some details about it at MWC?
  • That's over 310 million a year. In 6 months, Android will have to be over a million a day to sustain a 50% smartphone marketshare. That is a big number but remember that there are 1.6 billion phones sold a year. Android has a 20% marketshare of all phones sold world-wide.
  • Where are you getting these numbers?
  • From reading Apple's latest earnings report we see that their sell rate is ~688K iOS units/day (includes iPhone, iPad & iPod touch), and they have had 315MM cumulative sales. Assuming the sales rates don't accelerate for either platform then total Android devices that hook-up to Google's app store (so no Kindles) "in the wild" should exceed total iOS devices by Feb 6th 2013. If the same relative growth rates of sales continue (125% for iOS, 250% Android) then Android devices will outnumber iOS devices by July 9th 2012.