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4shared Music released for Android

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Its only been a few days since 4shared unleashed its mobile app to the Android masses. Today, 4shared is back at it again. The file sharing service has released their 4shared Music app in the Android Market. The newly announced app gives access to thousands of songs on the 4shared servers.

According to head of marketing Andrew Liulko, “Developing of application which is able to work with music  properlybecame a priority task for us due to the fact that more than a half of files hosted on 4shared are music files. We hope that introducing 4shared Music application to Android audience will attract new users and bring more convenience for everybody overall."

While this new app gives immediate access to tons of music on 4shared servers, we'll take this time to remind you that services like this are often filled with copyrighted material and illegally distributed files. Stay away from them. Hit the jump to get download links. Thanks, Yegor!

  • Promote an app that supports piracy, but talk down anybody that pirates. AC, you crack me uo.
  • Stay away from them..........but here's the link. LMAO
  • Is it just me or does this seem like it will be pulled from the Android Market very soon. Piracy and potentially unsafe files sitting on some other companies server....hmmm
  • how is this app any different from the "Free Music Download" app? that one hasn't been pulled from the market, so why should this one?
  • Double standard much?
  • read between the music lines
  • According to the market reviews, you can't download files, only stream them, so it may not be as bad as you all are saying.