YouTube update allows you to select your video streaming quality

Google has just pushed out an update to the YouTube app to allow you to choose your video streaming quality on the fly. Now, with the update, you can choose if you want your videos to stream at 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, or an auto mode that detects your connection. It seems that an option for full 1080p HD isn't available as a selection, however.

The app is now up to version 5.7. It may take some time for the app update to hit your phones. Prior to the update, the app would only allow users to toggle on and off HD or HQ quality so the update brings more flexibility to those who are either concerned about bandwidth use or streaming quality.

Are you enjoying the new flexibility for streaming quality? Is this a feature that you want and would use on YouTube for Android?


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YouTube update allows users to select streaming quality


That's what I was thinking. As for the missing 1080p option I guess you take what you can get. It should be there but I'm not complaining.

Is there an option for auto highest quality for all videos for any network?

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With all the tablets out now and hd screens on phones hopefully 1080p happens sooner than later.

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As someone that is not located in one of the fiber rich honey holes of this bandwidth desert we call the United States, this is a welcomed option.

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Same here. Even turning off HD in the previous app, videos still took forever to load. And now that I am moving to a place where there is no DSL at all, I will rely on my mobile data, so every kilobyte counts.

Got Nexus?

What the poop, I just updated to the "Newest" old version like an hour ago.... I slack on the updates don't judge me.

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I don't get what's so funny. A bunch of people are about to have 1440p phones, and the number of 1440p YT videos is only increasing.

About time. This is setup perfectly after the announcement of 2k screens. Hopefully 1080p and 1444p are next up before 4k :-)

Why not 1080p ? We are already moving to QHD display. The whole idea of having a 1080p or QHD display is to enjoy media content as much as you can

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I'm still waiting for the offline downloading feature you promised back in November, Google. Hurry up.

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I agree. It's not like you're watching a feature length film... well sometimes you can on YouTube but still.

I'd love if the YouTube app would allow audio to keep playing with the screen off.

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Anyone else having update issues on the galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition? Youtube won't even open after this update... :/

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It's about bloody time Google! (Not that rooted users haven't had hd YouTube for ages though)

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i loved my wp for the metro tube app which let u choose to stream even in 1080p! a year ago. and let u turn off the display if you like, without stoping the stream.
best yt app ever!

Hooray! Now we can finally hope that in 3-4 years we'll get the option to watch youtube videos in 1080p or even 2160p resolutions.

I don't understand why this has taken so long. It seems so obvious that mobile users need it.

Awesome AC.

No, I don't like this feature. Or at least they should've included full hd. Plus you should've have to change the quality everytime you watch a different video that's a waste of people's time. Let them choose once for their device and leave it at that

This should have been available since the YouTube app. Thank God no more crap HD off or on or HQ.

But when is that YouTube running on the background update coming?

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There is the Viral app already where there's that quality stream I had it for a while just download in the Google playstore stop waiting for the actual YouTube app to update

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With the youtube issues and isp's throttling (aka congesting their own lines) good luck trying to get anything over 720p.

Finally Google at last. It put Google to shame when apps like Metro Tube on Windows Phone lets you change the quality during playback to HD. When watching a video on a HD screen 5 inches and over the You Tube standard quality looks really grainy

Before this update, did the HQ button stream full 1080p HD? If so, it worked well for me (even on Sprint) and I'd rather not update the app.

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I'll probably get hate for this but the one the I miss about my iPhone was that the jailbreak community is light years ahead of Apple and android mod community. I was able to change quality and download videos with an add on extension to the YouTube app since 2011. The android YouTube downloader app works and isn't that bad but notice some bugs.

144p, 240p...? What year is this?
I would be happy with 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Anything less that is potato quality.

Nope! All this time to get 720? what a ridicule update!! It's should be already 1080 Full HD...I cannot believe it!!

I have been using viral YouTube and it is way better. It has quality selection and play in background so screen can be off when listening to music. Also it can float on screen so you can multitask.

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