Starred Contact in Gmail

From emails to contacts the star makes it easy to find the most important things

For years we have used Google's starring system to keep track of important emails, and now you're able to star your contacts as well. Keeping track of huge contact lists can be a bit of a difficult task — finding the people you want to communicate with may not always be quick and easy, but Google has changed that.

Now you will be able to star contacts so that they will show up in a starred list instead of just the general contacts list. If you'll recall, you've been able to "favorite" (star) contacts through the People app for some time now — this will now sync throughout your account. The process of starring a contact is really quick and easy, and can be done right from your Android device:

  1. Launch the Gmail App.
  2. Open an email from the contact you wish to star.
  3. Tap on their avatar in the top left corner.
  4. A window will pop up with contact information and you will see a star on the right side under the photo.
  5. Tap the star (so that it is filled in) and that is it.

That's all there is to the process -- pretty simple really. Starring a contact will not only easily allow you to find them in a sea of contacts in your list, but will also show them in your dialer and on the web so you can call with ease. Whether you have a large or small contact list, this helpful tip will ensure that your most important contacts are easy to reach.

Source: Google+


Reader comments

You can now 'star' contacts through Gmail


I do as a matter of fact. They are the first contacts to appear when I open my phone app. Comes in handy sometimes...

Nexus 5...enough said

I do on the phone app, but not through Gmail.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Oddly enough these stars don't even show on the web page. Even when you look in the Stared In Android group.

And On my Sense5 HOX, there is no People app, and no stars appear it its Contacts app, so on that device this feature is pretty useless.

Yep, I star contacts so that when my phone is in silent mode (e.g., at night), Tasker is able to turn the ringer on if one of them calls.

Starring is fine. But i still dont have any clarification why the contact pics set in gmail contacts are pixelated when i sync them to my android phone? Why isn't this ancient problem get resolved still by google?

I've wondered the same. Do you suppose if we reloaded all of those pix today it would fix the problem?

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4

Yes, it does fix the low resolution image. Gmail used to store contacts as a small thumbnail, but as of about a year ago, they allowed larger images so they don't look bad on phones when the person calls you. Contacts you originally saved in Android already had those larger images stored, but ones from earlier on are still small thumbnails.

You could also just encourage more people to update (or upload one in the first place) their picture in G+, but that's like pulling teeth if your friends and family are like mine!

I tried and uploaded some quality pics for some contacts in gmail and synced to my android device. It asked for which picture should to keep as contact pic and i selected google. The pic still is pixelated. If i select Facebook then the pic is good....what am i doing wrong i dont know!

You have to star your contact first, then upload a hires image!
It is silly, and makes the original purpose of this function useless (especially with new Androids, where they removed quick-dial from dialer app, saying you can star your important contacts - but you have to do this for every contact who has an image, otherwise you get pixelated 92x92 images...),
but this way finally no more lo-res images.

Not working on mine. Updated to 4.7.2. No star option when I do what Phil said to do. I can do it in Contacts on my Note 3 but not in Gmail

Posted via Android Central App

it would be nice if this tied in to the Hangouts App. in other words, nix "Suggested Contacts" and let the user define them with "Starred Contacts" - or better yet use "Frequent Contacts". i really don't like that some f*****g random algorithm decides which Contacts i see in my messaging App!

How do I check voicemail from another phone if I can't remember it? I dropped my Galaxy S3 and can't see the screen anymore, but I can hear the phone ring and text coming in. I've always used the same password and I've set up my voicemail. I'm wondering if I forgot to set password on phone voicemails. Is there a default password if I didn't? Waiting on my new phone but I'm sure nothing gets transferred when I turn that one on. Help, very urgent!!!