HTC Incredible render

Here's the thing about this render that purportedly is of the HTC Incredible: It's probably pretty close. The shape and lines are pretty much what we've seen leaked out any number of ways. (Like this, or this, or this, or this.) But it's just a render, we don't when it was, erm, rendered (or by whom), and it's missing the ring around the trackpad that actually lets you click on things. So take it for what it is, but don't get overly excited about it. [Wikipedia via Android and Me]


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Yes, it's a render of the HTC Incredible ... and it's only a render


Isn't this basically their version of the Desire? The case makes it look kinda cheesy which is surprising as Verizon had probably the best looking Hero variant.

This phone is starting to grow on me more and more. I was dead set on getting a Nexus One but now that this device has a "concrete" release date I'm not so sure...

Let's face it Verizon fan boys... it looks like nothing next to the EVO!!! lol THE EVO IS GOING TO TAKE OVER!!!!!

Turn down the fanboyism. I don't see the EVO taking over because;

1. Sprints 4G coverage is limited
2. I don't see a lot of people jumping ship to go to Sprint
3. I don't see Sprint mounting the type of blitz Verizon did for the Droid
4. No one knows how well the actual phone will perform. It could be a buggy pig.

Sprint's 4G is limited? Where is Verizons?? By years end, there will be 120Mil+ on Sprint's 4G, whereas, Verizon will not have 4G until mid 2011 at the earliest! There is no guarantee Verizon will have a 4G handset by that time either. The 3G iphone was launched with "limited" 3G. A lot of people will be jumping over to Sprint, you not seeing Sprint "mounting" the type of ad blitz Verizon did, is your problem. Do you know how well the Incredible will perform? No, you don't!

I agree with these points but I also echo the "cut the fanboyism" sentiment. I will personally be buying Evo because the 3G coverage is equal to Verizon's in my city, not to mention the whole 4G thing as well as price. Still, that's not the case for everyone and clearly this thread is about the Incredible...a phone lots of people will want.

We just got 4G here in Houston.
But there's no way I'm switching from Verizon to way.

And why not? Oh... I guess you like paying $40 more a month for slower internet, not as good of a plan, not as good customer service, and not have any phones that come close to what the EVO will be. Your loss.....

A lot of people will be jumping ships to Sprint just because of the speed... and the phone is going to perform good just like any other 3G HTC phone but 10x faster!!! I not a fan of any cellphone company... I go with the best carrier for me needs (I had Verizon, T-mobile and now AT&T for the iphone) but guess what? I need more speed and better signal than AT&T + Sprint is way CHEAPER I don't see any reason why people shouldn't be jumping to the yellow ship!

I'm sure Sprint will create a huge blitz for this phone it's just to far away for just wait for it!!!

I'm not even going to saying nothing about the "limited 4G coverage", I was going to compare with over carriers but wait! Yes now I remember Sprint is the only carrier with 4G (120 millions by the end of the year)

Well, how can you not be a fan of the EVO. That thing is a beast. Yeah, people will find thinks to nit-pick at but that will be more of preference things like, "screen too big" or "no physical keyboard", but A LOT of people will switch to Sprint for the EVO guaranteed. I even hear people that have the iPhone, the "best" smart-phone out, say that they will get the EVO and dump their iPhone. There are just too many things to like about the EVO that other phones don't have, especially in one package; 4.3" screen, 8mp camera, 720p hd recording, 4G network, front facing camera for video chat, Android, 1Ghz processor, HTC *new* sence UI, ect. Wow, that's a lot of stuff that people will definitely jump ship for. I'm not saying that everyone will come to Sprint for the EVO either but like I said, a lot will switch over.
Now about the Incredible. It looks like an awesome phone. The front looks almost exactly like the EVO. I'm sure this phone will be a big hit with Verizon customers. Will have to see.

I agree with you 100% on this and I don't want to take anything away from the incredible it's just that Verrizon fan boys are going way to crazy for this... I don't even want to imagine the EVO on verizon they would go nuts!!!

Both devices are great but they just can't admit that Sprint is getting a similar device but way better!!! lol (Same happpen with the iPhone when it came out)

really. verizon customers go crazy over anything new. this thing isnt even groundbreaking. its not that much of a step up from what is already on the market. the evo is though, a much bigger step

the problem with the evo, is that i would never get it. i think that the screen size it too big. i mean, i know its not that different from the incredible's screen, but i think its bigger enough to make the difference. dont get me wrong, if i was in sprint's network i would probably be thinking abotu the evo, but that screen size would have me double thinking the phone...

YOU, never getting the EVO is the problem? That's twisted and subjective. Saying the screen is too big, even though you have never touched the EVO, is ridiculous.

Looks like a nice device and the specs are rock*, but I'd still prefer the nexus one on Verizon...Crossing my fingers for a release soon...