We've got the HTC Hero at Android Central Headquarters (thanks Sprint!) so you can expect full coverage on all things Hero leading up to the official launch on October 11th. We're talking about hands-on pictures, first look thoughts, Q&A's, and of course, a full fledged, in-depth review. If there's anything about the HTC Hero and HTC Sense you don't know, you'll definitely find out. And if you want any specific coverage, be sure to let us know!

Stay tuned for this Hero-focused week at Android Central!

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Yep, We've Got a HTC Hero


I currently have the iphone and love the phone BUT HATE the service. Does the hero have the sensor when your have the phone to your face the screen will go black? also is android here to stay I want to switch back to sprint I tried the pre but hated the battery life.


This looks nice, but I dont have sprint coverage at my house = [. I wish it still had the chin and the Teflon white back!

nice. I can't wait to see a review of this. When is the round robin coming? Boy sprint has become a smartphone king, lol

just an fyi, sprint advocates got a new s/w today that significantly improves battery life and removes ogsi. it seems to make things quicker as well, definitely the keyboard.

Could you please do some in-depth reviewing of how the multi-touch fares on the browser? Could you also try out the Opera Mini/Mobile (is Opera Mobile out yet) and Steel browsers and see how they do speed-wise?

And see if they support multi-touch as well? And what's the Android OS on it? 1.5?

And to the poster above me, what is OGSI?

It's not like I'm impatient, but PLEASE do a real good comparison between this and the Shoales.

I mean, 400x800 resolution is pretty damn killer.

I did it! I left t-mob for sprint I can't wait for this bad boy to get here friday. Or for your full review. My girl got the Pre and its pretty clean, but I'm sure this is the real winner. I'm going through withdrawls without my g1.

Will this phone work unlocked on T-Mo's network? I'm not ready to switch to Sprint right now but I sure love the HERO!

I just got one of these babies, and all I can say is wow. It runs great looks great and cant beat the fact that its google. Applications are easier to develop than the iphone, everything is open pretty much. Im not stuck to just the app store but can install apps that are not in the store. This thing kills the iphone.

I love the HTC Hero, it is a great device and there have been some really positive htc hero reviews.

What I am really looking forward to though is the HTC HD2, by all accounts that is also looking really good.