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Yahoo! Mail just received a notable update to version 2.0 this morning. As is the case when making a move to a new version number, many changes are in order. Right off the bat you'll notice a much-needed updated UI that brings it into the present period of design. It's clean, usable and even follows much of Google's new design guidelines -- no menu buttons to be found here. The changelog also indicates that the new app should be easier on battery, provide more reliable push notifications and has SSL turned on by default for enhanced security.

The app has also changed names, now being called "Y! Mail" for some reason. Whatever the name change, this UI update is something every Yahoo! Mail user should be excited about.


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Yahoo! Mail gets new UI and name change in latest update


Yes you can MarkMcCoskey.

I'm still having issues with notifications, I had 2 e-mails online and no notifications on my pull down window.

I noticed the same thing, nothing is getting pushed to the phone and I have to refresh my inbox manually. there are also no settings for how often to sync either. this might be an epic fail

I had this same issue and worked out a solution. Go to settings>apps>downloaded apps and click on Yahoo mail. then, just clear data and the cache and you'll have notifications flying in before you know it! Hope that helps

Any suggestions for a good email app that I can use for all my email accounts? I've always heard good things about K9 mail, but it's not optimize for tablets yet.

"The app has also changed names, now being called "Y! Mail" for some reason."

It was renamed so it was easier to find in apps lists. Before, it just came up as "Mail", but because it's your Yahoo! Mail account, you would instinctively go to the Ys and look, only to realize it was under the Ms. Now it's where it should be.

It is a minor change. Most people who use the app may have it shortcutted anyway, like me. But for those times you have to locate it in an apps list, it's easier now.

About damn time this was updated! This was probably one of the most poorly optimized apps on Android! Scrolling, not just side to side but overall, was abysmal in Yahoo mail. Just checked the app, seems like a big improvement. Still a bit jittery, but good overall. The UI looks a lot better, that's for sure.

My wife has a SBS account with yahoo and it doesn't work. Only works if you have an email account.

My wife uses this app. I was just asking her today, "why?" She and every other yahoo user can use the native "Email" app, and it looks exactly like the Gmail app. Makes no sense to me.

The Annoying Adverts that popped up in the UI a few updates ago have gone too!! :)

It's getting closer to Gmail in appearance now!, not so 'Tonka Toy' or 'gingerbread' looking.

Reminds me of how it worked on Blackberry before I switched to an Android Phone...much better.

So far while it looks great it has not been working well for me, emails are coming in very slow (sometimes over an hour after I get them online). Again the interface is a big step in the right direction but otherwise has been a let down as I am not getting emails or a notification at all.

The old Yahoo app used to sync my Yahoo contacts across to the native app in my GS3 but the new app doesn't - don't think I'm missing anything - apart from all my contacts of course!
In fact, as mentioned in an earlier post, the only reason I need the app is to get the contacts to sync across - I can use the phone's native mail app for email

Guess what? I think it sucks just as much if not more than it did before! Why would you completely change the set up and the way you maneuver in it? Oh and by the way, I had to completely uninstall and reinstall to even get into my account, and now that I'm in. I hate it. Then I go to Yahoo! Mail on my actual desktop computer, just wanting some normalcy, and Yahoo!'s severely effed that up too! yahoo!! I guess it's time to convert everything over to gmail anyway....

Major hassle. This sucks. This new upgrade won't sync my contacts with my phone.

I hope the solve this issue very soon, because this really limits my phone.