Xiaomi Mi 4 teaser

Xiaomi's all set to unveil its latest flagship device, dubbed the Mi 4, on July 22. Xiaomi's president Lei Jun took to Weibo to share the announcement, which featured a giant number "4'" on what a brushed metal background and a tagline "The journey of a piece of steel metal" underneath.

Leaked production images of the device form earlier this month already revealed that the Mi 4 would feature a metal back, with Jun's announcement further reinforcing these claims. Other rumors suggest a 5.2-inch full-HD display, Snapdragon 801 / 805 SoC, 3 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory and a 13 MP camera sensor. While most of the specs are rumored at this stage, we do know for sure is that the device will come with LTE connectivity, as Jun confirmed as much earlier this year.

With the launch less then two weeks away, we don't have to wait long to find out more about the Mi 4. What do you guys think of a metal-clad Xiaomi smartphone?

Source: Weibo


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Xiaomi to unveil the Mi 4 on July 22


Interesting choice, that number 4. And displayed big too.

From what I understand, the Chinese in general have an aversion to it because it resembles the word for death. OTOH, they have an affinity for the number 8 - it's a lucky number, like the colors green, yellow and white.

From my observations, their superstitious aversion/attraction to certain numbers seem stronger than in the West.

In Anglo-American culture, the unlucky and lucky numbers are.....

Yes, that's kind of right; it sounds like the word 'death' when pronounced. However, other version 4 phones (iPhone 4, Galaxy S4) don't seem to have taken a hit for this so I don't think it is a real concern.

Thoroughly excited. While I am not the greatest fan of metal-clad mobiles (due to ergonomics and low gripability) I can understand the visual appeal.

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This is going to be huge in China and hopefully will enable them to start moving West here to the UK. Good hardware at a low price is limited to one phone: the moto g. We need some competition at the flagship level


I would be excited if it was actually possible in this dimension to actually get one. Since Xiaomi is virtually impossible to buy it feels just like science fiction at this point. And them always telling me that they sold thousands of units (usually priced better than anyone) in a country of billions doesn't impress me.
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