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China-based Xiaomi has announced it has shipped 10 million units of its Mi 3 Android smartphone, while also launching a new Champagne Gold version of the device.

The Mi 3 was first revealed in September 2013 and so far has only been sold in four territories: China, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. In this new announcement Xiaomi add that it is "working very hard to bring it to more countries!"

The Champagne Gold color version of the Mi 3 has also been announced and is currently on sale in China. It has 16GB of storage and has a price of RMB 1499, or $240.

Just a reminder: the 5-inch Mi 3 has an 1.8GHz NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, along with 2GB of RAM, up to 64GB of storage, a 13 megapixel rear camera and a 3050mAh battery inside its thin 8.1 mm case. It also comes in a variety of colors.

What do you think of this new shipment milestone, even though the phone has only been available in four countries?

Source: Xiaomi

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A895 says:

Fun Fact: The Mi3 is the only phone on the planet that uses the Tegra 4 processor.

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thatguy97 says:

Ya Tegra 4 adoption has been worse than Tegra 3

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rgao007 says:


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A895 says:

Forgot about that one, but the BlackPhone isn't commercially available yet.

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TKL74 says:

I thought you can order it already for $650, lol

Aaron Starr says:

10 Million was shipped but how many was actually sold is the real question...

Alex_Hong says:

I would imagine that the number would probably be not far off due to how they sell their devices mostly. While they do partner with various carriers, they get most of their sales on their online store due to the cheap off contract prices.

They only sold through their own website. No retail channel.So shipped equal to sold.

A895 says:

Ship equals sold for the manufacturer, I wish people knew that.

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jonathan3579 says:

I'll be interested when their plan to make US-friendly phones goes into action.

Alex_Hong says:

I would imagine the plan begun when they hired Hugo Barra. Since then they have been expanding to more markets. Take Singapore for example, a primarily english speaking country. I've gotten my hands on their cheaper phones the Redmi and it was super impressive for its price. The UI seems to be mostly well adapted to english in most areas, but still require some work imo. Also their devices for markets outside of China does come with gapps, so it's not that bad still. The question is how far along the plan are they at now, seeing that they seem to want to get in the the US market next year. :/


eahinrichsen says:

I was not aware that the Mi3 had such a high capacity battery. Anyone know if the software is reasonably optimized, or does it burn through that battery faster than you'd expect?

Mi3 all set to launch in India this week....

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coolkenny13 says:

When, Where? Link please

I'd buy one in a heartbeat

TKL74 says:

The only thing lacks is 4G LTE right?

I'd buy this right now if it was in the USA, then I'd buy the MiPad. Two devices with great specs with amazing price points

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