World Series Poker deals a hand to Android

Poker fans will be happy to hear that EA has launched World Series Poker on Android today. Texas hold'em, Omaha,  and lots of stats and social features are available.

  • Enjoy multiple game modes including two different styles of poker with Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker.
  • Play with friends and people around the world at any time via Facebook with anonymous login options coming soon.
  • Participate in tournaments to collect virtual WSOP rings and bracelets just like the pros.
  • Become a VIP player to track and analyze over 25 statistics including the frequency of raises and the percentage of folds pre-flop.
  • Chat in real time with other players and send virtual gifts like energy drinks, sunglasses or even pets like pandas and cobras to friends in-game.
  • Earn Pro status to play in exclusive high-stakes tables with other gamers that play like the pros.
  • Purchase additional chip stacks and gold in game in addition to winning at tables and through tournaments.

Any poker players in the house interested in giving this a shot? It's free, so all you've got to lose are your chips. 

Download: World Series Poker


Reader comments

World Series Poker deals a hand to Android


Meh. Another ea game that will have issues and ea won't update it. Then when you get a os update, it won't be supported and you won't be able to download.

I downloaded this earlier today. I have played most if not all the free poker games in the market. And I have found this to be by far the best one available

Maybe I'm missing something, but I've had a World Series of Poker app on my HTC Flyer for 6 months, it works great. What's new about this one? Is it a sequel?

Compatible with my Transformer yet not my EVO LTE, ok I can get over that. Just noticed the Facebook login required that is a dealbreaker. Why the hell do I need Facebook to play a game?

That seems to be the consensus among the Play Store reviews for it. Any company requiring a FB login should be immediately shut down. It makes no sense for a lot of reasons. The only positive for them is that it is easier to track players' activity, and they don't have to keep account info on their own servers.