2D Boy's popular title World of Goo is now available in the Android Market for a cool 40% off sale price of $2.99 through December 5. Previously available on PC, Mac, Wii, and iOS, World of Goo is an physics-based puzzle adventure through the world of goo balls, which sounds slightly sillier than reality: the game won IGN's Wii Game of the Year along with MetaCritic's iPad Game of the Year, accolades which don't go unnoticed in the gaming world. There's also a demo version available in the Android Market for the remaining skeptics. Hit the break for the download link.

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Will have to try this out to see if it plays better on a touch screen than with a wiimote. (BTW - 48MB download for the full game)

DaveT says:

Interesting...I think I am more interested in finding out what music they used for the demo video.

One of my absolutely favorite downloadable games. I played this on the Wii when it first came out and I'll be buying this the day I'm able to re-up with the Galaxy Nexus.

So, hey, Verizon, if you care at all about me saving $2, which I'm sure you do, release the Nexus before the sale ends on the 5th. Please?

draken says:

No need to wait. Anything you purchase is linked to your Google account and can be downloaded on the new phone once you activate it. Assuming you're going to use the same Google account with the new phone.

I'll definitely consider that. My OG Droid is on its very last legs, but I suppose I could get it and just leave it (because I'm pretty sure it would bork my current phone), and just install it on the Nexus. Hmm...

gsmalleus says:

Except for the fact that you cannot purchase apps for incompatible phones :( First Tiny Tower, now World of Goo. I can't wait for the Nexus. I loved World of Goo on PC, one of the best indie games I've ever played.

Landon1983 says:

Purchase through the online store?

frmorrison says:

You can buy on the website, but your device has to be able to run it for you to buy it.


mdmitchell13 says:

Ive got to say... This game is absolutely amazing!

Eazy123 says:

This is the best day of my week :)

zhecht says:

This would've been great over a year ago, but having already beat the game (most levels on OCD), this doesn't have much to offer me.

crxssi says:

Same here. I *LOVED* the game on my Linux desktop. Spent a lot of time and finished it. Unless they added new levels, I don't need the game again (plus, I don't want to buy it again when I already paid for it).

But if you have not tried this game, I do highly recommend it!

dcreed says:

I predict a sudden drop in my productivity at work today.

elslunko says:

I've bought this game about 3 times for a variety of platforms, happy to buy it again!

hmmm says:

I never really would have given this app the time of day until I saw the comments here. Damn you people...

astraelraen says:

I have a DX1 and a Fascinate.

According to the market it is not compatible with my Fascinate.

Anyone with another Galaxy S1 phone? Is it compatible with the Captivate, Epic or Vibrant?

Nimocone says:

When I check the market on my Captivate, it shows it available, so I'm going to guess it would work.

Edit: Several hours later and I downloaded it. Works perfect on my phone.

avrillapete says:

I have a Galaxy S 4G and it let me purchase the game, however when I went to download I kept getting the "Insufficient space" error, even though I have plenty. I thank Samsung for making the cache partition 30mb, which the market uses to download apps. Had to use Terminal Emulator to move the cache temporarily to the SD to get it to install.

avrillapete says:

removed double post

I love the soundtrack in this game! I have it for PC, very nice game, nice graphics, fun gameplay! Definitely one of the best arcade games out there!