Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

MAO04 says:

Thanks for the chance.

Soapinmouth says:

Omhhggghggggggfbh me

warriors0584 says:

This is the first of many contests to win a Galaxy S IV I will be entering.

If it's going to be just as good as good old S2 then I'm definitely in :)

I'll like to join in this contest :)

rsorenson88 says:

I need a new phone so pick me!!!

Quinny898 says:

Pick me please!

gyroslice says:

Sounds Fantastic!

ottoman says:

in it to win it. pick me.

Rated_X says:

I hope I get picked! #android #fanboy

Ian Williams says:

I want one please! Please sgs4 gods!

KahneFan says:

I play
the odds
of winning
this have
to be better
and it's free.
So, what the
heck. I'm in.

se1000 says:


tkurtz says:

This is what makes Android Central so awesome!!! Always the first to offer us the best contests and devices! I would love to have one. Need to keep up to date on my stuff. Thanks Android Central!

Ben Lewis says:

I am definitely excited to see what this phone will bring!

Snowmanaxp says:

What could be better than my GS III? An all new GS IV.

I know it's gonna be a wonderful phone, but honestly I want it for my wife, I couldn't afford to buy her a good V-Day gift.

normio2 says:

ErMagherd! Can I win?

tmhiott says:

Sure, I'd love to have one!

kar zub says:

Pick me i need a new phone

Ekwonomics says:

Since I never win anything I figure why not enter a competition in which I have more chances dying from a car accident on my way home tonight.

zzappe says:

Wow, how I really want this to happen.

It is soooo good to be part of this and WIN IT!!!

areakode says:

Sign me up!

Bond32 says:

I would love to win the new S4

androboi2010 says:

I really wanna win!!

MAC20 says:

Test anyone there?

dannymer says:

Great competition. Keep up the good work!

ual4720 says:

This would be cool!

chekoo says:

please i want it =>

klevente says:

galaxy s4 will be odd because it will lack the amoled panel.

I want to go to there.

Jonouchy says:

It would be great to be chosen! This would be a true upgrade to my current phone. Thanks.

ShahinTr says:

Chances of winning, 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 because I'm one of the lucky ones that live in the UK, and considering the large American population, it outnumbers the rest of the world. Anyway, good luck to everyone, including myself. May the best man/woman win. :)

malbanese says:

I've never won anything in my life... but... you gotta be in it to win it.

Jcrabapple says:

Seriously guys? Best Android site in the world.

klevente says:

galaxy s4 will be odd because it will lack the amoled panel.

Sofia L says:

Please can I have it?

jeffajackson says:


warblad13 says:

Pick me please!

NeuroMan42 says:

Win phone... YES, please.

Skeletronix says:

"a single comment"

klevente says:

galaxy s4 will be odd because it will lack the amoled panel.

psugrad97 says:

Pick me please!!!!!

jdavet says:

Thanks so much for the contest! Good luck everybody!

Cezarslice says:

Win win win

n0n3br says:

I need to win this phone. My s2 is all screwed up.

stevieq says:

Sign me up for the competition.

Bobman says:

Would love to have a new phone! Thanks guys!

jparker71 says:

This is my comment.

clintman45 says:

Thanks for the Phone!

jkaelin_20 says:

Please pick me!!!!! Thank you!! ;-)

Let's do this

Anan Alosh says:

pick the poor :)))

Sanosuke says:

Count me in

dms76 says:

Pretty pretty please, it would be nice and cool to win something!

stbxxl says:

This S4 is for me!

jackslee21 says:


bugginout711 says:

it'd be an upgrade from my galaxy nexus

dms76 says:

Pretty pretty please, it would be nice and cool to win something!

Cheryl S says:

I currently have a G S3 and I cant even imagine how amazing the G S4 will be!

I'm in!

blackwidowhi says:

So excited, hope I win.

Mememememememe....Pick me...Seriously though, pick me. ;-)

Joshua Bell says:

Wouldn't it be nice to win this..!

rizoh66 says:

I love lamp...

WannaUpgrade says:

I want one TOOOO!!!!!

mgsdavison says:

1160 other folks but here's hoping

gregba says:


lz2323 says:

Good luck to me!

mercado79 says:

Gift horse?

its like the GS3 with the power of google +1 its a 4!

Timbukwild says:

Yes please! So tired of my Droid 3.

Im a faithful Samsung customer it would be pretty freaking cool to win a S4!!!!

I hope I will win..

ehall1957 says:

Would love to win the S4!!!

silinthar says:

you wanted a comment, so here it is. Now gimme my SG4!

doubletoker says:

Oh, Oh, pick me pick me.

klevente says:

s4 will be an odd device because it will pick the amoled panel.

I want it!

TweeterNote says:

We get to read the best Android news and on top of that, the chance to win a Galaxy S4. I think it's a win win situation. Thanks Guys, in all seriousness, keep up the good work, we truly enjoy it.

Bikedog says:

Ooooh, I want that!

rfbhm says:

Pleaaaassseee :)

mooneyb says:

Would love to be rocking a Galaxy S4!

this will be the best android smart phone ever and i cannot wait to have it in my hands. The s4 with a flexibile screen, am waiting for u thank u samsung

StormyGeo says:

Yes please.

matchew900 says:

Chance to win an unreleased phone? Pleeease.

reverepats says:

Yesssssssssss! I need a new phone so bad right now. Especially with my new promotion at work. Thanks AC!

csmorris66 says:

Count me in!

lilnate215 says:

I have an epic 4g touch & will love to upgrade for the S4 or Google X phone

Sax510 says:

Pick me!!!

fariflux says:

I definitely want one! (:

ddongle says:

I've never won anything, but what the hell..

itsdollar says:

I'm ready to win this. Thanks for the contest.

kinster02 says:

Man, what I would do to win a GS4.

Good luck to everybody!!!!

lolUmad says:


mishie says:

Please enter me into the contest, thanks guys!

bobbypierce says:

I've never had a smart phone that I've loved as much as my SIII, so I expect the SIV to be EVEN BETTER! I want one!

gtricecakes says:

This. Please, I need a nice new phone!

Bbrown8 says:

Entry to this contest

Wired03 says:

Wishing everyone luck (myself included of course)

DrJai says:

S4 is Soo gonna kick d asses f Apple nd HTC once again

wantadesire says:

Would LOVE to win a S4!

Menace814 says:

Awesome contest Android Central, Thanks!

pick me please!

blnelson75 says:

Would love to get the new S4!! Free would be even better!

getorres says:

awready, i wanna be first on the block to win one.

tron77 says:

Good luck to everyone, hope 2 win! :)

Thorny4pie says:

All in for an S4!

mrcrusha829 says:

PSSSTT!!!! Over here!!

I got to admit that when it comes to phones, Samsung never let's me down! So why not wish for a Samsung Galaxy S IV! :)

jsmith5238 says:


gwdetroit says:

I want one. Samsung makes the best gear period.

ninjajmon says:

a phone from the future? great scott! I want one.

cypher128 says:

I will enter even though I will not win.

Thank you for this contest. I'd love to win one of these.

thx0849 says:


AlvinPing says:


walhalla says:

I would like this phone.

jstew182 says:

Contest are lame. Who would want to win something for free with no strings attached.

Muad Dib says:

This is the day
this is the contest
this is the phone
this will be my contest.

jeff275 says:

Wow, there are already a ridiculous number of posts!

difrent7 says:

I would be honored to win a Galaxy S4!

Coryl720 says:

Please, I would love to win a new Galaxy S4!!!

JDub313 says:

I'm in.

droidrev23 says:

Awesome contest! I can't wait to see the announcement. I'm so curious what the sg4 is rocking. Good luck all!

kales002 says:

I want one only if the idiots a verizon figure out that they are not special and finally do as everyone else does.

woodsdmd says:


okpetrie says:

Sure I'll try.

memlyk says:

I want to go to there.

pannonian says:


mademan420 says:


Jayesh Patil says:

Awesome..Hoping they come up with waterproof & gorilla glass....The Android OS itself beats all other mobile OS...Counting days!!!

frde011024 says:

Count me in, thank you.

jmbburg26 says:

I want one!!!!!! Please?

psnyder says:

This would totally be awesome. I never win anything.

ehtoanokuso says:



schmogo says:

I'll take one, thanks.

ryushidude says:

Hope I win!

durandez says:

Would be the perfect graduation present!

poolshark333 says:

I would love to win a new S4.

Edgar Chapa says:

Echapa in the AndroidCentral HOuse!!!

marberto says:

I would love to have a S4!!!!

searius says:

I want this bad guy, cant live more with my iphone 5! ;-P

Tsaan says:

Yay new S4 ftw!

greenmind says:

Nice contest!

Downwind says:

Put me down for a G4. My GNex isn't going to last forever.

Sleerts says: FTW

bigbroimc says:

oh please oh please oh please!

MrJazz says:


gnawzilla says:

Wooot go samsung

divvy says:

Fingers crossed!

sicembaylor says:

In for the win!

weiny says:

I love Nexus, but i'll give the S4 a shot :)

Volpix says:

I want it!

Nacho Abril says:

oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my.
I seriously need my S4

cant316 says:

My single comment :)

hiero says:

always good to be in the first contest!

hochoch says:

sure - i'm in!

wiseguy77 says:

The galaxy s4 is soooo 2013 im waiting for th galaxy s5 contest. ;)

g.davis17 says:

Omg if my comment gets picked, I can't even.

Zips7987 says:

ALL I WANT TO DO IS WIN WIN WIN WIN!!! I would like an upgrade from my S2, I was an early adopter into Samsung with a Captivate and the original Galaxy Tab 10.1!!!!! PICK ME

joelteixeira says:

Oh man... I had never won a single contest before. Would be amazing start with a S4 :)

Fayez Noor says:

Count me in

movieface333 says:

One lucky! :) Thank you in advance.

trucky says:

Boys and their toys, always room for something new!

i want it...i want to be the first to take the samsung galaxy s4 ... i wanna be part of this great revolutionary mobile phone

shawnsully says:

Lets do this chums!

bdmridgback says:

Android Central For The World !!!!

pafoid says:

I would really like to get the S IV, I can help you make a review if needed

crx1875150 says:

I've never had a good experience with a Samsung phone but you should pick me for once, I never win a thing, chamonnnnnnn!!!

I never win, please let me win this one!

Paula Blount says:

im game lets do this :)

arpan272 says:

So crazy for Samsung Galaxy S4 launch and it would get even better if i'll get one !.. would be so thankful to you Android Central please select me as the winner !!!

amosque57 says:

Well here goes nothing android central has me feeling like a apple fan boy don't even know what it looks like or how it will be better but boy do I want it

joevarm says:

Single comment!

spicytofu21 says:

odds are I won't win. but it would be nice to

nonoy5246 says:

8core 4 S4 on 14!

I can not wait.....

mianosi says:

I already have an S3 (and I love it), so the S4 wouldn't be for myself. It'd be for one of my close friends who isn't fortunate enough to afford much.

maerlim says:

I'd love to win an S4!

eddiect says:

I want one of those!!!

ffcody7 says:

Leave a comment (check).
I would love a new S4!

KeePeeR says:


komihai says:

I wanna Win!

jjuviw17 says:

Galaxy S4 for me!

...../ )
.....' /
---' (_____
......... ((__)
..... _ ((___)
....... -'((__)

wasscomedy says:

Wowzers! By Golly gee wiz! I believe the children are our future! Oh.. and Samsung galaxy 4!

LGBall says:

Mine mine all mine!

p08757 says:

What a great contest for a great phone from a great site! Thanks Android Central! You are the best.

talhamid says:

Well I am most qualified to win the Galaxy S4 because I want it the baddest. Simple. Now give it to me already

stomic says:

One 4 me pls :)

jc1337 says:

Pick me please!


gizak says:

hot diggity!

texaskj07 says:

Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!

aeoveu says:

Here's a shot at winning the phone... but considering no one ever sends anything to Pakistan...

heathky says:

yes please

Kwezt says:

I want a galaxy s4

taufik sam says:

May I win this?

joedirt2217 says:

P-p-p-p-leeaasse pick me!!!

davemacd says:


fatboy97 says:

Include me... I'm seriously considering the S4 as my next Android!!!!

sri745 says:

I don't know what the phone's going to be like, but I'm pretty sure I'll want it. Pick me!

mumbo jumbo says:

Fingers crossed!!


pjcruiser says:

Awesome, and thanks in advance!

I want one :)

furman82 says:

"In all of god's wisdom, he created the fly... then forgot to tell us why."

epidemik says:

woo woo

Tietherope says:

Excited for March 14th!

Tinostre says:

I wonder how it will compare to my Droid DNA

Robby Singh says:

samsung being the no.1 brand all over world is launching its first galaxy s4...being a big fan of samsung..its would be a fabulous i surely wana win this Samsung galaxy s4 handset...

Burakku says:

Why not?

I've got an S2 and can't wait for the S4 as I'm interested in the display to see what comes next.

One way or another I'm getting an S4, but a free one would be better...

Nit3m4re says:

Safe boys

eszklar says:

Single comment.

Mario Dobles says:

Really Really Want One

akamaru64 says:

Hi :D

Dispara says:

I want it!!

Alex Avila says:

I have never won anything in my life this would be an awesome first!

niterider804 says:

Please be at lease 32gigs...16gigs low space messages are getting really annoying on the note 2. If not I will still take it :)

El Niche says:

Yo quiero

codelighter says:

choose me, pleaseeeeeee

jsipes says:

Heck yeah, thanks for the chance to win this awesome device!!

crowley35 says:

ill take one (or two)

fcjr77 says:

But of course I would enjoy winning this. Thanks.

lsutigers03 says:

Starting to get S4 fever.

dwatcool says:

Sweet! Pick me! Pick me! :)

drewmiller21 says:

I would graciously accept a new GS4 if you choose to award me one. :)

mbw369 says:

Would be sweet...

Trotter516 says:

I'm down with that. ;)

Funkpod says:

A Galaxy s4 would be a great phone for me to upgrade my wife's "dumb" phone to! (or maybe she would use my galaxy s3 and *I* would use the s4...) ;)

sp2960655 says:

Is this a technology stress test to see how many comments Android Central can handle?

cbeyer7 says:

Would love to win, already have the S3 and Galaxy tab

flyboy2 says:

Oh, Oh! ME, ME!!!!!

FelipeRokz says:

Awwwwwww Yeahhhhh!
I'm in!

knox05 says:

Man, so many entries.

cdonehew says:

Thanks for the opportunity.

oldmanflair says:

Sounds great!

henrique.c says:

I would love to get a Galaxy S4 from Android Central...

henrique.c says:

I would love to get a Galaxy S4 from Android Central...

Kourou59 says:

alright I'm in :)

AlyarbankHQZ says:

This would look just perfect next to my Galaxy Note II ;-)

Galaxy S IV eh? Is that one of them new fangled tell-e-ferns? Want!

persim says:

Thank you for comments contest instead of social media one.

jotaro says:

This would be a phenomenal upgrade for me! Count me in!

ccc1130 says:

would love an upgrade to the S4! Hook me up so I can keep my unlimited data!!!

Pmac25 says:

Oh please pick me. My captivate is dieing.

samuraij says:

Samsung Galaxy S4! Can't Wait!

borgib says:


Phil0080 says:

Yeah Samsung contest! Finally hehe :D

Yes please!

KeePeeR says:

I need a new phone :( please please please :)

smeghead4269 says:


captfbgnet says:

Love the S2, skipped the S3 as I was still under contract with the S2...SOooooo, I'm ready teddy!!!!!!!!!!!

so need an android phone right now. I'm having an HTC Radar at the moment. so if I win the S4 it will be my first android phone and my happy days will begin :)

Also like to add that if i win this phone i wont participate in more phone contest and give a chance for the others to win. please let me have this phone. really dying for an android device. im missing out all the fun thats happening on Android. And after watching the S4 launch event, i want it even more. please pick me :)

googlebob says:

Need new phone to replace my Samsung charge.

mcandrew says:

i wanna win!!!

Afonso Lage says:

Android is my religion!

skyngai says:

One single comment for the path to the tech house in your hand.


Zizzerboy says:

Pick me!

Sheik Nazaar says:

Cool contest!!! hope d results woudln't be on april 1st...Lol

jaimie88 says:

I LOVE my s3 as mush as i loved my first 2 galaxies and my galaxy tab!! I'm sooo excited for the s4!

davidc88 says:

I hope I win that would be sweet!

Caloy9 says:


bismark says:

Got an S3 loved it want a new S4.

i will win it

daryelv says:

I'm in!

VMdoug says:

Would love to win...

oboefiend says:

I'm in!

midwest_kc says:

This would be a great first AC contest prize to win!

tm4000m says:

Wait... Where do I leave a comment? I'll just leave this here then...

zlip2004 says:

S4 4 me please.

Louisedr2007 says:

Omg, I want one as soon as they're out.. If I get yet another gadget my bf of 10 yrs will probably leave... But hey ho! ;-P

chris06ob says:


NateDavis says:

Excited to see how this one turns out... I do love my Note 2, so my expectations are pretty high!

spddmn6 says:

I don't want a S4. Please don't give me one.

GatorGrad says:

Totally want one

Alex Avila says:

I have never won anything in my life this would be an awesome first!

angelony says:

I want one for my wife .... lol

Jameson42 says:

Here goes nothin:

A single comment.

You guys... I need this. Haha

isacssouza says:

Pick me!

Pablosworld says:

This time it's gonna be me

dash1828 says:

I want to Rock this S4 so bad. Please pick me.

Fabio944 says:


MSUDroid says:

Stop entering new posts. It's over. I won.

hackenbreezy says:

I just hope it has all-day battery life!

Fabio944 says:


Fabio944 says:


Adamsville says:

Here goes nothing.

Out with the old N4.... and in with the new S4 ...Ya Baby!

ohfivepro says:

cafea kava kahve kaffe koffie caffe kaps kahve kopi

cozzy123 says:

Galaxy s4 sounds pretty cool to me!

KarbonKopy says:

Lloyd is my hero. Pick me!

kickdrum74 says:

Yep I could definitely use a new phone

lalalu says:

Every big website should make a contest like this!

Jake43 says:

I want to win one!