Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

beck_is_back says:

I knew I want S4 but after last night presentation I NEED S4!!! :)

would love to win

oops double post, sorry

Sign me up!

Hello :-) I wouldn't mind one :-D

Ivy_21 says:

I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 so I can give my S3 to my Boyfriend.. He needs a new phone. Since I'm more into technology I'd keep the newer This way we both win :)

My precious!

knahrvorn says:

Thank you for a great contest, Android Central!

jvolzer1 says:

I don't remember if I submitted all ready. I hope I didn't.

WAGed says:

I think it is time the SG2 is no longer my phone. It has served me well.

coxley24 says:

Oh please me!!

I really really really hope I win!!

nvoll84 says:

Well if you're just going to hand them out I'll take one.

bagpussnz says:

Looks awesome - yes please.

elament says:

definitely need to get rid of this samsung droid charge and get my hands on a galaxy siv

fcjr77 says:

I am ready to leave my SII behind 4 the lovely new S4.

miknxn says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S IV! Good luck to I and to all of you!! Android FTW!!!

meanmrmike says:

I would be your best-est friend ...

kgh00007 says:

This is a hell of a way to win an S4 :-)

how nice it would be to finally win something? Here's to wishful thinking

rayjr13 says:

Smaller than an Audi, more powerful? Hmm I'd like to win then find out.

rkkdk says:

would love to win this!

Larry Tolman says:

WOW Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost like a dream come true LOL. So many features; I cannot wait!!!

zkyevolved says:

Wow, of the 1400+ comments, It's highly unlikely for me to be picked, but regardless, I'd love to be picked :$

thoriii says:

You don't have to wait until the 17th, just pick me.

nhyper says:

Pick me, please!

Italiannyc says:


Tinchomey says:

I'm using a BB 8520 because the retail company fucks me :(
I really need this cellphone.


cj100570 says:

Free Is Good!

jarcem says:

1/14000 chances... uffffff, it's too low

It would be great to win one of these. Everybody I know has the galaxy s3 and getting the s4 would give me all bragging rights.

agog-emmi says:

pick me!

StormyGeo says:

Me Puhleez.

Would be nice to retire the old Rezound, and have a shiny new Phone!!!

rmkilc says:

hi guys

vickost says:

Oh to win something for once...

Kevin Patton says:

"Submit a single comment to this blog post."


Phil Blevins says:

I like the eye gaze technology. It's great for someone with a disability.

z71kris says:

I will like to win a S4 please

Lalo Lomeli says:

Wouldn't mind a new phone :)

ICU812 says:

Winner!!!!!!!!!! Thank you AC!!!!!

Mesterio says:

Looks like a good phone but Samsung could have whipped up a new design no??

Erckul says:

this is all I have to do to enter? HUZZAH

todivefor says:

Put me in to win the S4.

Kevin Adams says:

if I told you I was still using a Motorola razr flip phone would that help my chances of winning?

credo says:

I need the S4!!!!!

ktown081 says:

could use a win here

Nino Ninako says:

galaxy s4 will love me and note 3 for sure come on bring on s4

jimmynyk says:

I hope I win! Thanks.

rexxman says:

Surfs Up!

deadlover says:

Wow! I have a Galaxy Nexus for almost a year, before I had a Galaxy S. I love samsung products. I´ll love to have the new baby!!!

SeverePlains says:

I want a Galaxy S4... Only way I'll be able to get one is by winning one in a contest!

aaron1981 says:

S4 looks awesome - I can't believe AC has already set up a giveaway for one! I'd love to win


martyr2k6 says:

Saw this while watching "The Spirit" and thought I would drop a comment with my favorite quote from the movie... "I'm going to kill you all kinds of dead" hahaha
I can has s4?

rcme says:

Fingers crossed

MarkMcCoskey says:

Would absolutely love the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Time for me to switch to Straight Talk. Thanks for choosing me as your winner!

MarkMcCoskey says:

Would absolutely love the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Time for me to switch to Straight Talk. Thanks for choosing me as your winner!

lordielordie says:

Sure why not.. the IR blaster should be fun..

MDROID85 says:

I really want the HTC one but I'll take this

Marmykos says:

S4 for me please :)

SirThale says:

I would be willing to change phones to a Galaxy S4.

oddom says:


i need a phone

LordGeek says:

Please sir, may I have some more :)

thebrain2u says:

Oh yeah!! This would be my first Android smartphone!

BJ Bee says:

Me me me !!!!!!!


iceddown1975 says:

Help me I'm poor, I need the S4!

peterphilm says:

Sounds cool! :3

I've always loved this sites contests and this S4 is no exception.

realgenob says:

I want to win.

rmourar says:

I want one!!!!

nrollinz says:

4 is awesome!

I'm always down to win a cutting edge device!

jedah says:

Looks like Samsung has another winner. Hopefully I will be one too =)

Dont need one, but would be great to show my sister how far behind the iphone is!

CyN2K5 says:

S4 S4 S4 S4!!!!

paulfstr says:

I really want one :-)

nbl125 says:

I'll be the winner GS4 EVER :)

OhhhStella says:

Even though I've entered a bit late, still hoping I win this awesomeness known as the GS4!! <3

The Galaxy S4's for chumps, go HTC One!!

Jack in NC says:

Sweet contest, thanks Lloyd!

Ced1804 says:

I would love one. Please and thank you.

flo_Ore says:

Hi, is this on? Here's my comment: LOVE YOU ANDROID CENTRAL!

i want one!

lumens says:

I need one! My SGSII is getting old. :O)

Xbbfan73 says:

Would love to have this. I think it would be a beautiful addition to my Samsung family.

aerojunky says:

Hopefully, I will have the luck of the Irish!

DamnSkippy says:

Count me in for sure!

AshishRaj says:

Count me in... Hope i'm lucky at least this ONE time! ;)

neve says:

I would like this phone please. Thank you.

bodberry says:

Pick Me Pick Me

storino03 says:

I could use an update!

-IRON- says:

I want it please

-IRON- says:

I want it please

c'mon android central - turn me into an android convert! :)

lothaen says:

Would be ace to win one for my wife's birthday! To replace her iPhone too!

lothaen says:

Would be ace to win one for my wife's birthday! To replace her iPhone too!

Smokeaire says:

I can't remember if I've already posted or not. I need more memory.

johntd says:

We all want one

Can I get a galaxy S4 please (well since I'm not going to buy one"

Grey_girl says:

Nexus S 4G to an S4? Oh definitely!

m_leflore says:

Is it even possible to want a phone as bad as I want this one?

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Fady Mahfouz says:

The mighty will triumph.

Would love to try one of these outs

Master35 says:

Time to get the GS IV from the GS II huge upgrade

Alansary2012 says:

anniversary gift would be awesome :)

abtxpress says:

Good luck. I want one bad. Maybe I'll sell one of my children. Lol

Herr Uscatu says:

I neeeeeed to have it pleaseeee !! i sound like a whore :D pick me pick me.thanks

chance1117 says:

I want a S4!

kevmalin says:

S4 is in da house!!!!!!!!

What kind of iPod is this?

lionsson says:

Thank you

smithe68 says:

Pick me m'lord...

NXH says:

Out of the 14107's mine :)
I would give Samsung a shot to impress me with their new GS4. So, count me in!

Fantastic gift... Good luck everyone.

debodroid says:

I had an S2 and wanted to get the S4 when it comes out, but the S2 went down. Had to get the S3, but the S4 would not be a bad addition as well. Look forward to it.

Wildside says:

I'd like to have this phone.

ShadowAdama says:

Boom, hopefully I win this time.

Yener Hastan says:


Yay new phone!

BrockS. says:

Comment posted, phone won, nothing to see here

Sean09232 says:

14000 + Comments hey at least it's better odds than the lottery

Greg Skirten says:

I'm in for some new android goodness:)

HockeyaMek18 says:

Would love to win this one :D

Martavious says:

oooo oooo ooo pick me pick me! SII needing a refresh badly!!

martian_11 says:

I would love to get the New Samsung Galaxy S4. Thank You.

DefMars says:

Pick me. I would love to own this phone

En Em says:

"comment" ;)

sambear97 says:

I like penguins and want to win!!!

dochill4u says:

I need a new phone! Please pick me!!!

cookrd1 says:

I want one.

BlakeNexus says:

So many people wanting this phone. I wouldn't mind it either.

Great contest by a great site. Hope I win!

KDR3989 says:

Lf> brand new s4

Azturbomini says:

Dear God pick me.

I'd love to win this!!! :-D

cellio says:

I take it!

linversion says:

Would love to win, all I have now is a Galaxy S =/

miguel4360 says:

Please pick me.....Thanks.

entfisher says:

Be awesome to win one. Please!!!!

psolis says:

I'll take it.

Jason Knox says:

Looks good! I'm looking forward to getting one.

kmills3 says:

s4, I'll take it!

fredo166 says:

I'm in.

paga912 says:

I wanna wiiiin!!!!!!

plzzzzzzz....dis wud b my first android phone..i want to feel dis fully loaded weapon in my hand!!! gimme my love... :D

I must have one! :)

DA.7 says:

This looks interesting

mhinc says:

So many posts, so many people wanting this bad boy. Here's me wanting it as well!

Kitnene says:

So would love to win this.

beranzo says:


tashdial says:

Hello all late entry people, join me in winning this phone, really need it lol hope they pick from the bottom. Good luck everyone.

asgardjunkie says:

Please give it to me...

mymitsu3kgt says:

I want one so bad. Their presentation was so amazing, they'll never be able to top this one.

applejl7 says:

Being a big HTC fan, I was hoping to see a new amazing device in the Evo line, but now that I've seen what the Galaxy S4 has to offer, it's time to drop HTC and go to Samsung! Doing it for free would just be icing on the cake!

slyder0244 says:

Amazing, I want this phone so bad.

decke003 says:

I want one!!

vregan says:

Hoping to "unpack" a Galaxy S4 !

TJ110158 says:

come on people I'm still using a old Windows phone. I need this win "pick me, pick me" (smile)

LB LB says:

Too bad they didn't add front speakers as on HTC ONE, but still, I would like to have this device.

anewton86 says:

Me! Please!!

XFonz07 says:

Ahhh yes, I need the galaxy s4!

Daniel 1 says:

I've had ios and wp8, perhaps JB 4.2 is what I need

snarfey says:

Would be nice to update my "nokia 6210"

JStamp627 says:

Pick me so I can retire my thunderbolt! :D

Ant Skrebsky says:

I will utterly love my new Galaxy S4! I promise!



jdis627 says:

I'm ready to ditch the iPhone and this will definitely help! Fingers crossed!

mauidiver40 says:

Yes please, my current galaxy s 2 has a broken screen

mauidiver40 says:

Yes please, my current galaxy s 2 has a broken screen

bmsara says:

Ive been waiting for this phone since last year and it has exceeded my expectations. Please pick me; I need a chance to upgrade from my first generation galaxy S :)

kbboykin says:

This would be the perfect and only way I would upgrade from my S3. Samsung has really gone out. I would love to own an S4!!!!

Fable says:

Look no further.. the rest are not the winners you are looking for! Hook a brother up!! :)

phillygrl says:

This Irish Girl would really appreciate it!! Happy St Patty's Day AC!!

ejweber says:

I really want one!

I'd like to enter this competition for sure!

Darth Spock says:

Try not. Do, or do not; there is no try.

portugrad says:

I wonder

portugrad says:

I wonder

Craig James1 says:


silentplayer says:

Well, if I don't win the S4 here then I'm selling my S3 and buying the HTC One.

medic3075 says:

Ill take one galaxy s4,right here!

Christope Vu says:

Excited, thanks.
good luck everyone !

This is going to be a great phone!

This is going to be a great phone!

thejesse says:

If I won an S4 I could sell it and buy a new ruggedized phone.

Lucian Cucu says:

Still hoping.. :)

Todays is my lucky day or is it the 18th?????

Peacen1k says:


kkshimab says:


ZebraIII says:

I'd love to win this phone!

carrede says:

That would be a sweeeet update from a ZTE!!!

dabson says:

It will be interesting to see what kind of realistic battery life this gets with the front facing camera on most of the time, but I'm game!

cuzzinz says:

Meow... Translation: "Comment"

kindofabuzz says:

quit trying guys. I'm going to win it.

john1429 says:

Pick me

maxmillian1 says:


kilen71 says:

I'm in!!

mykey2k says:

one please

The_Engine says:

I am in. Typing this on my g'nex with a cracked screen!

Galaxy S4!!!! Cant wait to get me one!

d.vann10 says:

So many comments...PICK ME!

ajl06808 says:

Me likey!

schooner says:

please release me from my HTC chains!

Dodo Nn says:

I'm the best.

nbl125 says:

I'll be the winner GS4 EVER <3

jxracer says:

My Motorola Atrix 4G will thank you for finally letting him retire with dignity!!! It has served me well for over 2 years.

Gerry Avila says:

I want to win!! Pick me!!

fmoscosocruz says:

I will be able to bring peace to the world with the S4. Just saying!

DanielAnton says:

Fingers crossed to win the galaxy

pschoultz says:

I want one!

Dan Anthony says:

I'd even give up my nexus for this!

fou says:

free phone

BlackAce says:

Winner right here!!!!

calbrs04 says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S4 for my birthday.

ramblerd says:

Big Money big money big money mama needs a new pair of shoes! !

rogierr says:

Wow, the S4 has just been presented. Very curious what reviews you guys at androidcentral will write about this smartphone. For myself I'm interested in the comparision between galaxy s4, htc one and sony experia z.

Thor20003 says:

In for the win. Loving the S4.

ctk4949 says:

yes, please kthxbai :)

dudleynascar says:

I'd definitely take it, Thanks!!

taek1doc says:

It would be my honor to win such a prize :)

jimmycinla says:

thanks !

gdgtgeek says:

getting it for free would be sweet since i am not going to be upgrading

kindastuff says:

If only they could do a more premium finish than plastic.. still I'm sold ;)

jiggidyjuice says:

i think i have a good chance

vor says:

I Wanna Be Adored!

Ooh S4 teh sexah

joeyo1313 says:

ill take one


it will definitely, surely, absolutely be me who will win the beautiful new galaxy iv.

M_Ordinateur says:

Hope the contest is still open.

roadblock217 says:

I'd love the s4...much better than my droid 3

galaxy s4, sound good to me

jmehrabi says:

i wish my name was Sam Sung right now

mosec says:

Android Central is the best! Keep Up the great work guys. Regards from Eutope

Eythor Mani says:

I would appreciate one

The next evolution of the Galaxy S Line. Very nice.

D13t3r says:

Want one

bigsaxquatch says:

Here goes nothing

buenor says:

Hey, new phone!

mxrider says:

i want one!

Ian B says:

Dare you to give it to me please.

Ian B

Pick me please!

Goliemoi says:

Eh there, ya bloaters are bustin mate, pass that bolly oer hier fur die grossest zeit jammer!

mhpspeed says:


I wish in wish I didn't squish that fish.

dude2k5 says:

free phone? who doesn't want one. hah

Language425 says:

I Love Everybody... Hope I Win!

I've been following this phone since day one and I would absolutely love to win this phone. HTC EVO 3D owner. Please save me!!!

I've been following this phone since day one and I would absolutely love to win this phone. HTC EVO 3D owner. Please save me!!!

enderdad says:

Please pick me so I can win a Galaxy S 3s!!!! Good luck to everyone

DRKayak says:

I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

quietriot84 says:

Galaxy S4 for me please

kasing says:

Would be awesome to win the s4 from android central!

Cowboyboats says:


jkrough0728 says:

Pick me please!

goojman says:

This phone is bad ass!!!

kwright817 says:

S3 to Free S4 sounds like a great plan to me!

gizak says:

another post for plea destined to get lost in an ocean of comments. GL all.

Arash Amini says:

me please

rv5555 says:

Would love this!

RoccOn16v says:

1/14265 chance... holy crap AC you're killing it, but it's killing my chances! Slow down, some of us want a decent shot at winning a phone! Why can't you be just a little more boring/less informative ;-)

Oh my.. This will be my very first ever galaxy. I will be very happy to win it.

neerajv says:


supermarkyo says:

wooooo Galaxy S4!!!! I'm S excited!

unglued94ta says:

pick me. id love to have one. still using my n7000.

Jedi_Pilot says:

This would make an easy choice for a new phone this year.

JANGEL13 says:


thornesone says:

I would use a Sammy S4 proudly!

I would really love to win this phone

pick me! *-*

Azreal 8 says:

im SO gonna chage my S3 to S4

wyhsbc says:

Love that Samsung!!!

Omg omg samsung galaxy s 3 it.s awesome samsung just 100000 times better than a fruit cake♡

Always worth a try!

Roamer145 says:

I'd certainly love to add this to my growing collection of devices!

spillytime says:

I can haz a Galaxy SIV? My galaxy nexus is dieing to retire.

Zanzaras says:

Ooooooooo!!!! Me, me, meeeeeeeeeee!!!

jnehama says:

Love my Galaxy S3 running Carbon Rom. Would love an S4!

aswini ms says:

Went for the unveiling yesterday. It was awesome... I want a galaxy S4.

Me please

lbe says:

Pick me thanks

dmanlee says:

chicken dinner please

Im totally in to win a galaxy s4!

mc5ive says:

An S4, now that would be delightful.


vader4633 says:

S4 please!

LordVader13 says:

I often wonder how you guys choose a particular person in a huge list of people. Is it random, did they say something worthy of winning or something else? Never the less I would love this amazing phone please.

idiotguy says:

AC rocks! hope i win this one

Appreciate the chance to win, Android Central. CW

danlintz says:

Packing a thunderbolt with half a screen should make this choice easy! thx dan

fishman04 says:


gonzlobo says:

I would like a bloody new phone, thank you very much.

Galaxy K says:

This is my best effort...

Looks an awesome phone. Would love to own one 4 sure.

jazzbassist1 says:

I mean, I wouldn't hate a brand new Galaxy S4!

Yamisuka says:

I will happily take a new GS4

crxssi says:

Pick me!

arathkone says:

So. many. comments.