Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

bigmookie says:

I love contest.

spaine81 says:

S4 please!!!! My phone has landed in the toilet and there is no bag of rice that could save it!!!!

crum#CB says:

I need 1!!!!!!!

rjenkin41 says:

I'll go in on this!

Sturta says:

So not S IV, or S IIII, but S4 now. Ok.

rsk5 says:

I want to win the S4!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!

I really want to make the switch over to Android and the GS4 looks like an awesome device! Thanks for the chance to win.

I love this super sexy , sleek design phone with power muscle of 8 core processor amazing ..and lots of yet to be desired , after all its S-IV.
Cant wait to try my hand on this beauty - The new galaxy in town.

Lepennenere says:

Fingers crossed, Toes crossed. Daddy needs a new phone.

Sopranogurl says:

Please send this to me! I need a new phone so badly- my vivid no longer takes a charge and I don't have an upgrade available or money to purchase another phone without a contract. Thank you!

Natedagreat7 says:

I would love a galaxy s4!!!

KJowers says:

Pick me!!!! I'm longing for some android love and Apple isn't the best piece of fruit anymore!!!!

ajc312 says:

Pick me por favor

naixent says:

I don't know if I posted it already...

shahin7631 says:

I want a GS IV gotta be cool

kenorian says:

I want you, I need you.

matheiok says:

International commenters also in? Yes? Good!

shultsy75 says:


Enderend says:

I hope that I win!

Wow Thats Great androidcentral Giving away My Life Companion- Galaxy S4 :)

PyroPete says:

Hello S4

Arcxs says:

I would love to have a GS4!

PamelaBB says:

of all the times to win a contest this is the one i really want to win!

stoneworrior says:

Yes please, my wife needs a new phone, the S4 would do nicely :-)

yLev says:

Next phone for me!

lilmicstar says:

First I was like "noooooooo, it's a big(ger) SGS3" and no more than 24 hours later I am like "my SGS3 is so small....does anyone has any information on new/other colors...the one thing I'll miss is that Garnet Red :'(

how crazy people can it the 40k price or the samsung galaxy brand?

noel1624 says:

hey hey, count me in!

jahspree says:

I know its about a 0% chance of winning with all these comments. But no harm in trying right?

jahspree says:

I know its about a 0% chance of winning with all these comments. But no harm in trying right?

Machque says:

Pick Me!
Pick Me!

BradleyRuiz says:

i want it pls

Shotine says:

OOOO me me me

Absalonius says:

Banana Cream Pie for ALL!

alohavoya says:

SDerMan says:

All the best to the lucky person who will win it. That's all it is about, being lucky. Good on you. :-)

alee921 says:

Pick me please!

Jeff Lund1 says:

Just got introduced to Samsung devices! They are by far the best

Kkosier says:

gotta have one

wd333 says:

Please and thank you!

Wxmankl says:

I would love to get a GS4!!!

jayman350 says:

Count me in! I need a new phone for a new network, Verizon can go screw

Goofypook says:

You cant win if you dont play!

pick me :)

Keysopen says:

Comment left. Good luck to me!

kalel114 says:


Choose me please!

Although the Samsung launch event was a complete and utter disaster and the phone pretty much looks the same as the S3, the S4 has great specs and I'm sure once rooted and a custom firmware like CM is installed I'm sure it will become a beast of a phone.

Josh Martens says:

I've had an S3 for about 6 months and I would love an S4!

icu says:

AC ftw

asanchez2032 says:

Just wanted to thank you ahead of time. I'm I'll enjoy it

DudeVee says:


Gordo1603 says:

Winning is awesome!

llfloyd79 says:

S4 is what I want.

misfit410 says:

Oh God please pick me

felixmc says:

Oh how I wish I could win the new Samsung Galaxy S4. I love Samsung products. They are truly on the cutting edge. Their cell phones are the best!! They really shouldn't be called cell phones. They are handheld computers.

chadnles says:

I would love a 4 to replace my 3!

jwseris says:

Looks like a nice phone!!

larryyork22 says:

Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick ME!!!

area223 says:

Ahhh! Wont hurt to enter.

koertje1 says:

Throwing my hat in. Hope luck's on my side!

Incubus123 says:

Will my luck finally turn ?

bcjanes says:

Sign me up. My SGS2 is getting long in the tooth :-)

richcr2004 says:

I need this phone!

I need to replace my GS2...

blackhamcb says:

Would love to win this, it's my birthday on Sunday!

shadeybeep says:

I want one!

the3388 says:

Hope I win.

japclev says:


Sweet!!! Win a SG4!! Hope I'm the lucky winner!!

rdub2k4 says:

Woooooo this is awesome.

edakraz241 says:

Oooooo buddy! Pick me please!

I could't find my own post annymore so I wanted to say again that I still wait for my new life compagnion

JRemmler says:

The most significant new Android phone release yet -- great hardware and finally - some marketing!

godfada says:

I want a one! S4 please!

1 / 20,000 odds so far, might be better off buying a lottery ticket...

But hope springs eternal :)


Jsignature says:

Let's get it done Galaxy s4 I want it but I doubt it^_^

arcturial says:

Can't wait to get my hands on the GS4!

me please

nfrisbie3 says:

I can't seem to win the lottery so a Galaxy S 4 would be a nice consolation prize.

daryl6784 says:

Time to leave my iPhone

keddkilla says:

Count me in.

I'd very much like to have this, so pick me!

ogtra says:

I'd like to win the new GS4 and pair it with the new Note 8.0. When is that contest starting??

andrewk16 says:


roams11 says:

Verizon flavored please you heroes of the omeled screen!

pptarr says:

Would love one!

Trying to blow up your server with a S4 contest? Groovy! Count me in!

rempwnz says:

new Galaxy S4 is a winnnaa!!

king38 says:

I'll break my contract for the galaxy sIV pick me pick me

Jihoonie says:

I'm in it to win it!

I really REALLY need one of these for my wife. It's either this or get her another piece of jewelry, and I don't see any free jewelry contests out there. And, since we're going to the Caribbean in a few weeks, you see how my deadline is fast approaching. If you've never been down there, let me assure you that there are jewelry stores on every corner, and those salespeople are relentless.

Pigman says:

me wanty the phone thingy!

Chamsdz says:

I need GS4

botchan says:

Would I love to win? Would I? Would I?

Hugo G says:

Then I'm gonna be the first guy to win a Samsung Galaxy S4!

gtzaskar says:

Send it this way!

benjich says:

I want the GALAXY S4 so much!

pstellato73 says:

Would love a s4.already love my s3.

airdrew says:

Pick me please, i want to win a S4

rdreich says:

My Gnex is getting old. This would make a nice replacement.

cegc135 says:

Here's hoping I can be the owner of the first Samsung Galaxy S4 in Venezuela!

bpugliese says:

Come to me Galaxy S4!!

dfecko says:

Fingers crossed.

nermis says:

i want to win!

el fasuto says:

i wants in

Nayland O says:

I would certainly love one of these :)

Samblackjack says:

Win me one, oh faithful comment board.

jcaplette says:

Et voila.. Did I win? I need to replace my Nexus S...

tinhoy says:

Currently about 1 in 14000 chance. I like these odds.

I'm using a galaxy nexus now but would love to try out the new s4!

rogeratm says:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 looks like it will be a very good upgrade to the top of the Samsung Galaxy line. I currently have the S3 and really love it. I also have the Galaxy Camera and was pleased to see that many of the features and apps from this camera will also be used with the S4.
I have been a Samsung user since first purchasing the Epic 3G and later purchased the Samsung Tab. As you can see, I am a happy Samsung user. If I don't win this S4, I may eventually purchase whatever the current version of the Note would be.
I am on T-Mobile but still have most of my 2 year contract to fulfill.

Coerche says:


thatsteveguy says:

Here's my comment!

Whew, glad that's over.

Would love to get this phone!

yehoni says:

Win or lose, this is my next phone.

Sam Qu says:


andrewpetri says:

Yes please!

drewfus0929 says:

Time to get rid of my iphone 5!

I hope that I win!

DhilipsTweet says:

I love android and want to contribute to android community. I love S4 features... I would be the happiest one if i get this. Lets see:)

thamenacing1 says:

I definitely want this to be my next phone! Samsung just blowing everyone out the water!

Thortron says:

KCCO! I could do some serious Chiving with this baby.

floriyann says:

Yeahhh I love the galaxy s4 !!

nazrac123 says:

praying for a win. Would love an S IV

lakreda says:

This is the winning comment!

srgonu says:

pick me pls

bbdraft says:

S4 open the door as I want u in my life!!!

tml248 says:

I SOOOOoooo want to win a new Galaxy S 4!

Fuzzballz says:

I predict a win!

cadzilla74 says:

I'd love to win this. Here's my entry.

squintyboy says:

cant wait looks sounds awesome

Bobix says:

I'd like an S4 as much as my girlfriend would like a Chanel No.5

freddyc says:

I'm in!

I would like to try out a Galaxy S4 but I still don't think it will make me surrender my Nexus.

dchan07 says:


joe.kent says:

I want that phone!!!

wayneg51 says:

Count me in, I want to win!

steveh77 says:


deimos85 says:

Hi from Italy!

aubinhick990 says:

Of course I'd love to win!

ritzberry says:

I want this phone!

Pedro2NR says:

Love the Galaxy series. Hope I win the s4. Good luck to all

irish98rm says:

Normally don't like Touchwiz, but I could if it came to me free.

Swavek says:

oh! I'd love to win a Samsung Galaxy S 4 and I love Android Central!

I want to get this phone.

sbaran says:

This device looks AMAZING!! Would LOVE to have one of my very own! :)

ekangaroo says:

I am an old hTC user and it'd be nice to switch to the S4! =) a nice improvement!

wajd says:

I actually have an s3 and it's the worse phone to ever come into my hand, seriously, not to mention I got bluffed up by their variations jumble and got worse specs than I were going to accept. Samsung sucks and I'm never using their products ever again. I just registered to get an s4,sell it & get a nexus 4, HTC One or Sony xperia Z or Motorola rumored X phone. :)

Bakerboy2253 says:

Ok...pick me because my flip phone sucks!

thinker says:

Count me in!

dm7864 says:

This will be my first Galaxy S please

Ok.. Let me see my chance of winning something here.. *looking at you CB*

mightylos8 says:

Thanks for the opportunity to win a Galaxy S4! Great specs, great screen...would love to own one!

liuac says:

This phone is great! Not enough to break my contract to upgrade from a Skyrocket but still pretty sick. Winning it would be nice :D

liuac says:

This phone is great! Not enough to break my contract to upgrade from a Skyrocket but still pretty sick. Winning it would be nice :D

I would loveeeee to have a Samsung galaxy s4..that will add to my amazing collection of have all galaxy s series phones..gonna win

Adam MacRae says:

Wouldn't it be awesome if I won a GS4?

tmbarta says:

Please, please, pick me!

ottoman says:

Pick me.... Please

blackdragoon says:

Good luck to all!

Android Central you are the best!!...

jjdavola says:

I've been dreaming and drooling about this phone for months now.

Thanks, AC!!!

BossDon29 says:

If I win this I'll give my old phone to my wife she needs it.

Chris Palmer says:

Yeah I deserve one. Been putting up with this fragile s3 for way too long

polonica3 says:

I click " like. "

wijg says:

This is awesome! I'd love to have one!

jaynote2 says:

Sammy S4 baby!!

Ravi Ramani says:

I need this Masterpiece.

mmanjj says:

Thanks for the chance to win a SGS IV, Stay classy.

Would love to win the new galaxy!!

Zicious says:

C'mon S4!

skel4877 says:

my odds are slim to none but lets give it the old college try =)


sjf7351 says:

i never win...PLEASE CHANGE THAT!

TheXZerion says:

I would like to win one please. :)

Erphed says:

Thanks for the chance to win. I thought I posted, but it looks like it did the work?
Anyway, thanks for the chance to win a a great "companion" though I love my s3.

yo porfa!

treogables says:

Donde esta la biblioteca?

Still rocking the GS2, this would be a great update!

deepakgarg08 says:

i wanna win, i have a great desire to have it...plz...

Mlodyulek says:

Still running on GSII so I could use and upgrade :p

Mlodyulek says:

Still running on GSII so I could use and upgrade :p

I'm not lucky but Why not,,, right?

entupoto says:

Sweet Jesus.. There's no way I'll win..













onslaught460 says:


hfliii says:

Lucky Clover don't fail me now

AustinTechie says:

count me in!

sleevester says:

Free GS4? Sounds good to me.

Elijanme a mi :)

fred72matt says:

awesome phone it would make my year to have one.

Gialakias says:

No chance!

trappdaddy says:

I'd like an S4 please.

jamal_adam says:

I would love to win. This baby is such a beast.

I know I won't win but anyway... you guys are terrific!

cporcellijr says:

Would love this

londroid says:

Yay! A Galaxy S4 would be great, thanks! :)

taxableman says:

It's time for a new phone!

chevyac says:

Hopefully it goes to me!

Bahamaboy99 says:

I need this phone!

Kingzoidberg says:

Need a new phone badly!

Demodave says:

I am soooooooooo getting this phone!

pappy53 says:

I want one!

Awsome phone!

jivauk says:

Galaxy S4 from Android Central? Yes please!

M0RD3C41 says:

I'm in.

eldis says:

Small upgrade to but a welcome one.

cotten516 says:

I will take a blue one please.

K2theIzzo says:

I knew there would be a contest, I hope I win.

Redacted says:

I would love a new phone. Bring it!

Brad Harvey says:

This is one freaking awesome phone. If verizon wasn't such a jerk I would buy one when it releases but they suck so I have to wait until July. I want one so bad I don't know if I could wait till then. Hook me up.

tirtawn says:

i want it

GS4 please!

yobyeknom says:

If I win I guess I would have to give the GS4 to my wife since my GS3 is my work phone and she has a crappy, old iPhone 3Gs. So please give it to my wife. Thanks.

paladingl says:

Words, words, words. Also: Words.

My next phone

DefTek says:

My wife need iPhone replacement. This'll win her over.

LGiusti84 says:

I want it!

Please pick me (from the 13.9k plus comments)

xxxxxxxxxx says:

I want One!!!

simonjef says:

I'd rather win the lottery.

sb_81st says:

AHHH Count me in... #S4Rocks

kdfdawg says:

i would like to be considered.... thank you androidcentral!

should I send you my address now?

eh sido niño bueno, elijanme, quiero tenerlo, me muero sin el

zivan56 says:

Sounds good, I'll take one :)

I can't wait until my s3 contract to finish to pick up s4. I like to have it now. Its the best ever phone

Skeletronix says:

Come on random number generator!!!

hanscero says:

thanks in advance!! really wants this on my hands, yeee

sharkknuckle says:

S4 for me so I can pass down my Note 2 to my wife lol

DaHui623 says:

Looking to switch and this one looks nice. I'm down for a contest.

Android Central is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.

nickdk says:

Looking forward to checking out floating touch!

masseurca says:

Would love this phone

FrankPerito says:


Would love to have S4 after using S3.

Play it, Sam(sung). Play it again.

Paul Romanow says:

Yes Please!!!

ahsbballa05 says:

is it still open? also cant wait to root this bad boy

ockky says:

momma is due for an upgrade!!!!!!

djjk2004 says:

Holding off upgrading my phone for this one to come out! LOVE IT

cykodelik_75 says:

I want this phone in my life!

Dalia C says:

I would love to have the new S4 :-)

shawnh77 says:

This may be the phone to finally get my wife off the fanboy wagon!

Freshy#WN says:

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee can I have one!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

kualkerr says:

Give me, give me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andrew202 says:

I would like to win this please.

huneyu says:

I have entered almost every contest since galaxy s3 contest. No luck until now

psychotron says:


ynvmygp says:

Thanks for the chance to win the S4!

ynvmygp says:


ynvmygp says:


Loved the Samsung Unpacked event. It was a wonderful experience for me and my family :-) mouth was watering afterwards lol would love a Galaxy S4 of my own

djvaga says:

Thank you very much androidcentral! Good luck to everyone!!!

Suilobo says:

Let me win!

Darockmtl says:

well if i win you can call me on it

Neptune5k says:

Love the coverage on the site - This would be a nice upgrade to an aging Epic 4g!

Minh808 says:

Would love to try one to see if this pulls me away from the Nexus.

atomD21 says:

Sounds good to me! I'll take it!

athensjohn says:

Thanks for the contest.

bc2k says:

Someone has to win. If it's me I'll be sure to say "thanks" to everyone. EVERYONE.

I swear it will be done.

edwarddl says:

I believe that the SGS4 is the phone of the future.

bworley50 says:

Hook it up!

aliases says:

I need a real phone!

dvrdwn says:

I want to upgrade my SG3!

al5783 says:

Cheers and salutations S4

W1zz says:

I need to win this... "need"!!!

The new S4 is a beast! Sure would love one!

I want to win a SGS2!

Yucef Lara says:

I need a new Galaxy phone....

I would love to win the gs4 thanks for your time

I've gone through some tough times lately, I'd love to have an unlocked version of the GS4.

Cosigne says:

This would be cool to get. :)

hal1429 says:

Fingers crossed!!!

Molluk says:

Can't wait to replace my Galaxy Note with the Galaxy S4 !!!

jbrown1114 says:

A new phone would be cool. Thanks AC.

Serilei says:

13,970 posts.. your chance of winning an s4 is 1:13,970 lol

ac7822 says:

I want a galaxy s4

Chura4u says:

Pick me!!!! Its time to change from HTC to Samsung :)

Quartz87 says:

This will be my next Smartphone. Cannot wait to get my hands on it!

jftrmh says:

I join the lottery, greetings from Quito - Ecuador - The Middle of the World

bigkevbosky says:

Give it to ME

ispanish says:


Good luck everyone!

I want one!!!!

06klr650 says:

i need to replace my eeYeeesssss.

chrisbringle says:

i need one. my arch reactor is on the fritz.

bbond says:

I want it!

zet2002 says:

I'm really excited for the S 4. Fingers crossed.

execlink says:

Time for a new phone. This one looks like it will be the winner!

I really liked the presentation of the device and of course the device itself.
Really great Update on the Galaxy S 3, would be great to win one of this Live Companions :D

Mario Dobles says:

Me Please

iphone4 says:


TrmrChrist says:

I want one!

jaekim717 says:

pick me, please, please, please!!!

Copernikcus says:

Here is my comment for the win..

gregoireb says:

that phone is not halk bad! :)

hmehran says:

Tossing my hat in as well, but it looks like I've got more than a few competitors!

elc0c0 says:

I want to win the new S4!!!

rayne90 says:

I'd love to have S4 for my new phone.. :D

CapeCod-Ken says:

Oh Oh pick me pick me!

You guys rock!

Carlos94080 says:

I'll take one.