Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

birkan says:

You're doing a great job ! Keep doing that hard work. Thanks for opportunity :)

123rob123 says:

me me me me please

kashif#AC says:

I breathe galaxy...can't live without it... :(

jmp1937 says:

I feel lucky!!!!!!

deltasig says:

pretty pretty pretty pleaaaaase! I'd love a new S4!

andybuzzbee says:

I must say that this phone is really impressive. This S4 is rocking,to have this first in the Caribbean would be great.

Peter Blanco says:

Count me in :)

th3gh05t says:

I would love to win this phone! Thanks Phil!

blnelson75 says:

Please pick me!! This would be so great!

tmitche2 says:

I would love to have to pass my gs3 to my wife!

g_melendez says:

In El Salvador, Central America, I will love to have the Next Galaxy S 4.

Regards and congrats for the competition

vonGohren says:

I wanna win a galaxy s4:-D my s3 is almoast broken

thelessa says:

I'm in too!

Pick me, please!

HuskerD says:

Count me in!

nice... ;)

xvolk418 says:

Count me in, I would love an s4

tompro53 says:

no matter what I will get this phone.

nicoewig says:

I want it =)

rlhammon says:

Need an update from my very non-Nexus Verizon Galaxy Nexus please.

SombreroUno says:

Me too!!

I'd like to win so I can give my girlfriend my phone :)

Deegan says:

I'm still rockin' the old HTC Evo 4G. I would love to get a hold of this thing!

anjustice1 says:

pick me please

RodLS says:

Cool beans

airborne3e9 says:

please, please let it b me!!

123rob123 says:

no pick me please

vasanth says:

I want one

makaveli28 says:

Yes please, I would love to replace my cracked screen GS3.

lions80 says:

I would love to win a new s4

A new S4 would be the thing to turn my day around!!!

I'd love a new Galaxy S4!

fury2g says:

Better late than never... pick me because i am rocking a Amaze 4g... its a piece of crap!

mikbelch2 says:

I want this and a liter-cola please

Karim Munir says:

I'd love to win one!


i'm a winnah

jrf1009 says:

Sounds like a sweet deal!

bugginout711 says:

I'm down for this!

SIV! S4! SFOUR!!!!!

LoveDoc143 says:

I won't win, but why not.

tonytass says:

I would like to win the S4!

StarfishP says:

I hope i can win! I've been needing a new phone for a while! GL EVERYONE!

eRod v1.0 says:

count me in.....

Mikewardo says:

Here's to hoping the kind folks at pick me for the Galaxy S4. Thanks

cron912 says:

Would love a S4! Thanks AC!

tomyu327 says:

I'd really like to see how the GSIV looks next to the HTC One!

MashaDanki says:

I'm not sure I've ever wanted a new phone as much as this one!

Oh yeah... only well over 13,000 entrants, with days to go. I feel good about my odds.

meglovescars says:

Odds are against me but I'd love to beat them.

ebz7 says:

fingers crossed... ;D

lovin2act says:

My father lives!

This is my comment.

cmiller74 says:

Just give it to me. No one else really wants it. :)

yankees2323 says:

Awesome AC!! I am using my lucky rabbit's foot and my 4 leaf clover to win this contest...

bubba624 says:

Winning would be swell

godsaviour93 says:

Gimme dis

thepslayer says:

I wish I could win a Galaxy S4. IT IS THE TURN OF THE CENTURY!! The best of ALL AND ANY phones out there. BYE BYE IPHONE. The s4 has so much to offer: 1.6 GHz 8 Core Processor or a 1.9 Quad Core Proccessor. That is blazing fast and with the 5", AMOLED SUPERHD, 441 ppi screen, who can go wrong. And a 13 megapixel rear facing camera! SAMSUNG RULES! I always loved Samsung, and it just gets better, and BETTER! I LOVE YOU S4. The specs are amazing, and what I mentioned is only a very small percentage of the AMAZING specs. The specs are so great and then what it can do too is UNBELIEVABLE. Basically if you think that Samsung doesn't have a phone that can do everything, YOU ARE WRONG! This is the phone for me. I hope I win. PLEASE LET ME WIN THE S4, I REALLY REALLY NEED IT. Without it, I am nothing.

Kind of got boned with my Droid Bionic... I could definitely use a phone like this.

jetrated says:


Dyllani says:

Galaxy S4!!! Lady luck, smile on me...

PLEASE give it to mee; I need it. Is the best phone ever made.

dnguyen1988 says:

Please choose me to win

justlookin says:

I'm gonna say pick me. Now let's see who really wins!:-P

ljy1 says:

I want to win, from Malaysia !!!

malockin says:

1 of 4, please.

kokek1 says:

After seeing it im totally in love

ArtirianX says:

Lmfao!!!!!!!.... I'm so loving these posts! O_o.....the things people will say to win....I just love it.

sandra023 says:

Let's give this a shot :)

captfbgnet says:

Must I whine to win? Ok, I'm whining..Pretty pleeeeze..

thepslayer says:


willie44 says:

A new S4 would be awesome

Antob125 says:

Sorry for the double post. Slow 3g.

Antob125 says:

I'd love to win a Galaxy S4!

ilhe1s says:

I'd love to win a new phone cause I am due but it's the only way I'd get the SGS3s.

SoCalMario says:

Oh wow at this point there are over 13,000 posts. I hope I get picked for that sweet new GS4 phone!

tavisdunn says:

This thing looks like the death star of phones i must have it!

skinja99 says:

I want to win this phone!!
Thanks AC!

Afterlife737 says:


let me have it! please!! :D

w.jeffrey says:

Girlfriend could use a new phone!

winsettr says:

I'm all in!

Sithhar says:

Sure, I'm in - would love one!

wpavlik2 says:

I'd like to play with one for a while! :D

Drifter#AC says:

I hope it'll finally be my turn to win one! :)

Dixie says:

I'd love to win the S4!

JIM2003 says:

I would love to win an S4! MY BODY IS READY!



SN5 says:

I want it.

I want tht Galaxy S IV! I need a new phone :(

pppilot says:

The S4 would be an awesome phone to have. I hope I win!

I'd do anything to win a Samsung Galaxy S4(: I'm stuck using the samsung exhibit 4:(

repat says:

Thanks for the contest, make me a winner!

Please please please pick me! My husband is stuck with a barely functioning Samsung Charge right now and I would love to be able to give him the new S4 since we can't afford a new one right now. Also, this phones specs are awesome! Help me win wife of the year!

greg 2 says:

What a FANTASTIC PRIZE this is,

dcwiker05 says:

Sweet site guys very useful and informative. Would love to win an S4 my fiance could use a nice surprise gift and right now I can't really afford it for her. Keep up the good work everyone!!

Maxxamas says:

I checked with all previous posters... They want me to win this.

Bl1ndo says:

At least it is not one in a million. Best of luck everyone!

BSrz24311 says:

that would be awesome to actually win something.

djwyman says:

Thanks for the giveaway!

xgman says:

winner winner

cbn4forums says:

This is an awesome phone, I would love to win this.

shyam92 says:

I want it!!!

redsoxfan26 says:

Want one!!!!!

soomuch says:

Sweet... count me in ;-)

s m says:


kidradical says:

I'll be certain to post a review for everyone else in the contest. A win for me is really like a win for everyone here.

sflano7 says:

What a nice phone. Would love to win one.

endelexio says:

I'm all in!

Splitz says:

Not sure if I want this, or the HTC One. Coin flip time!

rowlang29 says:

I can't wait for this phone, I WANT IT!

shashank7 says:

I need the Galaxy S4, so that I can viwe Android Central on its Super AMOLED 1080p display

shashank7 says:

I need the Galaxy S4, so that I can view Android Central on its Super AMOLED 1080p display

pinoy566 says:

Need a replacement for my SGS2 and the SGS4 is the one I want. Hope I win!!!

thestir says:

Sweet S4 for me.....please!

w00x says:

13 000 + entries? Sweet Jesus!

Afterlife737 says:


bumpysig says:

Although I never win anything I'll still try.

Chase Meyer says:

Please pick me. I'm getting very tired of the absolutely no developer support on my current device. I've been stuck on Gingerbread for too long.

San Ibra says:

pick me

If I'm lucky enough to win, will I received the 8-core S4
or the watered-down US version with only 4 cores?

Thanks in advance! :)

Don't remember if I have posted yet so now I know I have posted.

npsaleong says:

Gee whiz I hope I win!

npsaleong says:

Gee whiz I hope I win!

npsaleong says:

Gee whiz I hope I win!

Akshay Rags says:

I would love to have it alongside my nexus4. I may sound like a greedy granny but what the hell!Count me in. :D

qskillzwfu25 says:

In love with this phone! please let me win a contest for the first time!

S4 sounds good. Kinda wish there was a 4 inch variant though.

huynhp says:

I hope i get this one!

Azholio says:

Heavens to Murgatroyd!

stormy86 says:

I want it!

ksink75 says:

Who wouldn't love to have a Galaxy S4?

jthiemeyer says:

I put butter on my butterfingers.......

ioos says:


pLiDeX says:

Galaxy 4 me!!

urke1407 says:

It is mine and you could all stop posting comments. hahahahahah ;) its a joke i wish luck to all of you

FitChicago says:

Besides my loyalty to both, Android Central and the Samsung Galaxy line have a lot in common as they both imagine the possibilities, explore new directions, and listen to their users; both companies have helped me understand what an Android smartphone should provide in our lives and how to maximize its potential. I would be thrilled beyond words if Android Central chooses me as the winner of The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest.

ahmadshawki says:

This phone is a badass one. I would love to get my hands on one.

MPurg3 says:

I am rocking the almost dead Epic Touch from Sprint. Can't wait for the new beauty, it's already blowing the s3 away.

pezboy says:

I would LOVE to win an S4!!!

Galaxy s4 winner

Pick me my Dad needs a new phone!:)

the1m.polo says:

Phil... Pick me and I'll make an official android central podcasts song...... And it will be dope!! I promise!!!

metalhead70 says:

Me me me me me me me

exhibit says:

Lucky day fellas :)

daneesee says:

It would be amazing to win, thanks for the opportunity!

greyhd says:

Sign me up.

amacnutt says:

Can I win this please?!

zuluturtle says:

winner winner chicken dinner

Orane says:


leftee says:

upgrade needed here.

moo53 says:

This is all I have to do?

A S4 would be a perfect upgrade from my galaxy nexus!!! Im in...

isaacl says:

Ooh, pick me, pick me!!

TimJ100281 says:

I want one!

*waves hand at monitor* You WILL pick me.

Would love to shove a new S4 in my friends face

Koui says:

I'm a Nexus owner but the S4 is worth having also.

derek5l says:

Please pick me!

nwwolf1 says:

I would very much enjoy this phone since it would be my switch back to Android!!

Preeth says:

Omg did I win ...

timichas says:

I have a working phone, but I'll gladly take a new one! Love seeing contests like these still available in this day and age!

jbizzlefosho says:

All your S4s belong to me!

Preeth says:

Omg did I win ...

Dustingillis says:

Am I doing this right?

crash1989 says:

s4 :\

apascual89 says:

If I win I will grow a beard like Jerry!

AleX999 says:

Great... Here I am, sign me in!

lemartymar13 says:

Can I haz one! :-)

Oh, on Sprint!

Jeffshap says:

Samsung freak over here!

samgamgee84 says:

I'm a current S3 owner and am looking forward to what the S4 has to offer! Pick me, please!

Anthony151 says:

Ooo Samsung Galaxy S4 FTW!!!

kennethfc10 says:

You guys might as well shipping it to me! XD

stck4evr says:

I'd love that new S4, please pick me!

I'm ready 4 my next Galaxy S4

alnfrancis says:

I will win!! Pick ME

Mayze says:

I want one please!

semaiuto says:

I don't currently have a smartphone so this would be awesome!

My favorite ever. Lone galaxy and android

My favorite ever. Lone galaxy and android

uofmike says:

a comment

My favorite ever. Lone galaxy and android

My favorite ever. Lone galaxy and android

My favorite ever. Lone galaxy and android

manaup says:

hope i win. :)

Yusuf says:

Okay Samsung, I'm impressed.

mdude516 says:

S4 Kidd!

AC for the win!

kmf1 says:

I'd love a new GS4. Please, please please pick me! Maybe I will be the lucky one?

lrn2swim says:


I am in. I love Galaxy

Crazedx3 says:

Omg i wan a galaxy s4 PLEASEEEE love the Galaxy Version since the Galaxy S came out >~< omg hope i get it ><

lazagna says:

ME please....
and thank you.

wayneo42348 says:

Looks sharp

elc23 says:

Oh! I totally want to win this!!

Gimme dat.

ArtirianX says:

So did Samsung name their new processor after an octopus? O_o?!?!? Lol.

Cress says:

Win I will !

Count me in for my new S4 !!

pick me and i'll perform a broadway skit during the unboxing

On my knees begging! Please let it be me! Samsung S4!!!

TweeterNote says:

The Next Big Winner is Here

koricua74 says:


Neil Talmage says:

hi id love a new phone :)

edubz13 says:

I want

edubz13 says:

I want

Tim2012 says:

Samsung galaxy S4 is absolutely fantastic. I wish I can win.

zerosoulz says:

I need one to same some mulos

jzrl says:

Give me that!

Tim2012 says:

Samsung galaxy S4 is absolutely fantastic. I wish I can win.

hobbes28 says:

Awesome prize! Good luck to all and thanks for the chance. :)

Kiran Mistry says:

If I win, would be my first smartphone!!!

rodr12 says:

Pick me ;)

pseudoelf says:

I would love to update to this. (Even with the off-screen home button.)

jfer21 says:

I need a new phone and I'd like the Galaxy S4 to be it.

Here to win the Galaxy S4! :)

RondaK says:

Oh... that would be nice to have!

joedon3 says:

I can haz GS4?

Vapackfan says:

New guy here signed up just for the contest. I need a new phone please!

Aj Soriano says:

Pick me!!! I really need a new phone. My current one sucks!!

spotafi23 says:

Androidcentral is awesome....... Fingers crossed!!!

Harsh Karn says:

Lots of new feature. I'm ready for an upgrade :).

cliffy223 says:

I'm in cool cool cool

It would be really awesome to get a free galaxy s4

killerxmic says:

I hope I win!!! GL all!

Fuzzypumper says:

Hey! Look what I won!

Since my sons birthday is March 17th, and mine is March 19th this would make a wonderful birthday present!

Madcypher says:

Galaxy S IV with lots of butter sauce please!!! :D

Can I win the GS4? I've never won anything before!

thenoisyhwa says:

Sounds like a dope competition. Much respect, Android Central!

Raedahn says:

Totally in!

Please Pick ME!!!

Srn Astra says:

hell i know i'm winning! :D


jmhpalma says:

Pick me

Yes please.

fusuykite says:


precheck says:

A comment for an S4? Cool!!! :)

yodaddyleo says:

pick me! pick me!!

mlorenz20 says:

I would love to get my hands on a new Galaxy S4!

stantonian says:


Gambit61 says:

Hope I win!

I want to evolve from s3 to s4!!! :-)

abadboy says:

I am in for S4..

Alex Bas says:

Winner winner

Please, I want the SGS4 with me!!!

virus786 says:

So in for the win!

Im going to travel the galaxy with my new galaxy

Howard Luo says:

I need to win this awesome phone

Sturm Rider says:

I definitely could use a new phone. My Rezound is on its last legs. Hopefully this is my lucky day.

elik1001 says:

Hope to win an s4 as my s2 is getting old

Atvar says:

Winning is cool.

Looking forward to upgrading from my Samsung Galaxy Note II ;-)

jasonvvong says:

A Samsung Galaxy S 4 would be amazing!

adamatus says:

I would love to win. Thank you!!!!

tjmackie says:

Hell yeah!

aftabalam8c1 says:

samsung is my wife and samsung galaxy s4 is my newly born baby, that is why the only person who deserve the samsung galaxy s4 is me (ie. the father of baby).
i m the proud father of samsung galaxy s4.
i will pray to the god that my baby will beat my neighbour's baby ( like htc's baby "one", and lg's baby "optimus").

oh god thaks a lot !
for giving me such kind of beautiful, intelligent wife and super man like baby.

RTsa says:

I win. TYVM!

RTsa says:

I win. TYVM!

sah13 says:

I wonder how the winner is chosen...
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed while I watch the cape!

RTsa says:

I win. TYVM!

JayarMc says:


dfdesign says:

I don't care what anyone says. I'd be thrilled to have a Galaxy S4

ckelly33 says:

Give me the Galaxy S4, you will. (Stares intently into your eyes)....

kprz24 says:

I want s4 so bad. Please please please

radaan says:

That´s a pretty big upgrade for my HTC Desire!

rkcummings19 says:


xprokiller says:

I would really be happy if i get the s4 becuse i have the s2,s3 and hopfully I will get the s4.

on-the-beach says:

I would really like one of these

mranbel says:

Could really use a new phone. LTE is showing up in my area and need some speed.

f4d3 says:


xprokiller says:

I would really be happy if i get the s4 becuse i have the s2,s3 and hopfully I will get the s4.

MexiCubAZ says:

So far all my previous android phones have been from HTC. My next one will be from Samsung!

xprokiller says:

I would really be happy if i get the s4 becuse i have the s2,s3 and hopfully I will get the s4.

qdigga says:

I'd love a new S4. I'd give it to my wife and then she could brag about how sweet her new phone is, while shutting me up about my CM10.1 S3, lol...

FlashGal says:

I really love the Galaxy line of products. My first one was a Vibrant. Right now I'm using an international version of the 7.7 as my carry-everywhere tablet and primary personal cell phone so I could really use a more pocketable one. :o)
Thanks, Android Central!

chepeliyas says:

OK, this is me wanting the S4!

blastman31 says:

Maybe this will be the contest where I finally win.

TurboTronix says:

I'm a Samsung fanatic! Almost everything I got at home is Samsung, This Samsung GS4 is 4 me! :)

Good luck to everyone!

Cleveland2k says:


pkn068 says:

What an awesome win this would be!

mhaner says:

Would be awesome to be one of the first with an S4.

sakebomber77 says:

Samsung is the best!!! Take down Apple!!

Trance128 says:

Sign me up.

novahob says:

Currently owning a S2, a new S4 would be a great replacement. Fingers crossed

jeditribe says:

SGS4 sure...

menzoom says:

At this moment I'm facing over 13,000 to one odds. Gonna hold my breath now.:-)

Please I need to win this awesome Galaxy S4!

awalkerz says:

Awesome contest! Thanks!

jd1ezal says:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Swag me AC. :)

carlosbraga says:

Nothing to lose, a lot to gain :)

Tunazee says:

With Samsung Galaxy S4, I can spin the world round.

Please save me $200.00

lmandl says:

Would love this phone!

ceriem says:

Sign me up!

ScottColbert says:

keeping all applicable body parts crossed I'm fortunate enough to win this.

Please pick me i really need a new phone I'm still using a old school moto droid from vzw lmao

dm3ready says:

This would be my first WIN on AC!! Let it be.

redevil says:

Still using a 3 year old Evo 4g rooted with Android 4.2.2. I am due for an ungrade!