Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

mech1164 says:

Now that we are done with Cheese from last night. I'll take an S4 please.

mitchlynch9 says:


briankfree says:

Would be awesome to win a Samsung Galxy S4. Pretty stoked about this phone. Thanks!

mpardal says:

New phone, I'm n

kicko says:

If I win I'll tap dance like that little kid

Lai Hoong He says:

I want S4 very much. Give it to me

SiminaGoia says:


sinnwo says:

Would be cool to win this. S4 is my family's nickname since all of our names start with S and there are 4 of us. And if I win, I'll just need to buy 3 more so we're all sporting S4's....hmmm.


DROIDDNAer says:

I'll take a S4, please!

emezrahi says:

if i dont win, im gonna cry :(

Cezarslice says:

*borat voice* very nice! High five!

blkhwks55 says:

I want to win a S4!

vallenvega says:

i am going to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 from this contest

Will my luck let me win this? I don't know, but i sure hope so!

Was waiting for this to happen and can now give my Galaxy S (I9000) to ma wyfy and have this for tinkering for about a week when I win this one.

God bless all and may you give me this phone to cherish!


quirkyesther says:

S4 please!

masonsparty says:

I would love one, Please!

whodatt says:

Will this be my lucky entry???

Yet another cool contest - thanks :-)

gregc87 says:

Oh god, please let this be my first ever competition win!

Digging the GS4.

mattk37 says:

Step 1: post comment
Step 2: get free phone
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT

gregc87 says:

Oh god, please let this be my first ever competition win!

firewill81 says:

This would be a sweet phone to own!


gregc87 says:

Oh god, please let this be my first ever competition win!

gregc87 says:

Oh god, please let this be my first ever competition win!

gregc87 says:

Oh god, please let this be my first ever competition win!

Justin Jang says:

me like the new galaxy ~~

Deeeez_Nuts says:

All your GS4's are belong to me.

gregc87 says:

Oh god, please let this be my first ever competition win!

marcin_olo says:

I saw it and I want to win it!

rabscuttle says:

My old phone is dying, this would work well for a replacement.

cyp76 says:

I hope i win u'r prize and i become a owner of a new galaxy s4.

Galaxy S 4 Please....

CarlD1 says:

Pick me!!

drakomagi says:

This would be a nice upgrade from my poor captivate.

JacobK says:


EvelDick says:

And I just bought the Galaxy S3...

emezrahi says:

why arent my comments posting??

what_how says:

Here's hoping.

addatwork says:


if I don't win this you will be responsible for making a grown man cry

If you have a heart ....

Loboloco13 says:

I feel lucky today so please makeify me the winner

tmslv says:

s4 ftw!

RedBarchetta says:

an S4 would make me a better human

Loboloco13 says:

I feel lucky today so please makeify me the winner

Jonconig says:

Count me in. I would love to win a S4. Android is now and is the future!!

DrifterX7 says:


GrimmReapa says:

I'm ready 4 the next big thing, I am ready for a Galaxy S4, I am ready to win

JLo says:

Oo... SIV. I can chuck this old phone soooon =)

sp1ke99 says:

Winna winna, chicken dinna?

would love to try out sammy's new ui then sell it and get a htc one

Corey Wiesel says:

Yes please!

It would be really cool to win this ! I have the Nexus 4 right now but I want a bigger screen cause I have huge hands!

Chad Torres says:

S4 All the way! I could use a new blogging buddy in my hand!

Loboloco13 says:

I feel lucky today so please makeify me the winner

Loboloco13 says:

I feel lucky today so please makeify me the winner

Loboloco13 says:

I feel lucky today so please makeify me the winner

myeh99 says:

I am entering to win!!!!

brothabinary says:

I can't wait. I would love to have this phone.

scallen says:

Please pick me! I'm in great need of an upgrade!

Elite1085 says:

S4 looks Sweet

jkaelin_20 says:

Please please please!!!! My S2 just isn't enough!! Thank you!! ;-)

stanlm2 says:

1 out of 11,958 chance? (at the moment).. hey that's like a hundred thousand times better chance than the lottery. Almost guaranteed to win =)

LaDon08 says:

Sure ill take one.

jonas269 says:

I would love to win one - My existing phone is crapping out on me all the time, and my upgrade isn't available until October - please oh please pick me!

nice upgrade,from s3!! may the force be with me and win it:p

Yes please.

jackmei2 says:

not much of an upgrade to the S3, but it's still an upgrade!

ajfink says:

In for the win! This would be awesome.

alienwarez says:

Loving S4! Winning will be great!

Arsenio Dev says:


t Harris1 says:

I'm diabetic I would love to have this phone to track of my health

Chocu1a says:

I can't remember if I already commented here?

SuperTongue says:

Who doesn't want a free phone!?

skywalker363 says:

Why not

Vern39 says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S4 to show my fiancée the future of mobile technology, rather then that thing she calls an iPhone 5 she's always bragging about.

durhamite says:

Pick me Pick Me

Kantiman says:

I m using s2 and would love to get s4

phrozen087 says:

Might as well give it a go! Galaxy S4! Pick Me! Haha

DawnDroid says:

More is better, right? Give me more Galaxy!

derek0228 says:

Y U NO pick me? :D

gcole says:

Pick me! My HTC Inspire really needs to be replaced...

darkisfever says:

I still prefer the HTC One but a new backup phone would be nice :)

MathanSank says:

I'm definitely getting the Samsung Galaxy S4!!!
Samsung Galaxy S4 Help me...

Praxis459 says:

I am up for winning one.


brunoerre says:

Me! Me! Pick me!

RustyU says:

I never win shit, but it's worth a try :D

danimal62 says:

A new S4 for St Patricks day!

Kmharvs33 says:

Thanks for this!!

rsen says:

Hey ohhhhh!!!

therock94660 says:

Me would like a Galaxy S4.

PTzero says:

Pick me!

Jay47 says:

hope i can get a chance to use the S4.

cuberob says:

Never used a Samsung phone before, would love to try their flagship!

Jeremy Ott says:

Here's to not getting selected!

What do I love more than Android Central? Winning a GS4 from Android Central. Fingers crossed as I press save.

flushd says:


kedrigern38 says:

I'm always open to new Samsung devices. Count me in.

HoanNguyen says:

me :(
i don't have a phone to use :(

Tommy says:

Me please!!

klevente says:

i love samsung :)

sabrekane says:

My wife would love this phone!

I wouldn't mind one.

Tia Lonesome says:

my dad got went from Android to iPhone 5, & thinks he's in smartphone heaven. i NEED this phone to demonstrate to him what a mistake he made (:

da.bell says:

pick me. pick me. pick me. I could use a new phone. :)

Migzh says:

Give it to me baby!!!

knox05 says:

I want it just for cool S apps

liddellw1 says:

I would love to win one of the new Galaxy S4s. I believe that Samsung has raised the bar as far as Smart phones go. Every phone maker will have to return to the drawing board!

zipgunjny says:

a single comment

janoszh says:

I'd love to upgrade to the iPhone killa!

Eldwafio says:

wanna win this phone so I can smash my crappy xperia ray to pieces... laggy waste of plastic!

dabaum says:

Consider me "posted".

warblad13 says:

Pick me please!

If I win, I'll let everyone here share it with me.....Ok, Ok. If I win, I'll let everyone here look at it.....Ok, Ok. If I win, I'll let everyone here read my review of it. Aw, who are we kidding? If I win then I am going to be hiding in the corner with it, chanting my precious, and making sure noone comes near it!

rellyrell908 says:

A new S4 would be nice to compare to my Optimus G.

heclaboy82 says:

Inm down for a gs4.

jdiamjr says:

I'm in!

vNaK says:

Yes please, thanks!

pmead72 says:

Love to upgrade from the G2 to the G4!

Ikeman90 says:

i would love to have that phone!! pick me i never win ( ._.)

samilliken says:

I'd love one, too!

Parelepito says:

Best phone ever

Vuong Le says:

Pick me please!

Hey pick me. I'm tired of waiting on the jelly bean update from T-Mobile for my HTC One S. Maybe I would have better luck with a Galaxy phone

dprice95 says:

yes please!

DeadRinga says:

Easier then winning the powerball!

jasonm311 says:

Please and Thank you.

millas says:

hmmm could it really be this simple? lol

hope to get picked

NickSaul says:

I'll take it in Black Mist, thanks!

NwarDez says:

I would love to give one a new home.

eahinrichsen says:

This is a comment.

Mike Cossey says:

Winner right here...

tagrzadz says:

Yes Please!

Amarrero83 says:

When ohhh when will I win something.

piranye says:


Jonas Ferlin says:

I can't pay it in Brazil but I can win The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest =D

curl2k1 says:

Count me in!

XyhroAndy says:

I hope I win a S4, if I don't win I guess I'll buy a Note 2. Both seem like a pretty good choice right now.

BCwrangler says:

I hope 11685 is lucky ))

ybcthanerd says:

I'll take a samsung galaxy S IV gladly

Tropps says:

I took an iPhone detour and am now extremely bored. Looking at the Galaxy S4!

Khor Andy says:

S4 Malaysia!

Galaxy plastic for me please!

I would love a chance to win the GS4. Thank you!

JoeShmoe says:

Please relieve me from my MoPho!!! Thanx!!!

P.S. For those of you that don't know, that'd be the Motorola Photon...

davewagoner says:

If you pick me, all your dreams will come true.

I need an S4 to root

I need an S4 to root

44Stretch says:

I want one!

fortali says:

Gs4 belongs to me!!!

I need an S4 to root

Paradox009 says:

Going to throw karma for my chance to win one. I am a veteran, a mason, a shriner, a single dad and I am constantly broke. I love Google and would be super appreciative to win a new phone. I could use it! Thank you!

fatstallone says:

I'd take one.

gtricecakes says:


miljbee says:

I have to be the one !

Yes please.

jwfranks says:

I have a GS2 and absolutely love it. Would love to upgrade.

Elyjr says:

I could definitely use an upgrade from my old Samsung Galaxy Vibrant. Count me in. Pick me pleeeeease.

Namiel Smith says:

Already mine :D

By the power of Greyskull, randomize lands here!

Thenixter says:

Still rockin' the S2, would love a shot at an upgrade!

huawuban says:

yes I want to win a SGS 4

danny25x says:

I want a new S4 :D

dj86 says:

I would love to get a new S4!

gksmithlcw says:

I'm not sure if I commented already. If I did, I apologize, but I'd REALLY like to win a Galaxy S IV. :-D

GeorgeM269 says:

Me gusta S IV

If I tell you I love you will I get better odds?

I'd love to get a S4 to continue learning ROM building with!

btorti129 says:

The best phone to ever come out. I have to have it!

rooymans says:

11700+ comments... What are the chances I get picked?

btorti129 says:

The best phone to ever come out. I have to have it!

reverepats says:

Still rocking the original Galaxy S. Time to upgrade lol. Thanks AC. U guys rock,

tacogy3 says:

I'm going to win for once

mzm says:

S4? What's it a good thing?

I need one, good luck.

aallison1882 says:

I'll take one. Thanks!

dafoot2 says:

winner winner s4 winner

boomerx121 says:

S4 or bust lol

cehash says:

want. thanks!

One S4, please.

englhard says:

A Samsung Galaxy S4 Haiku:

Beautiful and bold
Although not earth-shattering
I want to win it

Emiskowi says:

I would love to win an S4! So many awesome new features I would love to play with!

TheNexusMan says:

I watched the Samsung event live on YouTube on Thursday...I can't wait to try it out. I would love to win on!


me likey....

ineedme says:

Lucky Lucky Lucky

bog3nator says:

Yay gs4!

dra_phantom says:

i wanna win

TFausett says:

Look's good! I'll take one please.

maverick0628 says:

I'd love to win the S4 over buying the HTC One :)

xstrider says:

I am a HTC fan, but this Samsung may just pull me away.

shorto85 says:

I'll take one

Rijkaard14 says:

I love contests!!!

xalasten says:

Would love to get my hands on this new beast!

noseph says:

Yes Please!

bbuck002 says:

Have an S3, why not S4!

mrmotorboat says:

Gotta win me a SGS4!!!!

I'm in!

FrayD says:

Add me to the list as well. Looks like an awesome phone.

Marc Adam says:

Please consider me for the win. I'm trying very hard to find something to like about Touchwiz and how better than give the GS4 a go.

NewsMan13 says:

Droid Does (and I want one please)!

Tibi Tiberiu says:

S4 should be mine ;)

Droid Mart says:

Count me in.

eadavis says:

Yes please :3

BimmerGNex says:

I win.

WJ420 says:

The S IV Looks Great!!

al9boo says:

This will my ultimate android sidekick...... with all those features not to mention assessories ......

MAXXTX says:

If I get that gs4 I will GIVE you my maxx lol

pyr8hd says:

This looks to be the: Best. Android. Ever!

bassmanxu says:

Post! Thanks, AC!

Nique0201 says:

I've already won.... tis' written!! Goodbye note 2.... Hello mot.... error S4 :) Lol jk but please please pick me!!!!!

DuexNoir says:

Interested to see what this device can do in my hands.

dewey32399 says:

Please let me win!

Feverian says:

Please, I think I deserve it. This should be my time ;-).

dewey32399 says:

Please let me win!

Ace4 says:

I can't remember if I previously responded to this post.

MissingMoJo says:

Want, Want, Want!

uxtom says:

here we go !

matob1 says:

And done

jiggaman says:

I figured I would wait until after the announcement to enter. I did not want to enter if I was not going to like the device. Well, the verdict is in and I would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity!

ryzilla23 says:

Hoping for the improbable!

theninjew says:


kevincumbria says:

Looking at the spec this little sucker will need to be nailed to a desktop to keep it down!

sushiguy732 says:

Yabba Dabba Doo!!

calboogi says:

Need to upgrade this aging Driod Bionic please!!

montgoss says:

Definitely looks interesting.

Noah0504 says:

Well, then... 11,000+ comments already. I don't know the odds, but I sure hope it's me!

richardsugg says:

I'm going to win. I just know it.

AT&T? Sprint? Winners choice?

Have to get this thing... I need the Galaxy S4

Varnaud says:

Pick me :D

swear0730 says:

In it to win it!

I'm not eligible for a new phone for another year so if I don't get this I might was well wait for the GS5 (or 6!).

Good luck to everyone! We all want it. Only one will get it.

Sixftrabbit says:

Me phone!!!

jjazz14 says:

I would for this to be my first Samsung phone.

Le0_Br4zUc4 says:

Oh God, I would be the happiest person on the planet if I win this

strikeir13 says:

SGS4? More like SGS3S ;-) I'd still use one though, pick me!

CouchFisher says:

This phone is amazing! It's like Ziggy from "Quantum Leap."

hoorayforjc says:

Oh, how amazing it would be to win the GS4. It's one of the only 2 things in this world that I wouldn't give for a Klondike Bar.

2happy says:


keopectake says:

Samsung made a great phone

inkonmyhands says:

I'll take it!

RyanMykel says:

Maybe Me!? :)

Madness87 says:

Let's see who the lucky person is... It's like winning the lottery.

Yussel1 says:

In the words of Dayton Allen, "WHY NOT?" (POP) I mean we all should get the...
Best of the Best!

spmorgan says:

I win!!

patburk says:

I would love a shot at winning this.

I never win these but let's see what happens :)

This would be an awesome upgrade for my brother! The poor kid is still stuck on my hand-be-down Motorola Defy, shame.

I've never had a bleeding edge device before, so why not me? :D

dasupaman23 says:

Great giveaway. Thanks AC!


Typhonus says:

It's time for an upgrade anyway.

TCuneo says:

last minute comment

mattpga says:

I'd love to win a Samsung Galaxy S3s. sorry S4 i mean.

I already have the s3 32gb, when s3 got out samsung announce the 64gb that never came in Canada. Now, for the s4, they also annouce a 64gb version, 32 gb for me is a mini minimum. give me the 64gb.

brandontrm says:

Yes please......Done!!

Little DB says:

I LOVE Samsung! I only use Samsung products for obvious reasons! Would love to get my hands on a S4!!!

chenglinsu says:

First post in 2013. Hoping for a win :D

dessyteneva says:

S4 is so beautiful!I want!

I_NvesNme says:

The S4 WINNER is..........

SteelGator says:

Waiting for the first vanilla ROM already . . .

Jake Johnson says:

I can use a GS4. Hook a cracker up peoples.

jcramos says:

I could really use a new phone.

dmt256 says:

I can haz S4?

Devin Markle says:

I would love to win this phone! My poor little iPhone 4S has DEFINITELY lost its edge.

Will this contest, help me get my first Samsung :)

Chad Langley says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Awesome stuff! :-P

jayezgoing says:

It would be great to win the GS4!

I want the S4 :)

emg2114 says:

I love this contest! Thanks for the opportunity Android Central!

For sitting through 45 minutes of last night's presentation, I clearly deserve a free S4.

adbrice says:

Even though I think the Samsung presentation on galaxy S4 was a little over dramatic, I think it ws clever to show the phones features in real world situations. It makes it seem more practical and helps make the purchase make more sense to potential consumers. I think the galaxy series will continue to set the bar for smart phones, and if I could win one, THAT WOULD BE UNBELIEVEABLE! :)

Bcroc says:

I want one, I want one:)

exiledfathom says:

im in!!

xmi says:

Can't wait to play with it!

wbogacz says:

Hello! And thanks for a contest that's easy to enter!

Now let's hope I find a win!

My S3 is great - looking forward to an S4 - Just 'Cause!

jeck77 says:

I'll take one! I am wanting to make the move back to Android from iOS.

krid says:

Oh boy, I'm gonna win.

domichal says:

Pick me, pick me! Thanks!

nmatula says:

I can Haz Phone?

joepew says:

That thing looks great. Much nicer than my Verizon GNEx. Please.... (fingers crossed)

fsabadini says:


arswan says:

Who wouldn't love to win one of these?

diamondluke says:

The new S4 looks great! If I had an S3 I don't know if I'd be inclined to switch. Reminds me of when Apple released the 4S. But still a step in the right direction. And compared to my current phone (the SGS2) this would be a very big upgrade.

elishnevsky says:

Why not. I'm in!

Eric Paine says:

Pick me, this would be awesome!

I'll take one ;-)

CyaniCs says:

been waiting for this phone + my contract to expire. both on the same DAY!!! HELP ME WIN, oh internet gods!

I would absolutely love to be the proud owner of a shiny new Galaxy S4! My S2 is great, although a little long in the tooth now and I have been waiting for the S4 to come out. LOOKS AWESOME and would love to win one....good luck all!

idoesdroid says:

Pick me! I want one for bragging rights :)

jeffajackson says:


alix8821 says:

Galaxy s4! Galaxy S4! Galaxy S4! Galaxy s4!

Hamid Sofi says:

I want GS4. Please give me :)

Yes please!!! I´m down to win a S IV!

evildevilbg says:

Winning here!! :)

sylren says:

yea sure, ill take it of your hands if it bothers you :D

I never win anything, but I keep trying! The S4 looks great, would love to own one.

jtio says:

I would love an S4