Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

lakedubvt says:

Please Samsung no physical home button!

justlaxin13 says:

Have had every galaxy-numbered iteration thus far..would love to make it 4 in a row..

rob6raham says:

Nice idea, thanks

I want one!

norterj says:

I'm waiting for it!!! ;)

helipilotx says:

Sign me up and let's get exited on the new flagship!


Elmdor says:

yes please

SomeGuy180 says:

Hope the new S4 has better battery life than the S3 (or the Galaxy Nexus).

arigooner says:

pretty please. need this in my life

northend999 says:

Pretty excited about this phone. A free one is even more exciting.

domo22 says:

Pick me pick me pick me

MattMJB0188 says:

Would love to win a Galaxy S IV!!! :D

dg101 says:

Give me!

Favor ain't fair... Let's hope its leaning in my direction though. :)

Yonez3124 says:

The s4 has already beat out the next iPhone in my book!

pjsmith says:

love the new G4

Android Central Is The Bomb!!!! Free S4 Please!!!!

Xandroid says:

I WANT S4!!!

Yonez3124 says:

The s4 has already beat out the next iPhone in my book!

scottyhifi says:

Wouldn't mind updating my GS3.


the gator says:

Real nice.

dadude911 says:

I want a Galaxy S4 only if it is better than an iPhone 5 in every spec.

symocho says:

/roll 100

I'm loving it!

jointed says:


evo5ive says:

I'll take one!

joegraziano says:

I so need one! Thank you in advance!

jlo3378 says:

This is going to be hard next upgrade deciding. Unless I win. :)

One in 5000 chance. I like those odds!

sunyata says:

One for me please.. this will be my first win of these kind :)

Charles Eck says:

I like tuytles.

rswain64 says:

You guys have the best contests! I'm in it to win it, S4 for me please!

victorjake says:

Man, what are the chances? Like 1/5000? Less? Haha. Would love to get one.

polar135 says:

Would love to win. Thanks for the contest.

chubbrock says:

Hope I win!!!

dkoerte says:

Can't wait to see what the S4 will look like. Hopefully photos/details will leak before the March 14 announcement.

SWon says:

One 4 me, please.

tonycapp23 says:

Meh, I'll pass. But thanks for the offer. ;)

Wow. Im in. Wait. Is this an international contest? Nyway I would really like to win

DraconisV says:

Thanks for the chance to win!

Android Central rules for this!!!

pmpmstrb says:

I'm in for one.

nexus prime says:

pick meeeee

BroncoTed says:

Great contest from a great website. Thanks, and good luck to me (or others who might win as well)

Gagoogaly says:

I win.

sidgouts says:

Galaxy s4 would be interesting. I think samsung has to outdo htc and apple. Rumours that apple may revamp ios could be a challenge for them. But htc one seriously is a good contender. Hopefully samsung has matured their design language. I thought the s3 was not very inspiring.

P.s. a galaxy s4 should brighten my day. Everyday.

jvolzer1 says:

Pick Me

well if i cant get my hands on a z10 guess i can upgrade my s3 with a s4

vladtdr says:

It's weird to not know what you will win...:D

tortaceo says:

All I need is to win this contest, Galaxy S4

billfan says:

Yes please!

jjayr41 says:

Pick Me!!

jscarano says:


Npr2 says:


NealJ777 says:

Insert official comment here --->

Samsung phones are so nice!

Beau002 says:


Sammy Yousof says:

Oh Yeah! Cannot wait for the S4!

Minlock says:

I'm due this time.

tramsay09 says:

I would really like to win a GS4

Pretty please with a cherry on top?

jrw says:

I'm down for the new Galaxy S4.

gonzo0203 says:

Pick me pick me! I'm a Samsung fanboy! Lol

joel021782 says:

I would like one to replace my iPhone. Thanks.

goggles6 says:

HTC ONE has been announced. I can't handle HTC's suckiness w/ software updates. Sprints getting it and my EVO LTE that was last year's high end is now this years mid-range, entry-level. It is Deceased in my opinion. Hook me up with the S4 so i can receive updates even when new phones come out *because they will come out*, I don't want to be left in the dark *HTC*.

IronEddie says:

I'll take an S4 please!

ultrazonerc says:

HELLLLL YESSSS!!!! A Super sized please? :)

I guess I can take the S IV off of your hands.

hhack says:

Pick me

Pentago says:

I'm so selling it for XPhone :P

gonk24 says:

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

dancing-bass says:

Yes Please! And if you pick me, I'll even attempt to do an unboxing/hands-on for all of AC!

Oh man, I've been waiting since the the S2 came out for this!

epperly.k says:

My wif needs a new phone still on BB toure

Chadfresh says:

In it to win it! Already planned on ditching my iPhone 5; but this is icing on the cake!

gabe571 says:

Gave my g2x to the girlfriend, currently using a blackberry bold, I'd kill for a new android device!

dealicious says:

In for the win!

andrew53517 says:

Good luck everyone! Can't wait to see what the GS4 looks like!

Jeff Glasson says:

Me please!

dnhclark says:

I would be MOST grateful for this phone!

gonecks1 says:

Me please. I plan on buying one when its released so this would be awesome.

SpringCTIL says:

I need a new phone.



mattcheung7 says:


andino says:

Would love to get an s4!!

Fingers crossed

LonestarROB says:

A single comment.

rockstar283 says:

I hope Samsung Galaxy S4 demolishes iPhone

Carlo Lim says:

I wanna win this amazing phone!

Galaxy S... what?

brandroid_h says:


Pick me

GoldyAu says:

Here! Please! =)

The_Noah says:


sgarrand says:

Since I have a GSM carrier and it is coming out in GSM flavors, I should be all set to win this. There's only thousands of comments. I figure the odds are on my side? :)

I'd take a free GS4!


QriousJav says:

I've been with apple since iPhone 1st gen some call me a apple whore but I'm so ready to move away from the same dull concept after 6 phones and seven years with apple I need freedom pick me lol

meglovescars says:

I'd love an s4 :)


Me Me Me

Kadean Gr says:

okay everyone can stop commenting now we all know who is gonna win this thing lol

maximumerest says:


oh men i need one right now

alchulito says:

This is awesome! I hope I win one.

c5pfe says:

I would like a Samsung S4

TheDeveron says:

Leaving a comment for the slim chance of a win. Excited for this phone coming out. Really need an upgrade and it's looking like this might fit the bill.

It seems to me winning an S4 would be an agreeable solution to my current non-S4 having status.

Please rectify.

jcpetrs says:

sign me up!

Smokeaire says:

I'll toss my hat in the ring. It would make a great gift for my wife who is using my SGII. She deserves a upgrade.

JoeShmoe says:

I know that I don't stand much of a chance, can you please prove me wrong????????

EdsonDJ says:

Yes, sign me up!

keoni8888 says:

Count me in!

Zindoh says:

I need an upgrade pretty please =)

droider415 says:

Better chance than the lottery :P

AkberW says:

I want the S4!!!

0antithesis0 says:

S4 all the way!

taylorz_412 says:

put me down for one:D

nosmohtac says:

Wow, I could actually win one of these!

neopanther says:

If I win I'll be like:Giggity giggity giggity allllrighttt!

thekraven says:

I'd love to have the s4

oneWAYup7 says:

I'm winning this one ;-)

SlimJ87D says:

Mind blown!

bigjohn99 says:

Me, me, me... Pick me!

dyne2199 says:

I don't care who wins, as long as it's me.

Stride says:

android over apple.

lucky2 says:

I would love to replace my S2.

randchai says:

Gotta have it !

salatapi says:

Nothing to lose!

Knox27 says:

I need this phones more than Kanye West shoud've worn a condom.

Dre89 says:

It'd make a great partner for my Note 2, though I love with my Note too much so if I win it I'll probably give it to my mom just to mess with my friends.

After making them drool a bit that is.

Sweeet1102 says:

Hope to Win !! :P

stephenhau says:

No strings, no cables, just sorcery!

llfloyd79 says:

Galaxy S4 all the way...

tabocaw says:

Android Central ROCKS.

mveltkamp says:

Pretty sure I would enjoy a free GS4.

bart001 says:

My S3 is lonely.

jwick2866 says:

I love Android central. Rock on

Amcintyre28 says:

Looking forward to seeing how this compares to the HTC One.

Matt Stetson says:

Pick me! :)

unknown32_1 says:

I would love to replace my older HTC G2!

VenomNX says:

I would very much like to have one of those.

nevilleagain says:

This is a nice opportunity to be among the first to have one of these great phones!

mohitv says:

Sign me up!

I would like an S4 Please

I would like an S4 Please

schauwn says:


Hitch_Itch says:

O Man I need this phone Soooooo Bad

Rex2d2 says:

Hand me over a talking device :)

cin2cin says:

I want!!! Must have! Must have! (>_<)

dboftlp says:

I'm in, check!

Mark Cooper2 says:

Please pick me.

illiniah says:

Looking forward to adding the S4 to my S3 and N4

rokstarr says:

I sure wouldn't mind a shiny new S4!

AVM4 says:

gimme that phone!!

robreyes4 says:

Who wouldn't love a new Phone?

l3xust0y says:

I want one pls.

bgall021 says:

I want to win!

AquaPatty says:

I want one!

sbeisner1 says:

Is this where I register to win the iPhone 3?

sonnyg85 says:

Now that's one nice give away thumbs up to A/C for doing this haven't even been announced yet and you guys are on top of it nice work would be a nice prize

tsureshraj49 says:

I need one :)

kart180 says:

Samsung rules, best phablets ever

rodrtho says:

give me my GS4

I want that Samsung Galaxy SIV. Because this would be my first Android phone.

Terry3609 says:

a single comment

pickscrape says:

Certainly wouldn't say no to one of these!

acr456 says:

Samsung! Galaxy! S! One! Two! Three! FOUR! Give Me!!!!

snellaltal says:

Would love to win a galaxy s4.

muppetman342 says:

Me me me!

GMC MaXx says:

This is my obligatory comment for entry.

mikea3000 says:

Count me in. Would live to win the first gs4

cn31672 says:

Yippie.. Then I can replace my OneX with a device that actually gets updates!!!

kinfolk248 says:


I want to win!

Eduardo06sp says:

Who wouldn't like the Samsung Galaxy S4 as their first phone?

Numbuh101 says:

I'd want one *-*

XBx831 says:

Give it to me!!! Please!!!!!!!

Brian Pacio says:

I will win SGS4 =)

runtohell121 says:

count me in...

shahravi94 says:


Tocirahl says:

Man it took me almost a minute to scroll to the bottom of all these comments

defence5 says:

Good luck to all.

Mine please!

fastsaleen says:

Looking forward to my new Galaxy S IV!

vbdss says:

Pick me UP, i still have a legacy android phone, i am using a Galaxy 5

Nuno Finote says:

Samsung S IV - Smiley, Ambitious, Mobile, Slim, Unbelievable, Native, Gorgeous.

Jelly419 says:

Yayuh! The next, next big thing is here!

I would love to give my mother in law my current phone if i had an S4!!!!!!!

tony1469 says:

Can't wait ,please ship overnight , I'll pay the postage

selfdestruct says:

this is a comment!

sternweezy says:

In to win!

yaya i like winning!!!

burritoville says:

yes please and thank you

Dr. Triffid says:

A single comment.

jgreeson25 says:

I have yet to win anything like this since I was probably about 6. This would be A LOT better than the free 20 oz Sprite I won off that bottle cap back then! Choose me and quench my thirst for new tech like that Sprite quenched my thirst for delicious, sugary, carbonated water!!!

I love my S3...but....would be incredible to win an S4

Peter Blanco says:

Well, seeing as no one is commenting on this... I want it!

Galaxy S4, I don't know what you will be like. But, surprise the world and me XD!

Chance to win a S4? Heck yeah! I'm down!

kilen71 says:

Yes!! This contest was meant for me!! Thank you!!!!

JoeAyres11 says:

I love more my nexus 4 more than anything. But I would happily be given a free S4!!!!!!!!!

j3chung56 says:

I'm ready for a new phone!

tdizzel says:

I want a Galaxy S4 more than I want a bacon and bacon sandwich with a bacon soda to wash it down.

beanman80 says:

Hope i win, held out on SIII and NoteII when heard of the SIV rumors. Gotta have it. Thanks AC

Count me in, my Droid X is sooo ready to retire!

RDJr2006 says:

I'm going to love being the winner of the new Galaxy S4......Thanks Android Central

Angelbast38 says:

I need the new galaxy s IV ! Pick me !

Rob Zarzecki says:

Yes please. To replace my cracked sgs2

cfadell89 says:


Broheemster says:

4,700 comments, good lord. Oh well, count me in


brucefan42 says:

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy would I like a new Samsung Galaxy S4. Thanks!

Great contest! Would love to win this. PICK ME!

Time is a fickle thing.

kirsch.m says:

I want one, please.

joseph942 says:

I want one PLEASE and Thank you...

Magestic says:

Hope I can get lucky with this S4!

kenkrause says:

HTC Evo is dying. I would love a new Galaxy S 4.

bduran727 says:

This is why you should love Android Central :)

Testing my luck and hopefully you guys will pick me :)

Mycools says:

Hmm. I didn't think I would find the bottom of the page.

Ive owned 4 HTC android devices I guess this is my chance to try a Sammy phone

I want that S IV

rjyama says:

Fingers crossed :)

rpl318 says:


GaMMeLHaNsy says:

Great! I'm excited for the S4

Eric Hawkins says:

I cant buy any new tech toys, so winning one would be fantastic

trigun123478 says:

Please let me win, let me stick it to Verizon for a while longer while I have unlimited data.

IceDree says:

Nice , that would make a great gift for my father .

gregs1213 says:


pardi_2006 says:

Go Samsung. Be the 1 and no.1 in the world.

Nice Prize for meeeeeeee.

scawr says:

I already have a note 2 but an s4 sure would be fun to have. Especially a free one!

andi777 says:

I am in :)

theseanteam says:

Wouldn't it be nice...

BuckTheWorld says:

What an awesome contest!

Dubyaj says:

Hmmmm would make a great St Pattys day gift.

chris peri says:

Me wants it!

Would be a nice upgrade from my LG Spectrum haha.

MDROID85 says:

Hey could I please get one? Thanks!

greyhd says:

Thanks AC for another great giveaway.

goeman says:


Good luck everyone !

A Samsung Galaxy S4 would be great to have. If it's free, even better!

Krasin says:

I would like to participate in this contest. Do I need to show some leg first?

Me gusta Samsung por favor!!!!

sgpsf says:

S4 4me plz

gsdlover1 says:

I would take it hunting with me to record or take some pic's of what I have shot.

mgianni19 says:

Oh Herro! I'm here for the free phone :P

minimat44 says:

I won't mind a brand new phone :D

potbellyjoe says:

I'm game. Hope I win!

robo731 says:

I'm going to be in nee3d of a new phones as my current one is basically broken, I hope you choose me.

Calakato says:

My first Samsung could be free

bitwiser says:

count me in!

MatchzMalone says:

Galaxy Note II user, but who doesnt want the newest? Samsung all the way!

thefutureman says:

I wanna win!

al9boo says:

Samsung makes good products. The S4 has a big shoe to fill from the s3. I would appreciate the s4.

hotkoko says:

Can't wait for my s4

andy99x says:

Pick me!

calrayray says:

can't wait !!

plu2009 says:

i reeeally want this awsome device!!!

kylengai says:

I want one!!!!

Danv1369 says:

I would like a new phone

iceddown1975 says:

Please pick me! My S3 got stolen last Sunday! Thanks

kevinarjun says:

wooohooooo my next phone....

Nico Anton says:

I want one!

gregs1213 says:


scaots says:

This would be great. I need some full HD

scott983 says:

Pick me!

moellered says:

I want to upgrade from my S3 to S4. Pick me.

strudel#AC says:

I wouldn't argue with a new phone!

kartak says:

Commenting for the win!

thanks for the contest guys!!!

iGalione says:

I - logged into android central
II - Attempting to leave a comment
III - my wife has one and its awesome
I wish I had the IV for myself

bacchus258 says:

I thank you in advance for picking me as the winner!

xJustin says:

Hope I win!

Arshley says:

YES!! giving something away that doesn't even exist yet. you guys rock! SIGN ME UP! *crossing fingers* *throwing pennies*

Josh Mcgrath says:

Was so pumped to see this!!!

rclapham says:

Pick me. I want me some Samsung goodness.

mjames01 says:

I would love a Galaxy S4. Thank you!

nvitone23 says:

Pick me!!!

dekend says:

I am the needle in this hay stack. Plus I really want this phone :D

Dr. Sheldon Cooper's first thought after getting and s4...."BAZINGA!"

cedarhunter says:

Raises hand and crosses fingers. one can only hope.

ItsaRaid says:

SAMSUNG S4 Gangum Style

aitmanga says:

Wow! Almost 5000 comments. Looks like all of us badly want a GS4

mdsoc17 says:

Count me in!

slinkeril says:

I would certainly love to win a new phone!

turb0wned says:

My single comment.

Byzantium says:

Yet to be released phone that will probably outsell every other phone this year?


Luke O says:

Looks like this is going to come close to the most comments ever written on a post

I have not won anything since the day Nixon was buried. I would so love to win a Samsung S4

gollyzila says:


ShaynePierce says:

I love the S4 - thanks Android Central!

11Lisac11 says:

I know I'm not the lucky one but here it is my post.

dlozanout says:

I hope i finally win one of these things!

alansteno says:

i'm irish!

RS_X says:

I'm due for a new phone. A Galaxy S4 would do.

I hope I win. I never win anything :(

SgtMijo says:

Good luck everyone.

mopet33 says:

Pick me!!
it would be my first android! :)