What's all this then? We're not just giving away an HTC One. Oh, no. If we're going to give away one 2013's hottest smartphones, we're going to give away one of the most desired versions of it. So you, dear reader are not vying for a mere HTC One. You're going to get the chance to win your very own developer version of the HTC One. That's the one whose bootloader is beyond the reach of meddlesome carrier politics. That's the one with the full 64 gigabytes of storage. 

You're probably dying to read ahead, looking for bullet points on how to enter. Fine. They're coming up next, right after this.

How to enter to win a 64GB HTC One developer version!

This is a whole lotta phone, so we're gonna make you work for it. 

  • Shoot a video of yourself with your current smartphone. Doesn't matter how old and crappy it is.  Doesn't matter if it's an iPhone. Or an old BlackBerry. We wanna see your face on the screen. Tell us why you deserve this HTC One developer edition. 
  • Upload your video to YouTube. (You can leave it unlisted if you want, and you can delete it after this contest is over.)
  • THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART: Embed your video in this forum thread. Leave us a message along with it if you want, but all you need to do is click the little video button then paste in the link to your video. Easy as pie.
  • Do you live on planet Earth? You may enter this contest. Open to everyone.
  • We'll close the contest at 12:01 a.m. April 17. Plenty of time.

Get it? Got it? Good. Get to it!


Reader comments

Win a 64GB HTC One developer edition from Android Central!


I'm definitely going to enter this contest. Would love to get my hands on a Developer edition of the HTC One!

Edit: Just submitted my entry. Good luck to everyone!

Can it be a mute video? Or I have to say in the video why I want the phone?

I really don't want to make people laugh at my "spoken" english! :-D

im pretty sure they realize that and are only saying they will be making the video.

i would enter but i don't deserve a developers addition. i hope it actually gets won by a developer who will develop

what the hell are you on about...what part of 'I'M IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!' made you think I or anyone else didn't read the rules.

Its called excitement...try it sometime.

For the love of mac and cheese give this man the phone. This story is sadder than Ole Yeller getting painted with buckshot.

"So you're saying there's a chance" LOL I was so depressed this morning when I read that the Dev model was sold out. I started saving as soon as I learned about it, but I have a ways to go... What I want to do is sell the junky phone I have now to help save, but then I wont have phone on my personal account... Anyway this just made my day, you can expect a video from me soon! Awesome giveaway! AC FTW!!!!

Face made for radio? :)

Don't worry, it's not like Brad Pitt and Kate Upton are going to be doing videos!

Too bad LTE bands are different in my country.... I appreciate the openness of the competition though, good luck for those in the US

World wide? I don't think you guys understand the legalities of giving away a prize on the internet. Hope the internet police don't find you.

Wow, this sounds incredible. I'll be making my video this weekend when I have access to a camera. Not planning to stand in front of a mirror lol.

How will you determine a winner?? Does it matter if we have a slightly newer phone?? Well it increase our chances if it's old and crappy? Is it random? A tiny bit more clarification would be appreciated

I need to read the instructions. This is not the thread to embed the video in... nor is pasting a youtube URL the way to do it.

TDF, all these geeks that can't follow simple instructions for entering a contest.
Good luck to all of you who followed directions!

It's not that we can't follow instructions, most of us posted both in the Thread and comments, we're not retarded bruh.

But I do see that people are not using their smartphones as the instructions say.
I think the instructions need to be more clear though, like what it is that we need to show in the video.
Everybody seems to be giving sob stories which imo sounds like cheating, but I don't know.

Why is everyone shooting a video showing their phone? Can people not read? Phil said to make a video USING your current phone. "Shoot a video of yourself with your current smartphone."

i think i should get it because its or my son i promised him i would get him a cellphone and its going to be his birthday soon i love him so much so if i could please get the phone i would be gratful thankyou and bye :)