Android Central Stocking StuffersSo we're kind of starting to wind down this contest a little bit. We say "kind of" because we're actually a week or so behind, and we're going to make up for that before the end of the year.

Anyway, here we are again, with another $10 Google Play Gift Card to give away. It's one of 31 that we're awarding, and remember that all 31 winners -- one for each day in December -- will be entered to win a new Nexus 4, which is sitting here on our desk, unopened, waiting for a good home.

What hoop shall we have you jump through today? Hows about this: Name, in reverse chronological order, the last three smartphones you owned. If you've owned less than that, it's cool. Hell, we envy you a little bit. Just tell us what you've had. We'll pick a winner at random and bestow upon you $10 worth of free apps, music, movies, magazines or TV shows.

Good luck!


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Win a $10 Google Play Gift Card because it's Dec. 28!



Blackberry 9810 -> Blackberry 8530 -> Blackberry 8830

Please no BB bashing!! Provided free from work, so i can't complain. Well... i can, but it does no good. That's why I got a Transformer Infinity.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, Samsung Galaxy Spica and the Samsung Galaxy (yep, the original with cupcake).

Looks luck I'll be skipping out on Dual Core as I have a Nexus 4 on the way (eventually)!

Droid RAZR
Droid Bionic (Traded for RAZR after 2 Months)
OG Droid

Droid 4
Replacement Stratosphere (POS!!!)
Stratosphere (POS!!!)

I'll go the extra mile and list the last 6.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
iPhone 4
Droid Incredible
Blackberry Tour
Blackberry Pearl

I just got the Galaxy S3,
Used an iphone 3GS for 3.5 years,
Rocked an old Motorola RAZR flip-phone prior to joining the smartphone world.

Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Note II
Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S III
Verizon Wireless HTC DROID Incredible

Thanks for the giveaway!

- Nexus S
- HTC Fuze
- HTC (at&t) Tilt
- HTC (Cingular) 8125
- HTC (Cingular) 3125

I was a huge WinMo and HTC fan back then.

Galaxy Nexus - obvious buy once the NS was stolen. heh
Nexus S - got stolen :(
Nexus One - upgraded from G1 :)

Galaxy s2 skyrocket, blackberry torch, blackberry curve. As you can tell former Blackberry fan, new to Android. :)

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, samsung galaxy s 2, htc evo, HTC HD 2, Nokia express music 5800 and T Mobile Sidekick 4

Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S (Samsung Fascinate), some old flip-phone.

I've been enjoying these leaps of technology with each upgrade, haha.

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G, Apple iPhone 4, Samsung SCH-R451C.
Quite the different array (Android, iPhone, basica qwerty phone).

HTC Rezound, HTC droid Incredible, and the horribly terribly, horrifically, glitch ridden BlackBerry Storm (that I'm actually happy I owned b/c its terribleness drove me to Android!)

iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S Showcase (as in the original Galaxy S), Blackberry Pearl Flip (trust me, I regret that one).

Nexus 4
[Droid 4 provided by work - not sure if this counts]
Lumia 710
Samsung Vibrant

I still have the 710 - in a lot of ways it's a mistake I regret, but I bought it at the time because it was small and easy to handle and has great battery life for the size. And there are times where that's important enough to me - as well as not worrying about breaking it so much - where I'll switch back. If I'm hauling boxes and computers around all day and banging in to things and clambering about on the floor, the N4 just feels too breakable. The Lumia 710 for all its many flaws, feels solid and won't get in the way. But the moment it feels safe to do so, back to the N4.

GSII SkyRocket, BB Bold 9700, BB Curve 8310.

And the next will definitely be another Android powered device, Moto (X/Nexus)?

Motorola Droid Razr, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve. (I did like my BlackBerries, but when they started circling the RIM, I switched to Android, and I am so glad I did!)

I've never had a smartphone before, but here are my phones instead:
Sony Ericsson G502
Sharp GX17
Siemens C60.

Just ONE - HTC DROID INCREDIBLE. Waiting for VZW to drop the cost of S3 (every other carrier has). Of course maybe I'll win the grand prize of the nexus and my needs will be answered - oh sweet 2013 will then be!

HTC EVO 4G LTE (sprint)---I know how you feel about this guy *PHIL NICKINSON*

Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch (sprint)---Wimax...aughhhhughh. Also my sister threw a glass of water at it when she was angry. That was the death of what i'd thought was my favorite phone. I bet you see that i have a thing for phones with long names.

HTC EVO SHIFT 4G (sprint)- the worst device I've ever owned.A wimax phone...but wait.. it would twitch about independent of me touching it. Ran gingerbread and one day rebooted itself into froyo... didnt know that was possible and eventually became so twitchy that it was unusable---this phone was possessed by satan.

(I used everyone else's upgrades for these. my mom who runs on a bbcurve wont let it. go....)

Motorola RAZR MAXX HD, Droid 3, and OG Droid. As much as I said after the droid 3 I was done with Motorola (really 6 months from the droid 4!?!) The RAZR HD won me back over.

Hope I win.

Galaxy S3 < Droid Incredible II < OG Droid Incredible

I'm hoping that I will be able to afford HTC's flagship on Verizon when it comes out next year. Not that I don't love my S3, but I just broke the digitizer on my S3 and its already getting old watching youtube through a crack

Shoot. I've never had a smartphone.

Well, I hope this counts:

My last (and only) smart device was/is a Nexus 7.
My last (and, once again, only) phone was an LG Accolade (which I owned before the Nexus 7).

This is exactly why I'm hoping for a Nexus 4.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, LG g2x, HTC Evo 3D, and HTC Evo 4G. Threw the last one in for good measure and because it was my first Android smartphone.

Once there was a man, who had many fans, he was cool but was only but a fool... His fans vary in size, some were big some were small but all he said that "this poem is lame!"

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM),
Samsung Galaxy S II (GSM),
HTC Droid Incredible (Verizon)
I sold the gs2 to fund the GNex, but I still use the dinc with extended battery when I travel in the US. That thing can tether non-stop for like 20 hours!

I'm still rocking my first smart phone, a Droid X with a recently broken LCD. But don't feel too bad for me, my work just replaced my Wi-Fi Xoom with a Nexus 10.

Droid Razr, Nexus One, and before that a whole bunch of Windows Mobile phones... don't remember the last one I used.

Motorola Atrix, hand me down, no contract though
Nokia N8, used unlocked, my favorite phone ever, but it died
Nokia E71, unlocked, how I learned to text, what a outstanding investment

Now I need that Nexus to stay contract free

HTC One X (brilliant yet underrated smartphone)
HTC Desire (made me fall in love with Android)
Nokia E65 (most handsome feature phone I had used)