Android Central Stocking StuffersSo we're kind of starting to wind down this contest a little bit. We say "kind of" because we're actually a week or so behind, and we're going to make up for that before the end of the year.

Anyway, here we are again, with another $10 Google Play Gift Card to give away. It's one of 31 that we're awarding, and remember that all 31 winners -- one for each day in December -- will be entered to win a new Nexus 4, which is sitting here on our desk, unopened, waiting for a good home.

What hoop shall we have you jump through today? Hows about this: Name, in reverse chronological order, the last three smartphones you owned. If you've owned less than that, it's cool. Hell, we envy you a little bit. Just tell us what you've had. We'll pick a winner at random and bestow upon you $10 worth of free apps, music, movies, magazines or TV shows.

Good luck!


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Win a $10 Google Play Gift Card because it's Dec. 28!


Galaxy Nexus on VZW.
OG Droid.
Just two smarties for me.
Before that it was the Samsung Gleam, not a smart phone, but not horrible.


Nexus 4, not activated yet, Galaxy Nexus, returned due to poor reception and couldn't get a timely repacement, OG EVO 4 G, but ready to ditch Sprint and there 1 second ping times.

I'm married with children, and don't get to buy everything i'd like, so for me there's only been 2:

Droid 4
Droid R2D2

Galaxy s3, galaxy s2, htc evo 4g. Had an iphone for a lil bit just to give it the benefit of a doubt. But it wasnt a SMART. I feld dumber for using it.

In reverse chronological order...
Nexus 4
Motorola Atrix 4G
Blackberry Bold 9700

Even though I have a Nexus 4 if I win one I'm totally gifting it to my wife!

Samsung galaxy s3 $250
Droid razr hd $300
Droid Razr m $100

Craigslist keeps me busy. That's been in the past month. I don't think anyone would pass those up

I've only had 2 cellphones, both came free from the provider, and both were Nokias. They weren't smartphones, so I have no idea what they were. Cheap I guess.

I'm on a nexus 4 now, came from an iPhone 5 and a galaxy note 2 before that :( all in a week.. that's how bad it is lol

I'm a Craigslist-whore when it comes to phones lol

Galaxy Note II, iPhone 4(work), Droid Razr MAXX, Samsung Epic touch, HTC Evo, HTC Hero, Palm Pre(best phone software ever), Samsung i900, Blackberry Bold, Palm Treo 755p, HTC Mogul, Palm Treo 650

All AT&T
-Samsung Galaxy S III - Bought on launch
-Samsung Galaxy S II - Bought on launch
-Samsung Captivate - Bought on launch
-HTC FUZE - Bought on launch
-Treo 750
-Cingular 8125
-Motorola V600 - Bought on launch
-SE T68i - First Color phone on AT&T
-Panasonic(Model has escaped me) -First phone I tethered with
PrePaid Analog

HTC Incredible (x 3, problem with first two), HTC Thunderbolt and HTC Rezound...
As you can see, I'm an HTC Fanman!

All right, I'll bite. Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4, Nexus One.

The Nexus 4 would fit very comfortably at the beginning of that sentence...

Blackberry 9860, Blackberry 9810, Blackberry 9800, and a galaxy tab 7+ . Last one not a smartphone i know, but all my smartphones are work provided, and just wanted to prove that i am not solely a crackberry addict. ;-)

Samsung GS3, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Droid Charge, Samsung Fascinate. Yea I have a thing for Samsung.

HTC One X+ and iPhone 5 and Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 900.

What can I say, I like phones. And I plan on getting rid of either the One X+ or the Nexus 4 once I decide which I like better, that will wipe the Lumia 900 off the list.

Nexus 7 (if that counts), HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Droid Eris (hopefully the Nexus will break my string of picking losers....)

Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC Thunderbolt... they just keep getting better and better! Can't wait to see what's next!

Lol I had lots of them!! Right now galaxy nexus, galaxy vibrant, HTC evo 3D. And 3 others lol good luck all =D

-Nexus 4
-Galaxy Nexus
and yup, you guessed it - Nexus S
(I'm a sucker for Nexus devices) *sigh*

Galaxy S3, Samsung Vibrant, HTC Nexus One. But I broke the Galaxy S3, so now I am back at the Vibrant :( ... but at least I have this brand new Nexus 10 to fill the void!

My last smartphones include:

HTC HD2 (best phone ever, and one that I can't let go of)
HTC Sensation
GSM Version Google Nexus

Samsung Focus Flash
HTC Hero
iPhone 3G (for less than a month, couldn't stand it)
Blackberry Bold
Blackberry Curve

Whew, it took a lot of scrolling to get down here to post this! But, here we go...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC Desire, BlackBerry Tour 9630!

My first and only and current smartphone is a Blackberry Torch. I am waiting on delivery on my Nexus 7 tablet and based upon how much I like that, I will very possibly switch to an android phone. Thanks!

HTC Rezound,
Samsung Fascinate,
Blackberry Storm II,
Blackberry Storm

I like to punish myself with only the worst of the worst. Rezound being the exception. Saw a couple of apps I could use a google play gift card would be great.

Nexus 4
HTC Evo 3D
HTC Desire
HTC Touch HD before that and a few moto phones one Nokia and a couple of Phillips handsets