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HTC a month ago said the Honeycomb update was finally coming soon to the HTC Flyer tablet. And today the Taiwanese manufacturer is making good on that promise, as the update has begun to push out. You'll be updated to Android 3.2, and we're already hearing reports of more smoothness, the disappearance of wallpaper lag and other overall coolness.

The question at this point is whether we'll see the Flyer go beyond Gingerbread and get Ice Cream Sandwich anytime in 2012. Even money, we'd bet.

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Wifi-only HTC Flyer gets its Honeycomb update


As a consumer i look to the update cycle. Whomever updates their devices the most/longest is where i put my money. If HTC updates this to ICS i might buy one of their tablets in the future. You have to update past the twelve month mark to me, and it better be a relevant build.

"The question at this point is whether we'll see the Flyer go beyond Gingerbread and get Ice Cream Sandwich anytime in 2012."
If you got the Honeycomb update, then you have seen the Flyer go beyond Gingerbread.

So is this like the EVO View update? If I'm rooted should I wait until there's an official ROM available? I understand that if I were to update I would lose root but I wasn't sure if the Flyer would go into a bootloop like the View did.

If I need to wait for a ROM, I'm OK with that as I'm currently running a HC ROM. It's not an officla US release and some of my apps (MyBackup Pro) don't work.

The biggest problem I see with the update is that HC was meant to be a stop-gap between GB and ICS. It was never meant to be a long-term software package, which is why developers never really got into it.

simply put, HTC didn't see a reason to spend a bunch of money developing a HC ROM for the Flyer when GB worked PERFECTLY (as on mine) and HC isn't much of an update. I consider it a lateral step at best since the Flyer is only a 7" tab. I'll be interested in seeing HC with a Sense overlay though. Naked HC sucks ass.

typically I would agree with you. I think HC is a "downgrade" from GB in general, but with Flyer, and being an artist/designer, HC on Flyer is a dream comes true. Not only the pen works like your finger does (which I wish it works that way to begin with), but also Sketchbook Pro can sense the pen pressure. My Flyer is now a perfect portable digital sketchbook.

Having used both GB and HC for awhile now, I have to say they're about equal. I've seen a few places where it seems like HC assumed you'd have a larger screen and stuff gets cut off or crowded. It just reinforces to me that GB really IS just fine on a 7" device.

So far I'm really liking the Honeycomb update. But to be honest, I really didn't have any complaints with Gingerbread. I have noticed a couple of bug fixes. One, with Gingerbread, if you looked to see what was using your battery you would find that "cell standby" was a big battery drainer even though this is a wi-fi only unit. So far today I have yet to see cell standby show up in the list for what is eating the battery. Two, I had everything that could automatically sync set not to do so. Yet with Gingerbread the round sync symbol was always on. Never could figure that one out. With Honeycomb this issue is gone as well. The only thing I miss from Gingerbread is that fact that you could spin the home screen pages all the way around. Now, when you get to the end you have to go back. I know a lot of people didn't like the spinning wheel effect but I did. Other than that, all my apps work fine and the Flyer seems a bit snappier!

Installed this morning without a hitch. Generally very pleased.

I don't know a company can get away with saying an update is "coming soon," though, and then delivering no less than 8 months later. Especially after all the "Best Buy" Flyer purchasers paid a relative arm and leg for their devices, including paying more for a pen that everybody else in the world who bought the device got for free.

My next Android tablet is going to be a vanilla one. Hopefully Google gives us that option sometimes soon.

Also, between this experience, and a lousy time with an HTC Sensation, I've moved on to other hardware vendors.

This was an interesting device, in part because of the stylus. If properly implemented throughout the OS, a future compact device like this would be very welcome.

2011 seems to have been a practice year for android on Tablets; but some of the design ideas, already in the market, have huge potential. I hope 2012 will see more market success for android on Tablets.

Did the update. Laggy as hell. Restarted four times. Problems recognizing apps on my SD card. I'm bummed.

Edit: ok, seemed to have sorted things out. No more restarts or lag. All apps showing up. Happy now :)

Also, sad that HBO Go no longer works, but so glad Slingbox does!

hi you have great post of htc flyer but fond late and i have same of the problems when i take instruction xda developers post. can you help me ?
i will try to understand what happen for me
1 unlock with htcdev done
2.flash a recovery
i type this command but some of the command type wrong and when reboot htc flyer i view only black screen and after make some command key power and down vol goes at fastboot and when i choice recovery started revolutionary CWM 4 i change commands factory recover don't work but few day micro sd card view update android 4.0.1 not working. i think micro sd card helps get partition but after that don't saw sd card.

I am confused as to what to do