Android 4.0 OTA update for Sensation coming "early this year"

Ice white Sensation

Update: HTC has sent out a clarificaiton that this verison of the Sensation will ship with Gingerbread by will get an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich "early this year."

Original: According to a press release from HTC's Dutch wing, the manufacturer is preparing to launch an "ice white" version of its Sensation smartphone from Mar. 1, with the latest version of Android in tow. The Dutch presser indicates that the new Sensation revision will ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and that the ICS update will be rolling out over-the-air to other Sensation models "soon".

Besides that, it's an HTC Sensation in a slightly different color -- same specs, and most likely a similar price point. We're not complaining though, as the Sensation was one of our favorite phones of 2011, and it's looking better than ever with its new lick of paint.

What's a little baffling, however, is the timing of the release -- we're expecting to see a bunch of new HTC phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, just a few days before this thing's due to launch. In any case, we're sure Sensation owners will welcome the news that their long-awaited ICS update is just around the corner.

Source: WhizPR (Dutch); via: Eurodroid


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White HTC Sensation with coming to Europe from Mar. 1 [Updated]


What happened to not doing the little incremental updates to the same device? I knew they were lying about that. They've been doing it so long they just can't stop trying to squeeze. Quality not quantity? smh

This isnt really a incremental update, im pretty sure it has the same specs, besides the SW (ICS) which will come to the older sensation, and they will basically be the same, besides color. Kinda like when apple released the white iphone 4, like idk 6 months+ down the iphone 4's life (something like that :P). The sensation 4g to amaze 4g, would go under the "little incremental updates, that annoy the sh*t out of you". Not so much this, kinda good, reassures original sensation owners that there phone is good and not dead yet :D.

You're right. Its early I guess I read it wrong.I just overreacted. They just bug me the way they keep doing this though. Its sort of gotten stale.

I will pretty much give up on Nexus phones if my Nexus S 4G doesn't get stock ICS before other phones that are skinned get it. Pretty much the whole reason I got a Nexus was to get updates in a timely manner.

Good to know the Sensation isn't forgotten about. I'm still eyeballing it to pick up in April (new contract time!). Yes my carrier has "better" phones out (Galaxy S II, Nexus S for example) but ever since I first laid eyes on the Incredible, then the Inc S, then the Sensation, I've been itching to get my hands on it!

Then again, 3yrs contracts do suck. ICS is likely the last update the Sensation will see, right?

It's good to know the white Sensation is now "with coming", though I think that's what a lot of HTC geeks did when they got their hands on the original Sensation.

umm same phone and same specs few twicks , then again i have a alpha build ICS ASOP running like a charm and in order to have a white sensation i guess u have to order that white back piece cover n i have the same exact phone lol

We already have the white Sensation here in Saudi Arabia , with the White Sensation XE & the Sensation XL