White Droid Incredible 2

A couple days back we got confirmation from Best Buy about the upcoming exclusive they would have on a white version of the HTC Droid Incredible 2. Today is the big day, if you want the device head into your local Best Buy location and grab one of them for $149.99 on contract! Unfortunately it is said to ship with 2.2, so users will need to upgrade it on their own, but hey not such a bad thing. Will you be grabbing one of these today? If so, be sure to let us know!

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tommydaniel says:

Im interested to see what it looks like. If someone gets one, post pictures or do an unboxing! :D

Jzamora1978 says:

No you didn't. Centbuzz guy says he gets all these phones for dirt cheap. Spammer

enigma2u says:

I played with it last night @ bestbuy man its nice ...i really wish there were more white phones ...plus the dinc 2 is such an underrated phone ...solid performer ...feels great in hand

Mr.Slave says:

Screw Verizon and their undata plans. I couldn't watch a mexican donkey show on my phone for less than 2gigs. I just left yesterday and got Sprint.

Would you like a white donkey?

grimmace193 says:

Mexican donkey show? You definitely want to see that in HD,

Matthollabak says:

Umm you know that if you had stayed with verizon you could have kept your unlimited data plan right?

White phone with black bezel...