T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2

The Galaxy Note 2 is big, it's bad, and here's a few shots of it with T-Mobile branding. Same beastly specs, same great screen, and same release date -- unknown. Think of this as a way to tide you over until we get some official word. A couple more pics after the break.

Source: T-Mo News


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nerdgasming says:

I want it. Let me touch it!

Yup day one purchase for me can't wait for this one.

scaots says:

Was planning to stick with the original international version but TMo Note2 supports both TMo and ATT HSPA and LTE. I dream of that unlocked and swapping sims as I please...

As long as the carrier branding isn't on the big button in the front !

Magnus#AC says:

I want this thing so badly, I think I'm going to be sick

dakid2k6 says:

I will be buying it day one. Hopefully att gets the 64gb version. Would love it.

tim242 says:

I've touched it. I've held it. I fondled the hell out of it : ) http://db.tt/VXWwYylq

RaiderWill says:


Ya Better put those Credit Cards Down until you see the Galaxy Nexus 2 running that Pure~Google "Key~Lime Pie"....

Ya know that the Specs are going to be Off The Hook....

And the Phone will come *UNLOCKED* directly from Google and be the 1st Key~Lime Pie Phone to receive all those Sweet Updates...

Better Wait.... and do some Window Shopping 1st :-)

cluckkillerb says:

I'll probably also wait for the next nexus, but damn the Note 2 is a beast!

Synycalwon says:

Doesn't do a thing for me as just like the Galaxy S3, I hate (yes hate) the physical home button and the finger print magnet glossy back! It can have the greatest specs ever, but first and foremost I have to like it physically and that just isn't the case for me. :(

mchan1 says:

Anyone know if you can buy an UNLOCKED Tmo version, probably by paying Full price so it's not locked??!