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We've all seen the HTC One X with the Tegra 3 processor inside, and we've seen the AT&T version with the Snapdragon S4 inside.  What about the One XL?  We heard HTC talk about it a little bit, but what exactly is it?  The easy answer is that it's the AT&T One X without the AT&T branding.  HTC has two different version of the unlocked One X then, one with the Tegra 3 and one with the Snapdragon S4.  But why would they do this?  Why not just have one version?

As other carriers roll out LTE networks they need devices that will work on them.  HTC's answer is the One XL.  It makes sense when you think about.  HTC doesn't want to compromise on battery life or performance.  In order to integrate LTE with the Tegra 3 you have to use a separate chip, which as we've seen hurts battery life.  The Snapdragon S4 integrates LTE so they decided to use that for LTE.  Besides, why make a version specifically for AT&T and not take advantage of it in other parts of the world?

We're not sure why HTC and AT&T decided not to use the One XL name. Maybe it's a branding thing, or for better name recognition in the U.S. Whatever the case, under the glass it's the same phone we'll be seeing worldwide as the HTC One XL.


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What is the HTC One XL?


AT&T was supposed to sell the phone as the XL. And just before MWC they dropped the L and HTC wasnt aware or they were told too late.

I think

Big deal

According to leaked tests S4 is faster than Tegra 3. And it's more battery-friendly. And it supports LTE.

Why the hell HTC released Tegra-powered One X at all?

Actually the s4 is not more battery friendly because its paired with a built in LTE radio, which is a battery hog. There is no point in shipping that radio to the EU, where LTE is not being deployed yet.

Qualcom doesn't make the claim that s4 more battery friendly. They just claim they don't need that 5th processor to get the same sleep performance as the Tegra. Of course Tegra disagrees.

Also, by having Tegra AND Snapdragons, they have a foot in both camps, and a dual supply chain. S4 costs more as well.

It will be interesting to see if anyone sticks with S4 when the next gen Tegra with LTE is released in Q3 or Q4.

Especially since the next Tegra is going to have a new GPU.

Also, there's speculation that Qualcomm is supplying the S4 with embedded radios for less than a Tegra 3 + radios and that's why some have gone with the S4 for the LTE versions of their products.

I'm more confused after this article. But hey, I've been confused about the X and XL since I saw it on HTC's site. Ah well... I still think I want One.

The one X has Tegra 3 (CPU), the one X L has a snapdragon (CPU), the L in XL stands for LTE. The reason why there are two is because LTE doesn't work with Tegra 3 and they needed a replacement.

But if you go read the specs on the Snapdragon, you find out you can get the S4 with just about any radios you want. HTC could have standardized on S4 across the line, just by changing which chip model they selected.

The fact that they didn't suggests to me there is a big price advantage with Tegra 3.

Still, at least a couple other phones will be coming out with Snapdragons soon. And the Snapdragons will get a new GPU later this year giving them a bigger advantage over Tegra 3.

LTE does work with the Tegras, it's just more expensive to get non integrated radios.

nVidia snagged Icera last year to integrate their software-programmable radios into Tegra. That's going to be pretty awesome once that hits... one version of a phone that only needs firmware tweaks to work on different networks.

I have heard that sprint is going to get this phone to add to their LTE phone line up. Does anyone know if this is true or false?

Really great clarification here, thanks AndroidCentral!!! SSsssooooo the XL will be the ATT One X without stupid AT&T Bloatware!!!?? Might be worth the extra $$ right there instead of an AT&T upgrade, lol, we'll see, can just upgrade and wait until a custom ROM comes around without the bloat ;)

Any chance Verizon will see One of these phones any time soon? Or am I looking to maybe buy my first Samsung device?