DNA v Not 2

While many a Verizon customer is still torqued that they didn't get a Nexus 4 on Big Red, it's not like there aren't going to be other phones released for the holidays. Case in point -- the heavyweight championship contenders you see above, namely the Droid DNA and the Galaxy Note 2.

They both are big, have great innards, and big shiny screens. We can see why each has it's fans. Even better, both will soon be sitting on a shelf, waiting for you and your wallet to come pay a visit. We're not going to rehash all the pros and cons of each, there's plenty of that being done in the forums if you need a refresher. We're just going to ask -- if you're a Verizon customer, which one tickles your fancy? There's a poll after the break, or you can find it sitting in the sidebar to the right. Answer it. Let the world know!

Before we leave for another week, let's have a look-see at last week's poll results.

Were you able to order a new Nexus?

Last week's poll

Looks like the demand is still strong, and we hope Google can get their act together and get them back up for sale. Retail has never been their strong suit.


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This week's sidebar poll: Droid DNA or Galaxy Note 2?


I'm not sure why everyone believes this to be a competitor to the Note 2 rather than the SGSIII. It is more a like the SIII.


I don't even see how they are really comparable. The Note 2 is by far the most feature rich phone/tablet on the market. I was thinking about the benefits of the Note 2 vs owning a 7" tablet, but I don't view the DNA like that. The DNA is a beautiful phone, powerful, & should easily run everything for 2 years. I'm sure either would make most people pretty happy if the size works for them. Of all the devices on the market (without a nexus in it) the Note 2 has my interest. Will I get one, probably not until a Note 3 to be honest would I consider it.

I think a fair comparison is the Nexus 4 or DNA as they both have about the same size battery, screen, 16GB, sealed battery and no Micro SD. Plus the same processor and GPU.

i guess its because most people categorize it as a phablet, even though htc has marketed it as a normal phone just with a 5" display

been wondering that myself. 5" is a helluvalot closer to 4.8" than it is to 5.5"...hell it's closer to the GS3 than it is to even the original Note...

Jus sayin tho. My gs3 is 4.8 and my friends note1 is 5.0 but yet is way huger than my screen. A lot more than that .2 leads u to believe

Regardless of similarities or dissimilarities, there are tons of people, especially on Verizon, who are debating which of these phones to get. They're both new and that's really what matters to the demographic I'm referring to. You may think they're completely different and non comparable, but that doesn't mean everyone feels that way.
You're essentially saying that a person trying to decide on a purchase between a car or a truck should not even be having that discussion, because the two items are so different.

FWIW this post has been deleted two times so far lol

Question is... Do they want a phone from a company that is failing or a company that does not update their firmware fast enough but is in business....

If you are referring to Samsung that doesn't update their software you must be thinking of the Samsung of years ago. I have the SGS3 and am running on a OTA update of Jelly Bean. Samsung is a completely different company that has changed it's complete thinking of their Mobile Business. They have the most innovations in their new devices, completely over the top, every day I find new stuff that just blows me away. Their updates are fast as hell. Don't blame Samsung for any future updates, blame the Carriers. Samsung IMO makes the best phones in the world.

Products don't have to be directly comparable to be in competition with each other. People cross-shop pickup trucks, SUVs and cars but they are very different vehicles.

Speaking as someone that considered the Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, Galaxy Note 2 and the DNA, they all have their own pros and cons and some are very different phones. So what?

0.2 bigger than S3 and 0.5 smaller than the note... I think you're right.

If that was the poll, it would be all DNA. As it is though, I am thoroughly enjoying my note 2 and its absurd battery life any day.

The DNA has a glorious screen and the best processor on a phone at this time, but HTC shot itself in the foot again with
1. Inadequate internal storage (they should have included a 64gb version, especially since it has no SD support)

2. Weak, yet non removable battery (absolute deal breaker! What's the point of a powerful phone with a dead battery)

The DNA is otherwise a great phone but a POS compared to the Galaxy Note II which remains the greatest phone in the world at this time.

I'm set on the galaxy note 2. I love the design of the DNA but the 11gb usable storage and no SD is a turnoff. The smaller battery is also a killer I've had the tbolt since it launched and I'm ready for a change. Not to mention the killer s pen and multitasking features are very intriguing. My last reason is I just got a Samsung smart TV and would like to integrate everything with allshare . That DNA sure is a beautiful device I just don't see myself being happy with it for 2 years.

upgraded from HTC Evo to the Note II and definitely loving the S-Pen, Battery Life and viewing photos and videos on it.

I'm not on Verizon, but I'd choose the note 2 just because it doesn't have a lame Verizon logo on the front. Unless the Note has it on the button, in that case I would want to throw both on the ground!! Why do they ruin designs with their stupid logos, I mean the user has service with them already I don't think they need to shove it in their face! Yet another reason to get off contract...

It will annoy but not enough to not get one. I can live with it. I mean, all it's going to do is remind me of what carrier I have. The only people that would see the logo would be my friends and family and they mostly have Verizon so no free advertising there.

I've had the Note2 for about 3 weeks. I LOVE IT!! There is no way I would change to any other phone!! It ROCKS!!! I just rooted it last night. It will be fun flashing new rom tonight. :)

I have a GS3 and will probably be getting the Note 2. My issue is that I don't want to give up my unlimited data and if I buy it subsidized I will have too. The good thing is my daughter's line is due for an upgrade as well and if I get it on there I still get to keep the unlimited.

I really enjoy the S3 but I'm drawn to the Note 2. I'm just afraid I will find it too big and want to revert and by then the S3 will be sold. AAAHHHH!!! What to do... Geopatr or anyone that has it, does it fit in your pocket well? I know I will need a case and that's gonna add more bulk. Oh who am I kidding, I'll be getting one in a few weeks.

On a side note, I was saving this upgrade for a new BB10 phone. They took too long and my loyalty has wavered. I got screwed with the PlayBook and I'm not falling for it again.

There is no other phone built today that has the unbelievable innovations in their software as the Note 2. Said this before, every day I find something new as I use the Note 2, this phone is a monster that just keeps giving. It has it all, battery, storage, software and the specks are killer. I don't see any phone now or the forseen future that can touch the Note 2.

You really think any of the software on the Note 2 is THAT innovative?
Bet ya I can find a 2 or 3 apps in the app store everyday that will mirror whatever functionality you can get out of the Note 2.

kinda got me there.
If you've got a tablet then cornerstone does the job, even though it isn't in the play store(still hate that name). For phones, I'm not sure there is an alternative.

Storage is the only thing keeping me from the DNA. Battery life is great, by all accounts, but 11 GB is a total fail. They may not be in the same category, but these were the only two phones I was considering. Note 2 it is.

How is battery life great? All the reviews of the DNA I saw so far shows DNA with 50% brightness/airplane mode, is like 40% worse then S3 battery life. Also, all the reviews show that the phone itself runs really hot.

I think it's a completely fair comparison. If you are looking for a quad-core phone running jelly bean, and on Verizon, these are your only two choices. It doesn't matter what size the screen is, I'm talking about quad-core phones with jelly bean running on Verizon, of which there are only these two. Nexus 4 may be quad-core, but it doesn't run on CDMA networks at all so it would not be included, obviously. I'm not on Verizon, but if I was, I would take the Note 2 for reasons. :-)

Functionality wise...it's a no contest..as IF people can even discern the cpu power difference...HTC screwed up on this phone, No SD storage these days just wont cut it

I am for the Galaxy Note 2. Its a proven device and the second version. The Droid DNA, even with its high res screen, is closed with its non removable battery, no microSD, and no s-pen. Suffice it to say, no competition for it.

The DNA is simply intoxicating. When a device puts a smile on your face, that's what it's all about. HTC design is just beautiful. Great screen, processor, camera, and audio. And it fits in your jeans pocket. The Note 2 is a great device, but it's just too big to be my daily driver. I love that HTC hit the perfect 5-inch size, but shrunk the bezel to keep the phone small. Bull's eye, HTC! Bravo! Oh, I'm paying full retail, as my upgrade date is next August.

I find most of the software features on the Note useless. The are compeletly unnecessary. Stock android is the way to go. That's why I'm getting the phone with the better screen, camera, and processor. Then I can ROM it. The DNA with Stock 4.2, I'm drooling already.

Note 2 hands down for me (already pre-ordered it)! HTC DNA is dead in the water for me due to the non-user replaceable battery. Regardless of battery capacity or actual run time, I want the CHOICE of being able to swap out for a fresh battery on the fly and go about my business without having to tether to a charge. Also, the limited storage with no SD card on the DNA doesn't help its case either. Bye HTC, I've enjoyed the Thunderbolt immensely, but you've got nothing that appeals to me anymore.

I've had the international unlocked Galaxy Note 2 for about a month now & & it is amazing with not a single downfall anywhere. It's fast a hell with no lag at all, the display is georgous and very efficient, it fits well in one hand unlike my original Galaxy Note did, it's got features galore, it looks beautiful and best off all is the insane battery life which I'm getting 10 - 11hrs of continuous non stop use with the screen brightness Set at 3 / 4 power or 2 days with moderate use. It is the perfect device and if you say it's too big or unpocketable then you really need to give it a try for a bit and you'll fall in love with its size and you need to lose the ugly ass skinny jeans because no matter what you think you look like a damn fool and like you must have a tiny package lol. I've had lots of Android devices and the Galaxy Note 2 is the first time I've been able to say I'm completely 100% happy with my phone . Get it - KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

I purchased the galaxy note 2, but now that I have seen the DNA, I would have easily chosen it over the note if only it had a removable memory slot. Without removable.memory, and only 16gb of storage, this makes the phone unappealing. Sucks because I love that phone.