Wear Aware is a leash for your smartphone from your Android Wear

Wear Aware is a simple app for your Android Wear smartphone that serves as a leash for your smartphone. When you walk away from your phone, Wear Aware will vibrate and play an audible alarm on your wrist so that you know that you've left your phone behind. This is useful for those times when you've set your phone down on a table at a cafe or restaurant and forget to pick it up when you leave.

The app is a free download and brings a similar functionality to Android Wear that has been available on Pebble, Samsung's Gear series, and other smartwatches in the past. For now, the developer says that Wear Aware is in its first version and some bugs may crop up.

Will this app make your G Watch, Gear Live, or Moto 360 more useful?


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Wear Aware is a leash for your smartphone from your Android Wear


Agreed! This will be the first app I install when I get my moto 360

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I was going to ask the exact same question (and did on another thread and got no response). Which of these watches will and will not have a speaker?

Pebble had this function before Samsung released their first wearable, I think. It seems like kind of a no-brainer feature, really. I don't know why this function wouldn't be baked in natively, rather than requiring a third party app.

It does seem like a must-have app for the watch. If it saves you leaving your phone somewhere just once, it has paid for itself... oh wait, it's free...

I have sw2 and it has built in on the newest update ability to vibrate when connected/disconnected from the phone. It will now alarm phone thought but for me it is enought.

I ordered lg g watch and will install this app but i would hope developer would add easy to use time for that/&switch so if i am home and it disconnect it will not yell loudly but when i am outside i could enable it. LLama(which i use) and tasker function would be superb for this kind of app.