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Android Central

Count Viewsonic in for CES, this year bringing what they aim to be their first smartphone to enter the U.S. market, the Viewphone 3. 

According to product manager Mike Holstein, Viewsonic is doing well enough in their tablet ventures to warrant a move into smartphone sales in the states. They're not going bleeding edge here though, instead aiming squarely at the 'value market.' 

Specs on the Viewphone 3 read as a 3.5 inch display, 5MP camera, 800MHz Qualcomm processor and 512MB of RAM. It arrives running Gingerbread, and has no 4G capabilities. 

Android Central @ CES

The unsubsidized price reaffirms the value aspect of the phone, coming in at just $250 for use on AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Despite releasing in the US, it is the emerging markets where Viewsonic aims to make it with the Viewphone 3. It comes with a particularly popular feature in some of said markets, dual sim support.  

Holstein has also come out and said that Viewsonic will be continuing in phones, with some higher end devices being announced towards the middle of the year. More importantly those will be coming with Ice Cream Sandwich

Source: Forbes

There are 12 comments

PhilR8 says:

Good luck.

JeffDenver says:

800mhz? Single core? half a gig RAM? No 4G?

Thats disgusting. You used to be cool Viewsonic.

jimijames says:

They're not going bleeding edge here though, instead aiming squarely at the 'value market.' --- in other words, they aren't competing with the nexus or razor etc.

icebike says:

Yup. Kids phone or your mom's phone.

Not everyone needs a fast processor, especially kids who do nothing but text all day and look at a few youtube videos.

onixblack says:

lol yeah this is funny

njett says:

Always happy to have another competitor in the market, doesn't sound like too bad of an entry level offering. It will be interesting to see their higher end stuff.

Go Android! says:

looks like a WebOS copycat.

putertech says:

That's the fist thing I thought when I saw it....looks like they bought all the left over palm hardware

Xopher says:

It sounds like they are going after the entry-level consumers. Hopefully they will do better with supporting them than they have with other Android devices they've released.

With how Viewsonic has done on the tablet side (gTablet, Viewpad 10S...), I won't be purchasing another Viewsonic device. They've dropped support for devices just after a few months of their release. I really like my gTablet - just wish Viewsonic did better to support it.

ele5 says:

Why can't a entry level phone have a damn 1gHz processor, thats all, just a decent processor. 3.5 inch is a nice screen, but the processor and ram is shit.

icebike says:

800mhz from one cpu can easily out perform 1ghz from another.

How many times do you have to be told that processor speeds are only comparable within the same chip line.

This is an entry level device. Ram is limited, but its the same ram the Nexus One has, which is still a pretty impressive phone even in this day and age.

jrstinkfish says:

This is likely just a rebadged piece of low-end Chinese tech like the gTablet was. Viewsonic is the Polaroid of Android devices.