You've already read about the HTC One M8 Dot View case — the innovative folio that shows information and protects your phone will maintaining an interesting level of functionality, all while still looking cool. Now watch the video.

As you'll see, though, there's still the matter of the front cover not sitting flush against the back of the phone, due to one being flat and the other decidedly curved. And that's a pretty major bone of contention for us.

The HTC One M8 Dot View Case soon will be available from

This one pique your interest any?


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In video: The HTC One M8 Dot View case


Looks awesome. Definitely something different. It might be worth it at $35, but $50? I'll pass...

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Maybe it's set at $50 so when they offer a 50% off discount then everyone will look at it as an awesome deal. I wouldn't second guess the purchase at $25. However, $30 is my personal cut off point. Just look towards knock-off cases that will be close enough in design but a fraction of the price.

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i got mine for about $38 shipped. verizon is selling them for 45 and i have a 25% discount on my account :)

i'm a little worried about typing, but hopefully it all just of loosens a bit over time

I visited a Verizon store today, Sat 3/29. After perusing the store's entire ensemble, I had to ask a store rep if they had the new HTC One. "Over in the center section on that wall at the end of that row (of displayed handsets)" he replied.

They had only one silver version of the new HTC One (M8) glued to a tether block with a black Dot Flipcase cover attached and due to the tether assembly, non removable. People won't give the dot lit black covered M8 a second look among a row of bright active displays of other handsets.

Moreover, the attached Dot Flipcase when flipped open with the tether block and zip cord stopping complete flap to the back made it practically impossible to provide myself a hands on experience with the M8. In fact it was difficult to hold the phone.

I asked the store rep who's idea that was. Are they trying to sell the stupid case or the phone? He claimed it's HTC's requirement because it's HTC's case. Friggen stupid! HTC is blowing their point of sale.

Moreover, the Dot Flipcase or any Flipcase seems to be an impairment to ease of use especially on a curve backed handset. There is no landscape mode back break stand as with the M7's flipcover.

If all their new HTC handsets are displayed in this manner in all carrier's stores, the new HTC One (M8) sales to the general public will suffer immensely.

This large Verizon - La Jolla Colony, CA store had about 12 customers in the store between 5 and 6 Sat afternoon and no one was looking at the black covered handset, except me.

They sold about 10 M8's the first day, 6 on Friday, and 0 all day today, Saturday. "None have been returned thus far", the store rep volunteered. I suppose that's good.

Bottom line: The Dot Flipcase may be an HTC killer, if this is an example of in store promotion.

I don't really like to use a folio case on my phone, but this folio case I would actually use.

I hope there will be a lot more variety of dot cases from third party companies.

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Reminds me of that 90's toy that had a light up board with the different colored pins

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You mean that 90s toy that was invented in the 60s? You kids always think you were the first to have anything :p

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It's an interesting case, hopefully others will improve on it. For example having it flip top-down would make it easier to hold while typing.

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There are some flaws, indeed.

1) They could have made a clear layer on the outside- that would keep it clean
2) It could be much thinner and more flexible so it will curve around the back
3) Why is there a cutout on the front camera? Exactly when would you use the camera with the cover closed??

Captain Hindsight to the rescue!!

Looks cool and I really like the idea, I haven't ever seen a case like this before. I'm not a case person though, especially folio cases, so I wouldn't ever buy it.

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It looks nice but I'm not sure I'd use it that much. Does it have any hardware dependencies? If it ever comes out for the original One I might get it.

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Spend money and brag about a metal unibody phone... and then slap a plastic body all around it ¬¬' They should come up with a transparent one, at least... Or a bumper case.

The dot-matrix cover is neath, though. Kinda reminds me of a Playskool toy back in the 90's.

I wouldn't get one since I don't like to cover my phones but at least it's a creative idea. As phones get to be more and more alike, it's good to see companies try to enhance the experience or at least have fun with it.

Saw it in person and it is very cheap feeling. Extremely brittle and fragile plastic junk. I wouldn't pay $10 for it even though I love cases. For now I'm using my M8 naked and with HTC Advantage I'll probably keep it like that for at least 6 months or my first cracked screen.....whichever comes first.

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