HTC One M8 Verizon update

For those of you rocking a Verizon edition of the HTC One M8, it's software update time! We've been expecting one, as the U.S. models have lagged behind their more worldly counterparts in regards to some last-minute fixes and feature additions that we saw at launch time.

Here's what's new in software version 1.55.605.2:

  • ERI Update to remove the roaming indicator icon displayed on some HTC One M8 devices(Out of Box)
  • Resolved issue related to webpage and application connection errors in certain conditions
  • Bluetooth connectivity improvements
  • Gallery: Integrated a new Copy/Paste feature
  • Gallery: Mute/Edit buttons on the Video Highlights tile
  • Improved sync behavior while closing the flip with Dot matrix case

And that's that. The update weighs in at about 122MB.

Sprint has already seen an update for its M8; AT&T and T-T-Mobile are still waiting. For more, be sure to swing through our HTC One M8 forums!

Source: Verizon (pdf); Thanks, Christopher!


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Verizon's HTC One M8 getting a software update with new features, fixes


I didn't notice the Bluetooth problem until last night, nice to see that was addressed. Not gonna lie...was hoping for some sort of camera enhancements or power saving mode, haha

You do realize that more pixels don't mean better pictures right? Just bigger ones? Not to say more megapixels can't help, but it's all about the sensor and the software processing the image.

So all in all, it's absolutely possible to improve pictures, through how the auto adjustments are done. Through how it examines and adjusts to lighting in the environments.

I am starting to learn that after purchasing this device...I was always caught up in MP count coming from Samsung devices but see the value in this build. I am still looking for that perfect setting combination if my photo happens to have any direct light in it.

Low mega pixel does not effect practical picture quality. I have blown up images to 18x24 inches,with no signs of pixelation on 4mp.
The reviewers are not correct when they rant about higher mega pixels. I am a professional photographer . In digital the software makes it work, not the pixels. The M8 is using better software than the M7

Yes, I understand this. I have some pretty amazing prints I have done with a 3.1 MP Nikon from ages ago.
Also, my DSLR is 'only' 6 MP, and takes beautiful pictures (indeed, great optics does help!). So, yes, I get it. I was just messing around.

+1 Yes I really wish people would get it through their thick skulls that higher megapixels means a larger image and file size .... Not a a whole lot more. People always rant about not being able to crop the image as much and to them I say learn how to frame a shot. You should not need to rely on cropping the image after it's taken

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18x24 from 4MP? That doesn't sound right. 300 pixels per inch is the standard for maintaining quality when printed from a digital image. Best I can find, HTC's 4MP is 2688 × 1520, which means the best you can hope to print while maintaining full quality is roughly 5 x 9. So not even 8 x 10. 18 x 24 is GUARANTEED to be fuzzy. You simply do NOT have the data to fill in that size. Now, to be fair, photos that large printed even from film usually do, indeed, get fuzzy. But 4MP is still not professional-grade for that size. The most you could probably get away with stretching to is maybe an 8 x 12 (if you can find the paper) without it looking too bad. 18 x 24 and you should really be using a DSLR anyway.

Megapixels isn't everything. Yes, any professional knows that. But it's also not irrelevant. 4MP is more than enough for Facebook and everything most people do now. It's not enough for printing professionally. I wouldn't even personally try to print an 8x10 from it. I wouldn't touch lower than 5MP for that.

Luckily I don't print photos anymore, making this irrelevant. The 4MP would be fine for my typical use.

Sorry but I'm afraid you have no clue what you are talking about at all. I've had posters printed from 3mp photos twice a1 size and they come out excellent. I'm afraid if you don't know by now that 4mp photos can come out great at almost any size then you can't be taught.

Okay, I'll take my professional photo printing experience elsewhere and let you print your pixilated messes in peace.

I know, and it breaks my heart lol. I was just hoping for some software enhancement to help the overexposure in some pics...but wishful thinking is all.

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Can't wait to see this update on att. Good that Verizon got it out quick. So this isn't the update that includes the extreme power saving?

Trying to find out. The Sprint update added it, too, but didn't actually say so in the changelog. Anyone give this a go yet?

Does not affect S-OFF or root. If you've modded any \system files, you'll need to return to stock (e.g. Xposed) or the OTA won't take. Also, of course, if you have a custom recovery it won't take.

The update will fail if you don't have the stock recovery. Going to go back to stock to take the update to see if it breaks root.

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Looks like S-Off wasn't affected. Just checked myself after taking the update.

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And why would it be affected? Its damn near impossible to lose s-off from downloading an OTA. You may lose root but if you already s-off then it will take all of two seconds to reroot.

What about the unlocked and developer versions? HTC what's the point of owning these paying full price if you are not pushing updates to unlocked devices first.

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It would be nice if Google+ Auto Awesome Movies worked on Sprint's HTC One M8. Sprint or Google please fix it. Only t mobile and att have the option.

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Anyone else have issues with motion launch gestures after update? I can no longer double tap to turn on or use volume button to launch CV camera, etc

Yes finally! I thought I was the only one. Camera and knock-to-wake both fail to function after the update. Did you figure out a workaround?

I'm running stock with root via weaksauce. Has anyone with this setup taken the update and kept root via weaksauce?

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No extreme power saving mode with this update. I was really hoping for that feature because I want to test it out.

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So far so good, my phone connected to my speaker much quicker instead of hitting retry a few times :)

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I'm looking forward to seeing if this fixes all the issues I've been having with my bluetooth streaming to my new vehicle. It's been spotty and skipping at best.

I paused this to update later. I thought I was setting for 11pm (23:00). But, now that time has come and gone. Thinking I delayed for 23 hours instead. Is there a way tell it to update now? Or do I have to wait?

I finish my post about delaying the install and boom! It shows back up at Midnight vs 11pm. So far so good...