Verizon HTC One

It may be late, but it'll run Android 4.2.2 out of the box

Verizon Wireless just dropped word via Twitter that its HTC One finally will be available Aug. 22, for $199 on contract. Better late than never we suppose, but the release comes some five months or so after every other U.S. operator. And, more important, it comes smack in the middle of a couple other major releases — namely the revamped Motorola Droid line and the Moto X. We don't have street dates for those just yet, but they can't be too far off.

Update: A bit of good news here from Verizon spokesman Albert Aydin. Big Red's HTC One will run Android 4.2.2 at launch — no other U.S. carrier can claim that update yet — and you'll be able to get it in a 32-gigabyte flavor.

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Verizon's HTC One hits stores Aug. 22 for $199 on contract


In the UK, 99.9% of phones have no carrier branding.. Except for the carrier brand phones..

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Oh no, a vzw logo. What do we do? Cause, you know, no other carrier does that... Oh wait, they all do...

My sprint one doesn't say "sprint" anywhere. I don't think it's a big deal either way though.

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Yeah finally! But alas I have committed to waiting for the G2.

Posted via Android Central App on this POS borrowed Thunderbolt waiting for the LG G2 to release on Verizon because I walked into the ocean with my Gnex in my pocket.

Hahahaha......of course! That's pretty much a safe assumption now as Verizon just sells a Dev Edition too that no one actually Devs for, so you get stuck with straight AOSP if you're lucky.

Guaranteed to have a locked bootloader on Verizon. Hopefully the XDA community bands together to get it unlocked quickly. You know Verizon is going to load it with a shit ton of bloatware.

Better later than nev...naw, its too late

Posted via my Droid Bionic while waiting for my email notification from Verizon telling me when the Droid Bionic will be available

Glad to see it finally come to Verizon. I added a line to my AT&T account to get this back when it launched because a Verizon version was no where in sight.

There are a lot of nice things about this phone but I think getting it at this point is a recipe for buyers remorse given all the other stuff in the pipeline by the end of the year including a likely DNA 2.

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I'm sure if a variant of the Butterfly S came to your market in the near future, you'd regret getting the One.

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Correction, it can't make posts of facebook or Twitter .. I have LTE though :) 3g on sprint has gotten A LOT BETTER! Might take awhile for things to load or something but once I got lte everything got x10 better within days

Again that's my point... Lol. I'd rather pay $199 for 1 phone that works vs $199 for 2 phones that are spotty at best.. Thats just me.. It's the old quality vs quantity battle.. I don't want a ferrari with a faulty transmission... Just to say i have a Ferrari

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I am excited and I don't even have Verizon. I was just tired of seeing the Verizon faithful being strung along knowing it would come but not knowing quite when. I don't think there would be any buyers remorse. It is still better than the Moto X or the new Droid's. There won't be a DNA2 since Moto is the exclusive manufacturer for Droid now. Of course that's my opinion and others may not agree.

5 months later?
Damn I feel bad for those who've been waiting for this. HTC is probably getting close to releasing a follow up! :) Hopefully VZW doesn't pull this crap with the Note 3.

It was ridiculous for Verizon to take 5 months to release the ONE but at the same time it's not as if the device is EOL. It is still arguably the best device available and based on what's coming out soon it will remain that way for some time to come.

Absolutely absurd that it took so long to come out, but I find it comical when people say that the device is outdated. It's still easily one of the best Android phones available.

Although, I will admit that the LG G2 is at least intriguing, but I'm not convinced that it's something I'll like without trying it out in person.

Verizon had a similar exclusive device called DNA.. I've said this over and over... They would make every penny off the DNA then push the one.. One day people will understand corporate logical thinking.. Why destroy sales on your exclusive phone with one better... Now they will double up cause many DNA owners will find a way to get this... Verizon has not lost any money over this damn phone... They will gain more money by what they did... Love it or hate it...Htc doesn't command anything like apple or android... So asking about the note3 taking 5mth longer sounds silly.... It will probably be about 15-30 after tmo and sprint... Because Verizon actually makes sure their phones test well on their network prior to giving u a piece of S*@+... That's just Verizon

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Guys, I added a smiley face originally to try and show some sarcasm. I wasn't serious in implying it would be outdated on arrival. Have a good one. :)

(No sarcasm here)

Hey Phil, Is the One going to be $199 for a 32GB version like other carriers or are they also going to offer a 32GB option in addition to a 16GB One?

Oh Verizon. Late to the party (as usual) and of course you slap what looks like a god damn Verizon billboard advertisement on the back. That 4G LTE branding is really unnecessary.

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Ohhh I want the white one. But color and verizon branding don't really matter because I put all my phones in an otterbox.

Hey they couldn't figure out how to put their logo on the front. that's gotta be a first outside the iPhone.

I'm still interested in the ONE over other offerings at this point. Any idea what Verizon will charge for it retail? I'm sure I'm not the only one here who is planning to buy it for cost to keep unlimited data.

You're definitely not the only one considering this... but at this point, I'm wondering what the deal is with the one max... I wonder if that will eventually be available for Verizon. Also, the LG G2 looks pretty damn good... decisions decisions... grrrrr

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Everyone so upset about the logo on the back of the phone. I guess I'm weird, but I spend almost all my time looking at the screen when I use a phone. Why do you guys spend so much time staring at the back of your phone?

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It's about time Verizon got it.

As for the logo, I think it's very well placed. They could have easily bastardized the entire back, but they didn't. They were very conservative, in the placement of both logos.

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