LG G3 on Verizon with ART

A quick heads up for those of you who have just bought or are about to get an LG G3, particularly on Verizon. If you're the tinkering type who immediately runs to the developer options and enables the experiment ART runtime, you might want to hold off for a bit. I'd run ART without issue on the AT&T LG G3 for the better part of a week. But the Verizon LG G3 has some obvious issues — mainly that it shuts down randomly. A lot.

I haven't done any further debugging than that — it's pretty obvious something ain't right, and I went back to Dalvik ASAP — so it'll be interesting to see what smarter folks come up with, and if the T-Mobile and Sprint models also run into issues. But read through our LG G3 forums and you'll find I'm not alone with the Verizon version. That said, I wouldn't let this dissuade me from buying the Verizon LG G3. The included ART runtime is experimental still, is hidden behind the developer settings — and is different than what will ship in the L release of Android later this year. We'd expect Verizon and LG to get things straightened out by then.

In the meantime, if your G3 has shut off and doesn't seem to want to turn on, try holding volume down and the power button for a few seconds. That should clear things up. Boot up like normal and switch back to Dalvik, and all should be good.

Good luck. And remember that experimental things are experimental, and not always better.

Thanks, Ben, for the heads up.


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The Verizon LG G3 has problems with ART — think twice before switching runtimes


semi off topic question but G3 related. Why is there no Qi charging on the AT&T model? The Galaxy S5 has Qi charging on AT&T. I know AT&T is a PMA company, but then why not limit the S5 to PMA too?

I don't think the S5 comes with Qi out of the box, you have to buy an additional back cover that has the Qi charging coils. I don't think AT&T sells the Qi cover but you can buy it elsewhere.

Right. But you at least have the option of qi. Reports the ATT G3 is PMA only.

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I'm not 100% sure about the AT&T version but the Verizon version you can get qi charging if you buy the quick circle case, if I remember correctly. Which isn't really a great solution considering the cost of the case.
Would be really silly to be the only carrier without the option. Based on reading the other comments it seems att did exactly that.

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No, what I heard is that it does not support qi charging at all, which mean there is no metal contact point on the phone, without that even if the case have qi charging there is no where the electrical current can go. Only the Korean version does. That is what I heard, I don't intend to buy the phone.

Phones never come with Qi charging in the USA. Carriers make money off selling wireless charging compatible cases.

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Never is a strong statement. The Droid DNA and G2 on Verizon. The Nexus 5 on Sprint. Several Nokia Lumia phones on both AT&T and Verizon.

My AC App signature lacks a witty comment.

Ask att, not a comment section where more than likely no one knows the answer.
As for all these replies, learn to read an comprehen the questions. Your trend is a complete mess bra.

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Because Samsung will not allow ATT to change their phones and LG does not have that clout with the carriers yet. Too many things like that with my G3 on ATT so I returned it. ART was running fine though lol!

not to mention ATT is heavily invested in duracell and now doggedly refuses to switch to Qi regardless of the fact that the industry in its entirety has clearly chosen Qi.

Both the Verizon G2 (no removable battery or back) was the only US model with Built in Qi charging (and one of the best exclusive features of Verizon G2 - the back buttons still suck) and the HTC Droid DNA (no removable back or sd slot) was the first 1080P phone in US also with Qi.

The AT&T S5 does not support Qi out of the box. It is the same as every other US carrier.
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Another reason LG should sell direct. Sell the phone they designed, before the carriers get their hands on them.

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My T-Mobile G3 was hard locking once per day to the point of requiring a battery pull on ART. Switched back to Dalvik and it went away (so far).

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same here, ART was suggested and drove me insane with all the locking up...really didn't see a huge performance diff. anyways, be it battery or speed.

Interesting. The Korean version I've got here has been doing that at least once a day, sometimes more. Will switch back and see if it makes it go away.

My T-mobile G3 runs without problem on art. This seems to be a random bug. I picked mine up in store on launch day and am running software version 10c without root. Works great, Dalvik was super laggy on mine.

Same here. Switched to ART couple of hours after getting on launch day and have had no problems. Maybe placebo, maybe not. It sure feels faster and smoother.

Probably not placebo, the transitions smooth out quite a bit with ART and apps do launch quicker.

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My G3 on T-Mobile restarted once an hour after I enabled ART but not once since then so far at least.

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My guess is Samsung wouldn't let AT&T get rid of Qi. LG might not have enough pull.

I went back to Dalvik after a couple of hours and a couple of reboots. Dalvik runs great so no bid deal here.

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ART works fine on other devices. As the reviewer said, he's been running ART on his ATT LG G3 for over a week, no problem.

IMO you might want to read first.

ART works well on a canvas, on a wall, made from glass, made from wood. ART is everywhere.

Read what? Just because it's works on some devices doesn't mean it will work on all devices. It IS still a developer feature, he's not wrong.

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With this issue and reports of battery drain on Verizon, I'm not sure if I should go G3 or HTC M8. I'd like a solid camera and ability to switch out the battery, but M8 seems like it has fewer use issues which is actually the most important thing. Who is to say whether L will actually fix anything? And how far off is that?

From what I've read, the battery drain may very well have been associated with ART. After my first 1/2 day with ART, I did a factory reset and left Dalvik on. Since that time, my phone has been perfect. Battery life is exceptional. 55% at the end of yesterday, a day with what I'd call moderate use and primarily on 3G/4G (no wifi).

Random question - since, if I remember right, you're one that liked the S5's look and feel. If someone held a gun to your head and told you you had to pick the S5 or G3 for yourself for a year, which would you pick? ;)

Honestly if it wasn't for the camera, I'd say go M8. The G3 is slippery. It's not quite as slippery as the M8 but it's slippery. It's also less one-handable than the M8. But the screen and UI... the M8 kills the G3. The G3's UI is very stuttery. It's smooth at times, but take some of the lag from the S5 and add in some animation stutters and it's really frustrating TBH. I'm also very nitpicky about that stuff, but just FWIW...

I bought a G3 from Germany and never used Art runtime and have the random shutdown fault regardless. From what I have been reading it is a fault among all variants realesed in the world including Korea Germany and America. Hopefully an OTA will resolve the issue!

I got the Mobile G3 at launch and when I go to ART none of the LG widgets work (calendar, weather, etc.) they just sit there and try and load but never do.

Sprint's version with ART is intermittent. While mine didn't shutdown, my screen would flicker here and there. I also found battery life was worse but that could be from using it more. Since I went back to Dalvik, these issues vanished.

Yes, damn you Verizon for not officially supporting a runtime that is not even officially supported by Android yet. Damn you!

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No, damn Verizon for (awfully) supporting a runtime that is in experimental phase and works decently on other carriers' phones.

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Also, I hope you know that that was intended to be a joke, but there's tons of truth behind it

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Clearly there are Verizon installed applications, bloatware to some, that isn't compatible with ART yet. There are lots of apps that aren't compatible with ART yet, so I'm willing to give Verizon a pass on this one; of course the Verizon haters are going to curse them for not supporting an experimental developer's feature are going to make a lot of noise about it.

I am on AT&T and tried ART on mine I had to change back due to issues I had it works better not being on ART.
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Tmo version here, switched to art last night and had it gobble battery (from 19% to 3% in 5 minutes) then when I plugged it in for what was like 5 hours, which when running dalvik would be more than enough time to fully charge, it only charged from 1% to 54%. Don't know anything else about performance on art, switched back to dalvik and went back to bed

Based on other comments here, not sure I want to deal with the headache... I switched back to dalvik so I'd be certain to have a full battery when I woke up, doubt I'll switch back anytime soon

Hey everyone, I'm a T-Mobile LG G3 user and was experiencing a couple of bugs (Chromecast mirroring wasn't working, and no apps could be installed to my LG G Watch) on my device that I couldn't figure out. After reading this article, and doing some troubleshooting with other users on Reddit, we discovered that ART was the culprit of these bugs. Switching back to Dalvik and reinstalling related apps restored proper behavior. I'd recommend T-Mobile customers stay away from ART at this time, too. (summary post on Reddit is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/LGG3/comments/2b80sn/lgg3_tmobile_should_stick_t...)

T-mobile G3 reporting in.. I purchased it yesterday and the very first thing i did, before evening setting up my google account was to switch to ART. I had one freeze right after the reset but all has been well since. I've loaded my apps and experienced no irregular performance. BTW, I love this come (coming from an One M7)
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I tried this a few days ago. The phone restarts and freezes after about a minute so after doing so 2 times I went back into the settings and changed it back to the normal run time real quick. Works fine now with no problems.

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Sounds to me like everyone is running an app that is not art compatible and it's causing problems.

One person says his shuts down/reboots, one says if freezes. Sounds like an app running in the background causing a problem. Restore your phone to default, then switch to art. See if you have the same issues. If not, start installing apps one by one to find the problem.

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ART is still very fickle with some apps. I had enabled ART on my Nexus 7 (2013) and LG G Pad 8.3 and neither of them would play video with the MLB Baseball app - one of my primary uses of those tablets so I want back to Dalvik full time. I think Google and Developers will refine it by time they release ART as the main runtime on Android L (although I'm sure there will be quite a few laggards that may not work of the box).