Verizon HTC One

Enhancements in stability and accessibility included

Verizon's variant of the HTC One may have launched with a newer version of software than the other US carriers, but it is still in need of some improvements and is receiving an OTA update starting today. The update to software version 1.10.605.10 has three main changelog components:

  • Device lock-ups have been reduced
  • Internet accessibility for the visually impaired is now supported
  • Update to ISIS Mobile Wallet

The update to ISIS Mobile Wallet probably isn't valuable to just about anyone, but improvements in accessibility and overall system stability are always welcomed. Keep on the lookout for the OTA prompt on your own Verizon HTC One, and chime in in the forums once you've received the update to let other members know how things go.

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Verizon HTC One receiving first OTA update


I love my HTC one. Was running gpe Rom until I picked up the Moto X. Now I'll enjoy skinless android over there and sense 5 on 4.3 on my htc one.

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Just glad to see carriers pushing updates. Singing the htc one praises.

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wait the Moto X is skinless?

Wait your serious?

Let me laugh at you a bit harder.

It is close but it is not vanilla

Pretty much is skinless if you don't use their features so stfu you have no right to laugh at him.

Posted via HTC One on their cool app

It's darn close. Minus active notifications and touchless control and you are looking at pretty much stock android all around. Yeah there is the Motorola assist app, but when you compare it to TouchWiz or Sense it could be considered skinless.

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It could be compared IMO to a GPE. Go ahead and laugh at me while I enjoy a pretty pure android experience on the Moto X.

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NoNexus has already proven to be a total jackass time and time again... pay no attention to that troll

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Just a fancy way of saying they are adding more bloat ware. Lol

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This couldn't have waited for the 4.3 OTA? I haven't seen much of any reports of users having device lock-ups. A timely release to add more ISIS bloatware, thanks Verizon.

I'm pretty sure the Verizon One already has 4.3.

Edit: I'm mistaken, it's on 4.2. My bad. I personally would rather them push out updates when they're ready instead of waiting. Just me though.

People people people.... Smh..

if the carrier knows about bugs and they sit back and do nothing...
You complain...
If they update the phone to fix the bugs, but its not the update you want..
You complain...
Be happy the phone is being serviced!

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You have to realize that in a lot of people's minds (most of them not even Verizon subscribers) Verizon can do no right.

Oh yeah i know... Lol... They ignore when Verizon does many things right.. And Verizon gets lambasted when they do something questionable... Which in many situations other carriers do the same thing... AC is full of Verizon haters...
I get that Verizon isn't the most hacker/ phone geek friendly carrier.. But my coverage is more important than anything... Hate on that!! ... Lol

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Exactly what I say. At the moment, I can't unlock the bootloader on my S4 which sucks because I love rooting and installing custom ROMs, the whole bit. But then again, the S4 is already an incredible phone, and I can't complain about Verizon because their service is top notch!

Saw this first part of the headline and thought for a split sec HTFD 4.3 already!? Fail. Haven't really had any issues with the phone so not sure if the update is worth the bother. If anyone finds a good reason to update. Please let me know!

None of the things I need, what I want will happen when hell freezes over, or when root excess finally happens, whichever comes first.

Posted via Android Central App via HTC One

Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

I hope you're wrong.

The employee at the Verizon Wireless corporate store told me that Verizon usually gets OTA updates faster than other carriers. :(

You mean an employee at a company that has a vested interest in you buying and using their services lied about an easily verifiable fact?

Well I never.

Sorry but either they lied or don't know any better. Untrue. One example of many is the VZW Galaxy Nexus being notoriously late to receive updates by many months compared to the same models on other carriers.

It is my experience that VZW employees are woefully ignorant on just about every aspect of their technology. I do not expect anymore from them beyond ringing up my order.

Bet you anything this is an update to fix the high-pitched ringing problem many Verizon One owners are complaining about daily. Hopefully.

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This is bullshit. Should have included this in the 4.3 update. Now were really not going to get it for another 6 months.

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Maybe by the time my plan is up for renewal in November they'll have my HTC One with 4.3 ready to go! I've already picked the phone, and the accessories, and even come to grips with giving up my unlimited data plan, and I'm only about 7 weeks away... Nobody better come out with a phone I might like better before then! LOL

Posted via Android Central App least it's better than nothing I guess. still haven't received my update yet and yes I checked to see if I pull it instead of it pushed out to my phone.